Benjamin and Kylee.

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Part 1

Ask Benjami how he become a bartender (you can find him behind the counter inside Skum Pitt). He will tell you that he actually wants to be priest and even has his own church. After that he'll tell you about his "divine plan" to save a local hooker (Kylee) from the evils of prostitution by offering her a waitress' job in his bar. To do so he will ask you to convince Kylee to quit her profession.

Go talk to Kylee (you can find her inside the Crash House, in the lobby). She will tell you that she first needs 400 so that she may cover all the previous expenses. Give her the caps and then return to Benjami for your reward. This is not the end of this story though. After a few in-game days return to Junktown and talk to Kylee (who is still whoring her tits off at the Crash House) to continue with the storyline.


  • 1000 experience.
  • 120 caps.
  • Booze.

Part 2

After few in-game days (like 5 real time hours) it's time to get our money back, right? Go talk to Kylee and ask about your money. Kylee will refuse and act like a victim. Go to Skum Pitt and try to explain the situation to Benjami. He'll start acting weird but won't be of much help. After that, go talk to Mike. However, he won't help you either. Instead he'll try to scare you away from the town. After that just go and talk to Kylee again, and then to Benjami to finish the quest.

Note: Script is a little messy so do exactly as described above, otherwise if you decide to talk to one of the story-involved characters by skipping another one, you might create a loop that will make it impossible for you to finish the quest. If you, for some strange reason, did not listen to our friendly advice, congratulations! You just broke the game!

Second Note: Even if done exactly as shown above, it can still glitch into a loop making it impossible to finish.


  • 1000 experience
  • 280 caps.