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This article is about Banks. The picture is completely relevant. Trust me im a wiki engineer.


Banks are the little thievish organizations that claim they will store your money for you. And guess what? They will really do this. Still they will charge you 5% percent every time you try to withdraw your moneys. Yep thievish as hell if you ask me.

Banks Functions

Banks are offering to each wastelander:

  • Keeping caps in safe place.
  • Easier Transforming caps between cities - there is one account for each bank so for example you can cash in the Redding and Withdraw caps in Shady Sands if you wish to.
  • You can check you bank balance by pressing Status button in your Pip Boy.
  • Transforming caps to other persons accounts.

To deposit money:

1. Click on manager.
2. "I want to use your services."
3. "I would like to deposit funds."
4. Click on "Say" option, then write in number and press done button.

(You can withdraw only sums starting from 100 or more caps.)

To transform money to other person account:

1. Click on manager
2. "I want to use your services."
3. "I want to transform money to another person's account:"
4. Click on "Say" option, type in nick, confirm with done.
5. Choose whether you want to transfer by using cash or by using resources from your account.
6. Click on "Say" option, type the value confirm with done. It is done!

Auction Houses

An Auction House!

Staring from Session 3 Banks are offering a way to sell your items without having to use forum or without necessity of having a shopkeeper. This feature is called: "Auction House" and can be accessed from every bank although you will probably want to use it in secured locations such as Boneyard or Hub.

To sell an item simple select option: "I want to use action services", then push the sell button. Select item you want to sell, type how much money you want for it, pay 10% provision and wait for people to buy it out - there is no limit of items you can have in offer, the only problem is that you have to pay provision in front, provision that will not be returned if you decide to stop trying to sell item. When your item is sold your caps will be waiting for you on your bank account.

Buying items is also simple just come with caps to the bank or use the ones you have on your account, select what you want and push: "Buy" button.

Currently Auction Houses do not offer true: "Auctions" service and also don't sell stack able items. Those two features are missing...for now, but still it's pretty hand place!

Banks locations

Banks are located in: The Hub, Boneyard, Shady Sands and Redding