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Boneyard map, in-game graphic.


The city of Los Angeles was one of the largest in the former United States. After the bombs fell, all that remained was an endless stretch of ruins littered with bones of those who died in the nuclear holocaust. Still a few of the city's inhabitants managed to take shelter in the Demonstration Vault, later founding a small pocket of civilization in this vast, desolate graveyard.

Boneyard is one of the protected cities. It is not commonly visited due to it being placed in a remote area of the world map. You should, however, be careful while traveling around it (especially over ruined city world map tiles), since many players often use this area for farming purposes (hunting Regulators etc.).

This town contains some NPC stores and some interesting quests, and it cannot be taken by player gangs (i.e. it's not on the Town Control list)

Town maps

Boneyard consists of 4 useful areas and one empty basement.


  • 1 - The town doctor. He provides healing, and can also barter with you or sell you Antitoxins.
  • 2 - The workbench location.
  • 3 - Farmer Pestis, who can teach you how to skin Geckos for 600 caps. He also offers "A potential threat quest, as well as the "Sharing problem" quest - which involves the local well.
  • 4 - Box foreman, who offers "Box lifting" job.
  • 5 - Local branch office of the FLC Bank. You can get access to Auction House from here..
  • 6 - Adytum's main NPC trader.
  • 7 - Minor NPC trader..
  • 8 - Jake, the local chef of Gecko Express.


  • 1 - Kathleen. An NPC who sells the Abandoned bunker base map for 30 000 caps.
  • 2 - Rick, leader of Blades. Here you can start a Metro teamquest.


  • 1 - The Gunrunners shop.
  • 2 - High Grade Steel seller. You can buy high grade steel here for 1500 each. She also sells super tool kits for 4000 caps, which is twice the price than the one you could buy in The Den. Just remember that The Den is an unguarded city. Hence the low price.
  • 3 - The workbench location.


  • 1 - Book seller (through the barter option).
  • 2 - Ambrose. She can teach you the level 1 scientist profession.
  • 3 - Basement Entrance.

Note: There is also completely empty basement here.


  • This town guard protection system is unfinished. The guards will avenge your death and kill everyone that tried to harm you there but you won't be able to get back what you had lost there. Library - one of Boneyards zones is one of interesting NPCs shops. From time to time you can buy books there. Long time ago there was certain player. He was buying those books way faster than others. His excellent skills caused him to have problematic action...Here enjoy the video!
Adventure in a library!
The whole situation was having it's place at the beginning of the season, when everyone was needing books. Dequ should probably check for the 4th exit, there is a chance that there was no player there as it is not well know one. The 4th exit is located at the top.
  • That incident described above wasn't the only adventure Dequ had there. The other one is probably the biggest FOnline2 failure that shaken the entire server.
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