"I smell a rat!"

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Go to Skum Pitt bar in Junktown and talk to farmer Warren (the guy on the right side of the bar). He will tell you about the molerat infestation on his farm, and how he needs your help in exterminating those vile pests. It's a very good opportunity for new players to earn some caps and gain experience in an easy way. Just go there and make sure that no rats remain after your visit.

You'll receive a notification once you exterminate all of them.


Molerat Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 66 Experience 120
Armor Class 6 Bonus Meele Damage 7
Sequence 8 Critical Chance 2
Action Points 8 Healing Rate 1

Szablon9.png 0/0% Szablon11.png 0/0%
Szablon15.png 0/0% Szablon10.png 0/0% Szablon13.png 0/0% Szablon12.png 0/0%

Mutated Molerat Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 126 Experience 220
Armor Class 18 Bonus Meele Damage 7
Sequence 12 Critical Chance 4
Action Points 9 Healing Rate 1

Szablon9.png 4/30% Szablon11.png 4/10%
Szablon15.png 4/10% Szablon10.png 4/20% Szablon13.png 4/25% Szablon12.png 4/10%


Location map

Point of interest

  • 1 - Try to lure all of the molerats to this point, since there's only one hex from which the enemy can attack you. Use weapons that have area of effect damage (e.g. flamer). That way you'll be able to kill them very fast by using a small amount of ammo, while taking very little damage. This same tactic can be used against small deathclaws in a Boneyard farming quest.
  • c - Container with possible spawn of some very minor loot.


  • 2500 experience from Warren.
  • 750 caps.
  • 100 positive karma.