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Yep, this is how things roll around here.


Box lifting is a little feature for characters that are out of cash and out of courage to venture into the cruel and unforgiving wasteland. You can lift boxes for a small amount of caps in Boneyard, Hub, Junktown, Shady Sands and Vault City.

First you need to talk to the npc offering the job, then click on the cargo to obtain a box. After that move with the box in your inventory to the specified area, and just drop it off. Rinse and repeat 10 times and then go talk to the npc foreman to receive your payment.

After lifting boxes in one city there is a 30 minute cooldown, but if you want to lift more you can always go to another city.

Strong Back Achievement

One of one good reasons to carry boxes is the strong back perk (a carry weight boost). You will gain it once you complete this task 10 times. Have fun with making it on your mutie char!

Box lifting destination points


  • 500 experience after completing a task.
  • 50 experience for each carried box (so yep 1000 experience in total).
  • 300 caps.
  • 1 positive karma.