"It's Complicated..."

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Ask Mike about a job, then go talk to Mary Ann. Be sure that you have a white flower in your inventory. Use the following lines:

To Mary Ann:

1.I'm looking for Mary Ann.
2.[You give her a white flower.] You're such a gorgeous girl, darling. Would you like to... Well you know? [You wink and send her your best sexy smile.]
3.Yeah baby, lets do this!
4.[You wipe the sweat off the forehead.] Oh honey you're the craziest girl I've ever met. I gotta be going. Bye! {You give her a last kiss and slowly walk away, feeling like a boss.] (Charisma: +1)

To Mike:

1.I talked with Mary.
2.She would like to go on a date with you. You should go and ask her out, really.


From Mary:

  • 1000 experience points.
  • +1 to Charisma (permanent).

From Mike:

  • 1000 experience.
  • 75 caps.
  • Leather Jacket.