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Dungeons are open PvE location that each player might visit whenever he wish at any time. There are big variety of dungeons, some are doable by solo players other must be done in group. Some are tougher than others, some are easy. Exploring dungeons its the best chance to obtain rare (and good) weapons or other valuable stuff.

The biggest challenge in doing dungeons however aren't npc critters. The biggest challenge are other players. since dungeons are open locations anyone can enter them while you're busy with dungeon dwellers and backstab you. This means that doing dungeon alone will be a great risk(and if succeed a great profit since you won't have to share with anyone). In general it is advised to explore dungeon at least with one companion.

If you get killed in dungeon you're items will be laying on the ground so its possible to reclaim them(unless other player pick them up before you)

Current list of Dungeons

Click on Name to get to wiki page of choosen dungeon:

Vault 15
Necropolis Ruins
Vault 12(Aka Necropolis Vault)
Tanker's Holds
Mariposa Military Base.
Sierra Army Depot
Ares Rocket Silo
Toxic Caves

Dungeons Explorer Build

Most of dungeons can be done by solo player. You can't do it on regular character however since critters that resides there are strong. Only the strongest, most deadly characters can survive alone in dungeons. Here is an example build of Dungeon Explorer.

Such build can survive meeting with most of Dungeons critters except for Mariposa and Sierra. Thanks to good combat perks like Bonus ranged damage you can also fight off other players that would dare to attack you.

Note: This build isn't good fit for an first character on server.
Note #2: It's possible to do Mariposa solo with that build but its require using up Tesla armors and a bit of luck.


  • Strength 6 (No matter how strong you are you won't be stronger than Aberration.)
  • Perception 1 (Yep its nearly blind from being constantly in darkness.)
  • Endurance 9 (Be tough or be dead.)
  • Charisma 1 (Well you can always do one of Junktowns quests to get +1 to charisma)
  • Intelligence 6 (He's not supposed to be smart. Smart man wouldn't go to dungeon alone yet he needs to be clever enough to know how to handle healing himself and getting rid of locks protecting desired treasures.)
  • Agility 10 (Still not Agile as angry Deathclaw.)
  • Luck 6 (For Bonus Ranged Damage perks.)


  • Bonehead
  • Chem Reliant


  • TAG Big Guns (In the end you'll need about 200%-220%.)
  • TAG First Aid (You want 300% but you need only 270% + Medic perk.)
  • TAG Doctor (The bigger your doctor skill is the more often you can use this skill which is handy against enemies that will try to cripple you.)

Be sure to raise your outdoorsman by reading books or by investing skill points. You also should consider following skills: Repair (You want 130% to get professions), Science (101% is required for powering up Glow elevator, 130% is necessary for crafting professions), Traps (95% is what you need for a decent success rare), Lock pick (95%), Doctor (you need at least 95%)


  • 03 Stonewall (Helps against plenty of stuff. Really helpful perk.)
  • 06 Bonus Ranged Damage
  • 09 Bonus Ranged Damage
  • 12 Lifegiver
  • 15 Lifegiver
  • 18 Toughness
  • 21 Toughness
  • 24 Medic (Wait till you have 275% in FA then take this to get to 300% FA. You don't have to take a last perk on level 24. You can wait till you're ready.)


Anything will do! (As long as it's a big gun)

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