"Farm Under Siege"

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Awaiting the attack...


Farm Defense is a team quest in which group of players is supposed to defend a certain Farm, that is standing on verge of destruction coming from a legions of enemy raiders. Farm defense can be done in a group of players starting from 3 and ending up on 10 persons. The minimal level of players that can start this quest is 10 altough since this quest is really hard coming up with everything but fully developed char is not a bright idea. Each time you attempt this quest there will be 6 hours cooldown.

Raiders attacking the farm are quite strong, with HP on avarage level. They are quite numerous and are armed in good stuff, reaching from tier 2 to early tier 3, like H&K CAWS, FN FALS, Plasma Grenades and so on. Players need to set up defenses from 3 sides at once.

Just like in Metro team quest, the farm defense use custom way of rewarding players. The most important thing: You will not get experience points for killing mobs. Instead you will get rewarded for protecting NPC's - in this case, farmers. The raiders are attacking in waves, after each wave there is a little breaktime and game displays your progress. If you die duing action, you will receive nothing, if your entire team dies in this location there is no way of coming back and getting your gear back.

Be careful while fighting off the enemy hoards. While at start they will auto-focus peasants and you need to shoot them in order to make them switch targets, when they actually start focusing you, your hp might go down very quickly. It is dso becuase there is many many raiders and they tends to shoot realyl fast. Do not ever think about starting this team quest withouth bunch of super stims in pocket.


Raider Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 197 Experience 0
Armor Class 18 Bonus Meele Damage 3
Sequence 14 Critical Chance 3
Action Points 10 Healing Rate 2

Szablon9.png 0/20% Szablon11.png 0/20%
Szablon15.png 0/10% Szablon10.png 0/10% Szablon13.png 0/20% Szablon12.png 0/30%

Location Map

Points of Interest

The only thing you should care about in this map are 3 gates, Always put the most people at the west gate as it is the one being attacked the most.


Rewards are depending on how many Farmers NPCs are protected and how many players is at the event. The rewards for perfect run (Without losing a single Farmer!) are equal to 20k experience and X * 500 caps for each surviving player where X is the numbers of people that were on quest. This means if you gather 10 people and you do this quest perfectly your group will earn up 50k in like 20 minutes of work!

Screens Footage


  • One time during executing this quest there was a crazy bug - after killing a raider one player received 40kk exp. He instantleously leveled up to level 149. He reported the bug, and his char was nerfed back to level 99, which was still pretty nice reward considering he was level 30 when he started this quest. Ask Wesan for more details.
  • This quests tends to glitch if there is more people than 5-6. At some point last raiders will just freeze and won't attack players nor farmers. To finish quest players usually have to search for him through entire map.
  • This quest is also probably the most unbalanced one in whole game. It is way tougher than Metro quest yet offers worse rewards. Lame!