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Bases are secluded maps, where you can store your stuff safely. They are bigger than tents and can be shared between your characters or friends using the base terminal placed in each base.

Base Terminal. Adding/Removing are pretty self expeditionary. Promoting a member will give him option of using base terminal. Be sure not to promote any people that might betray you as they can take over the base by demoting other users and kicking out everybody except the betrayer itself.

There are 10 regular types of bases. Their prices range from 30.000 to 200.000 caps. Bases can be bought from certain NPCs in cities, but each one sells only one type of base. Once you have bought the base, a map will appear in your inventory, which is used in the same way like a tent. You can place a base anywhere as long as it's 1 square away from a city.

There's also 7 types of base's maps that can be found in dungeons. They are considered rare as can be sold to other players for many thousands of caps. Those rare bases acts like normal ones, there's primitive workbench inside and you can place there as many containers as you wish.

Base Terminal Options

  • Add New Member - Yep that's pretty clear.
  • Resign Player - You can remove everyone from base except for base maker.
  • Promote Member- Only promoted members can use the console.
  • Demote Member - Take away option of adding people for certain member.
  • Show Members - Show all members that can see this base.
  • Choose Base Color - That's pretty nice session 3, new feature.
  • Delete the Base -Once you choose this option, and confirm it you can delete the whole base. And there is no option of returning it, so be sure you know what you're doing.
  • Connect Base to Faction Database - Can be only be performed by Faction's officers. Allows to make base visible for entire faction.

How to place a base

First step: Go to the worldmap and travel to the place where you want to create your base (must be 1 square away from cities at least). When you reach the place, double click on the little green circle (your position) to enter the random encounter map.

Second step: Open the inventory and use the map. The place must be empty, no caves, no NPCs alive.

Third step: If all went well, the base appears. Here you can store everything, in boxes or the floor. You will see the base on the Worldmap as a small green circle. Player access can be managed from the blue terminal.

Advice: There is a widespread phenomenon among PKs called "Baseraping". They often try to follow people on the worldmap to reach their bases and steal everything. When you are going to your base, always check if someone is following you. If you do not know how to check, in the bottom left of the screen, there is the party list. If there's more than just you on that list, take immediate action to remove the offending person from your party. To kick the unwanted player from your party, hold left-click on his/her name until the options column appears. Then, while still holding left-click, scroll down to the option with the arrow pointing away from 3 characters. It will look like this.

When you release, the uninvited guest will be kicked.

Edit: While the above still applies in general, detecting a follower has become more easy since an update that added a follower warning.

You can check all obtainable bases below.

Note: You can enter a random map with a vehicle and create your base safely without loosing the car.

Note: See also: tents article.