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Caravans are one of the main PvE features in FOnline2. They can be done solo or in groups up to 10 players. They provide a steady, unlimited source of experience and caps and a common objective for PvE groups.

The Hub: Center of Commerce

The Hub is the central landing point for all caravans. From here every available route can be taken. You will find two NPCs named "Caravan Leader" at the northern entrance of the city, talk to them to set up a new caravan.

Starting a caravan

When talking to the "Caravan Leader" NPC you will have to choose some dialog options to set up the caravan:

1. The route, choices are:

  • Hub-NCR
  • Hub-Vault City
  • Hub-San Francisco
  • Hub-Hub ("Far Go" around the wasteland trip: Hub-NCR-Broken Hills-Vault City-Modoc-Klamath-Den-Redding-New Reno-Broken Hills-NCR-Junktown-Hub)

2. Whether you are taking the trip alone or have a group.

  • to add more people to your traveling group, they have to tag you. You will see a list of players which are coming with you. If you think that someone is missing, you need to abort at this point then yell at the player who didn't tag you. If yelling doesn't work then more yelling is advised.

Note: Be sure that only people you know and trust are coming with you. It is common for Player Killer's to tag the leader of the caravan and try to ambush the caravan on first encounter.

3. Which combat mode the caravan runs in.

  • The combat mode is real-time by default
  • To switch modes, choose option "I want to change combat modes"

The dialog can be interrupted anytime, all data you entered so far will stay saved until you start the caravan or reset it by choosing the dialog option "I pass, I'm not coming with you" (which will get you the friendly response "Then fuck you and stop wasting my time!")

Caravan Leader

(Don't let him die or caravan fails.)

Caravan Leader Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 371 Experience 0
Armor Class 50 Bonus Meele Damage 4
Sequence 20 Critical Chance 6
Action Points 11 Healing Rate 63

Szablon9.png 0/50% Szablon11.png 8/70%
Szablon15.png 7/50% Szablon10.png 7/60% Szablon13.png 8/60% Szablon12.png 6/60%


Note: Junktown Patrol leader has the same statistics.


According to the destination you choose, the difficulty will vary.

  • NCR is quite easy. Hardest enemies you will encounter are ghouls or robbers.
  • Vault City is medium/hard difficulty. The sectors around Broken Hills spawn Rogues and Khan Raiders, which are very tough and heavily armed.
  • San Francisco is very hard. Dangerous desert critters, like Floaters, centaurs, fire geckos as well as the Super Mutant Army around Mariposa spawn on this route.
  • The Far Go trip takes the longest time and there are many ways it can go wrong and be very frustrating, if not prepared properly. You will loose a lot of ammo to low tier critters, but also come around Broken Hills 2 times, meaning Khan/Rogues encounters.

The trip

A caravan trip...

When everything is set up and all members of the caravan group have their gear ready and gone to the toilet one last time, the trip can begin! The group will trace along automatically on a fixed route on the worldmap towards the target city. Random encounters will appear and every one of them must be completed by defeating any hostile unit in it. A NPC named "Caravan Leader" has been added to your group. It is vital, that he survives the trip, because he is needed to continue the trip after a fight. This is done by simply talking to him.

Note : Caravan Leader is randomly spawned with a different weapon each caravan run. Possible firearms are: Combat Shotgun, Assault Rifle, 10mm SMG or Sniper Rifle.

Dying in caravan

  • If your character died while you were on the caravan solo, the caravan is considered as failed and there is no way to get your stuff back.
  • If your caravan group managed to beat the encounter but some of the caravan members died, there are two options of behavior: A) just looting the stuff that belonged to your fallen comrades or B) waiting for them at the encounter.

Rejoining the caravan is only possible if at least one of the caravan members survived and is still in the encounter. Encounters without players will be deleted and stuff in them will vanish. To rejoin a caravan, the players should do one of following:

A) One of the players still in the encounter using a flare. The location will now be visible (and marked red) for everyone closing up to the caravan location on the world map. It is highly risky because not only the missing members can rejoin, but also, for example a group of bloodthirsty Americans PK (Well known is that Russians PK prefer to ninja join caravans instead of coming to flare locations.)

B) Joining by Radio Distress. A player in encounter is sending a radio distress signal by using /h text command. The Radio must be in active hand for both the receiver and sender of the signal. Make sure that only them know the channel as other people having radio's set on that channel will be able to see the location where /h command was used.

C) Joining by using Outdoorsman skill. A player that died must come to the area where caravan encounter its enemies then set hit combat mode to both (as caravans are treated as TB based encounters even though they are played in RT - don't ask looks like some kind of weird bug.) then make circles until he find an encounter titled: "xxx and Caravan" where xxx means the kind of enemies you were fighting. Quite complicated to describe yet the easiest way to rejoin caravan.


  • Hub-NCR : 1.000 exp, 800 caps
  • Hub-Vault City : 3.000 exp, 2.000 caps
  • Hub-San Francisco : 4.000 exp, 3.000 caps
  • NCR-VC: 2.000 exp, 1.000 caps
  • Far-Go : 16.000 exp, 5.000 caps


After your caravan has arrived in the target city you can simply walk away with your reward, or start a new caravan back to the Hub, which is what most people do. Of course a caravan can be started from Vault City, San Francisco or the NCR ,without first coming from the Hub too.


  • Apart from the Hub-NCR route, taking on a caravan by yourself can be pretty hard, especially at low level. Get some people together and travel in groups.
  • To avoid large swarms of enemies, it helps to keep the group small. Every group with more than 4 players has a possibility to face extraordinary amounts of enemies on the trip. (Which can of course be good from a farming point of view..)
  • Don't stay in one encounter too long – it can be found and entered by players, who explicitly hunt down caravaneers. Don't take too much time looting, a good tactic in groups is to already start looting while others still finish off the last of enemies.
  • Always try to heal yourself, the group and especially Caravan Leader before continuing the trip. Who knows what hardships await in the next encounter, better face them with full health. A doctor is always a valuable addition to your caravan group. Don't forget you can check each others HP and heal them, while traveling on the worldmap.
  • The wasteland is full of assholes that might betray you. Either travel only with people you can trust, or set up a base or a tent near every destination town, so you can stash away the caps you have been rewarded with before taking a return trip, on which a possible traitor could shoot you in the back and take them from you.

Junktown Scouts Patrol

If you are a member of Junktown Scouts you might perform an patrol. It works just like a caravan except instead of only Caravan Leader accompanying your group there will be also some NPC guards. To start an patrol talk to Junktown Patrol leader residing near the Main Junktown entrance. Patrol is making circle around Junktown and Hub twice then returns to Junktown. Its even easier than Hub-Shady Sands caravan!


For completing a patrol each members of the trip will receive:

  • 1000 Experience
  • 800 Caps.