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In FOnline2, there are 18 different skills (as of 30/11/2013). They are separated into 2 categories: combat and non-combat skills. Other than investing skill points acquired by leveling up, one can increase his or her skills through quests (well, so far through one quest to be exact) or by reading books. See the bottom of this page for an alphabetical order of skills.

Skill Points

Skill Points are gained every time you reach a new level and can be spent on skills in order to improve them. The amount of skill points per level depends on the following factors:

  • your character's Intelligence.
  • whether or not you have the Educated perk.
  • whether your character has reached the 26th level.

Note: Educated perk will give you additional 2 skill points per level (including the level on which you had taken it.) If you're planning to take it, do so on level 6. This perk can get you a total of 115 skill points on level 99.

After the 26th level, the number of skill points you gain is halved and rounded down. Bonus from educated is taken into consideration before halving (e.g., if you the educated perk and 6 points invested into intelligence, after 26th level you will receive 9 skill points per level instead of 8).

Skill Points Table

Intelligence SPs /level Total SPs till level 26th SPs /level after 26th Total SPs from 27 to 99 Total SP Total SP with Educated
(Assuming it was taken on 6th level)
Cyferka1.png 7 175 3 219 394 509
Cyferka2.png 9 225 4 292 517 632
Cyferka3.png 11 275 5 365 640 755
Cyferka4.png 13 325 6 438 763 878
Cyferka5.png 15 375 7 511 886 1001
Cyferka6.png 17 425 8 584 1009 1124
Cyferka7.png 19 475 9 657 1132 1247
Cyferka8.png 21 525 10 730 1255 1370
Cyferka9.png 23 575 11 803 1378 1493
Cyferka10.png 25 625 12 876 1501 1616

Skill expanding costs

Case A (skill is tagged, starting value is odd)

Skill Level SP Expense Amount of SP needed to get to the next stage.
1-100% 1 SP for +2% Skill Level Depends on the starting level.
101-127% 2 SP for +2% Skill Level 26
127-151% 3 SP for +2% Skill Level 36
151-177% 4 SP for +2% Skill Level 52
177-201% 5 SP for +2% Skill Level 60
201-300% 6 SP for +2% Skill Level 300

Case B (skill is tagged, starting value is even)

Skill Level SP Expense Amount of SP needed to get to the next stage.
1-102% 1 SP for +2% Skill Level Depends on the starting level.
102-126% 2 SP for +2% Skill Level 24
126-152% 3 SP for +2% Skill Level 39
152-176% 4 SP for +2% Skill Level 48
176-202% 5 SP for +2% Skill Level 65
202-300% 6 SP for +2% Skill Level 294

Case C (skill is untagged, starting value doesn't matter)

Skill Level SP Expense Amount of SP needed to get to the next stage.
1-101% 1 SP for +1% Skill Level Depends on the starting level.
101-126% 2 SP for +1% Skill Level 50
126-151% 3 SP for +1% Skill Level 75
151-176% 4 SP for +1% Skill Level 100
176-201% 5 SP for +1% Skill Level 125
201-300% 6 SP for +1% Skill Level 594

First example

Tandi has tagged Close Combat. How much skill points does she needs to increase her Close Combat to 200%, assuming she starts with 66%?(ST 3 and AG 4 gives her base 44% + 20% from tagging this skill)

Let's calculate - she starts with 66%. It will cost her 18 SP to reach 102% (66 + 36 = 102, it's tagged so costs are halved.) Then she needs 24 SP to reach 126%; to reach 150%, another 39 SP; from 152% to 176%, yet another 48 SP; and finally from 176% to 202%, another 65 SP. Lets add this up: 18+24+39+48+65=194 SP. Tandi will have to spend around 194 points on increasing tagged close combat skill from 66% to 200%. Why "around 194"? Because it's not 100% confirmed whether every jumping step works as described here. It's best to save some skill points (5-10) in case of counting mistakes.

Second example

Arivald has an untagged First Aid skill, yet he feels that a good wastelander should know how to take care of injuries. How much skill points does he need to increase his First Aid to 300%, assuming he starts with 40%? (PE 10 and IN 10.)

Let's calculate. To raise FA to 101% he needs 61 SP, and then another 50 SP for increasing it to 126%. After that another 75 SP to reach 151%, and then 100 SP until 176%. It's still far from over. 125 SP to increase it from 176% to 201% Expensive? Check this out: to go from 201% to 300% you'll need next 594 skill points. 61+50+75+100+125+594=1005. Yep Arivald will need to allocate about 1005 skill points to increase First Aid to 300% if he leaves it untagged. He should probably rethink whether he really needs to tag any of the other skills. Similar to the first example, Arivald should save a few spare skill points in case he makes some calculation mistakes."

Note: Arivald was too poor to buy First Aid books. If he had them he could have saved some skill points by reading them before investing any skill points.

Combat skills

These skills will determine your effectiveness with different types of weapons. Do note that several craftable weapons require a minimum percentage in the relevant weapon skills before you're actually able to craft them. Click on the image to get more detailed information on the combat skill you're interested in.

Small Guns

The use, care and general knowledge of small firearms - pistols, SMGs and rifles.
Modifies Chance to hit with small guns.
Starting Formula 5+(4xAG)
Notes Bang! Bang!

Big Guns

The operation and maintenance of really big guns - miniguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and such.
Modifies Chance to hit with big guns.
Starting Formula 2xAG
Notes Dak! Dak! Dak! Dak! Dak!

Energy Weapons

The care and feeding of energy-based weapons. How to arm and operate weapons that use laser or plasma technology.
Modifies Chance to hit with energy weapons.
Starting Formula 2xAG
Notes Pew! Pew!


The skill of muscle-propelled ranged weapons, such as throwing knives, spears and grenades.
Modifies Chance to hit with throwables(Grenades, Throwing Knifes).
Starting Formula 4xAG
Notes Ka-BOOM!

Close Combat

Knowledge of hand to hand and melee combat. As you add skill points between 100 and 200 percent, it also increases your movement speed when holding only close combat weapons.
Modifies Chance to hit with close combat weapons.
Starting Formula 30 + 2 x (ST + AG)
Notes Whoops, I'm out of onomatopoeias. Close Combat speed bonus won't work if you're holding any weapons from other classes (such as small guns, for example), if you're skin cannot run (for example it won't work on supermutants) and most importantly it won't work unless any of your other combat skills is higher than 110% (for example if you have small guns on 120% you won't get close combat speed bonus). Throwing is only exception to those rules.


Non-Combat skills

The non-combat skills are self explanatory. These skills do not directly affect your combat prowess (well, except for First Aid and Doctor skill, which are quite handy in combat). Please note that you can't invest your skill points into Scavenging or Barter, since these two skills are progressive skills, meaning they will increase only when they are used (digging through trashcans; mailboxes, cars, boxes, etc. to raise scavenging and trading to raise bartering).


The skill of successful extraction of useful various bits and odds from various types of junk. This skill is progresive, skill points cannot be put into it and it increases as you scavenge in the wasteland.
Modifies Scavange increases your chances to obtain resources while collecting them.
Starting Formula 0%
Notes Can't be normally increased. Max skill level is 300%. In order to develop this skill you need to collect resources.

First Aid

General healing skill. Determines how much HP is healed when skill is used. The maximum self-heal in combat is 150. Higher skills also reduces cooldown before you can heal again.
Modifies Increasing this skill will make you heal more hp upon using First Aid. It will also decrease the cooldown.
Starting Formula 2x(PE+IN)
Notes The 300% FA will make you able to heal every 30 seconds. If you pick up the Medic trait the cooldown will be only 18 sec. Outside of combat for every first aid using you heal as much hp as is your skill level. In combat you heal amount of hp equal to your skill level but no more than 150 when used on yourself (If you use it on other person you will be healing for 225 even in combat). To quickly heal yourself use ALT+1, to heal somebody else press 5 and point to the target. In Turn based mode to heal yourself you will need to spend all your action points.


Used to heal crippled limbs and to wake up companions who get knocked out. Skill level determines how likely you are to succeed in treating people and how quickly you can try again.
Modifies Increasing this skill will increase your chance to heal crippled limb. It will also decrease the cooldown.
Starting Formula 5+(PE+IN)
Notes The maximum chance to heal a single crippled limb is 95% therefore increasing this skill beyond this level will only decrease the cooldown between possible usage of this skill. To use Doctor skill in turn based mode you have to spend you full turn and you also have to carry an doctor bag in any of your hand slots. A Doctor skill can also be used to cure Knock Out status on another target player. To have 95% chance of curing KO you will need 200% Doctor.


Quiet movement and the ability to remain unnoticed. Maximum sneak skill is essential for an effective sneak. Remember that the more you carry, the easier you'll get spotted.
Modifies Good sneak skill increases your chances to get to other players unnoticed.
Starting Formula 5+(3xAG)
Notes Solely having 300% for succesful sneak might not be enough for full effect. To futher boost your sneaking skill you might want to use Hubologist's Robes, Stealth Boys and Scout Implant. There's also some perks connected to this skill. Sneaking is not recommended to new players as good usage of this skill require some experience. The chance of getting seen is also depending on perception of player you're getting close to.


Opening locks withouth the proper key. Works on doors and containers in dungeons, and can be used to create new keys for cars (or just to steal them).
Modifies Your chances to open locks. Increasing this skill will not reduce the cooldown.
Starting Formula 10+(PE+AG)
Notes Lockpicking the toughest non car lockers in the game will be possible with about 100%(You're not going to open all the locks in first try though). The lockpick skill allowes also to try to kidnap cars. To do so you need more than 100% lockpick skill. Remember that increasing the lockpick skill above 200% will not grant any positive effect. There's 15 second cooldown after each use of this skill.


The ability to make things of others your own. Sounds good? Just remember that every thief will get eventually caught, no matter how good he is at this art.
Modifies The ability to make the things of others your own. Can be used to steal from people or places.
Starting Formula 3 x AG
Notes It is advised to raise the steal skill to at least 200% in order to have a good chance of stealing from other players. Stealing in Hub, Junktown or Boneyard is disabled. In Shady Sands if you fail stealing other persons will be allowed to shoot you. Steal skill can be also used as a checker of invetory of other people(as long as you don't try to actually take anything from them you will not get any penalties while doing so). You can use steal skill every 20 seconds.


The finding and removal of traps. Also the setting of explosives for demolition purposes.
Modifies Likelihood of spotting traps and increased chance to disarm a spotted trap.
Starting Formula 10+(PE+AG)
Notes It is not increasing the amount of damage you can deal with explosives. Increasing this skill will only help in spotting traps and disarming them and for that purposes having 100% is absolutely top needed skill value.


The practical uses of technical and scientific knowledge such as disassembling items for parts, crafting electronic-based weaponry and hacking terminals.
Modifies Chance to hack computers, and increasing the amount of resouces you get from disassembling items.
Starting Formula 4xINT
Notes The maximum needed skill for disassembling items is 160%. You can disassamble items with any amount of skillpoints invested in science yet expect less resource gains if you don't have expected 160%. To hack computers (For example the ones at Sierra and Glow) much lesser skills are needed. In case of Glow its about 100%, Sierra requires probably around 130%. Tools and Super Tool Kit will help you with dissambling but will not help in case of hacking computers.


Used to repair equipment as it detoriates. It is also necessary to craft more advanced armors and guns.
Modifies Chance to repair items.
Starting Formula 3 x INT
Notes The maximum needed skill for repairing items is 160%. If you have less you can either use tools or a super tool kit.


The ability to communicate in a practical and efficient manner. The skill of convincing others that your position is correct. The ability to lie and not get caught.
Modifies Nothing. It does nothing!
Starting Formula 5 x CH
Notes This skill has currently no uses in world of FOnline2. Guns speak far better than mouth could ever do.


The ability to haggle. Barter is a progressive skill, raied only by trading items. Higher barter skill also increases amount of time you can spend trading at a single trader.
Modifies The price you get for your items and determinate how expensive is stuff you're buying from NPC Shopkeeper (affect only trade through barter option).
Starting Formula 4xCH
Notes Barter skill increases the more it is utilized. The maximum is 200%. With 200% in New Reno and San Francisco items in your offer will be worth as much as items in posessions of npc shopkeepers. In other cities you won't get that good results but still you will have better offer than regular wastelanders.
This is how you Barter when you got 300% in it.


The knowledge and practical skills related to wagering. The skill at cards, dice and other games.
Modifies Nothing. It does nothing!
Starting Formula 5 x LK
Notes This skill has currently no uses in world of FOnline2. Your luck is tested in the wasteland every day, not in casinos.


Practical knowledge of the outdoos, this skill gives you a better chance to avoid encounters on the worldmap while traveling.
Modifies Decreases the likelihood of being forced into random encounters.
Starting Formula 2 x (EN + IN)
Notes The chance of avoiding an encounter is maxed at 95%, so increasing this skill beyond that is pointless (there's always a 5% chance that you'll be dragged into an encounter, whether or not you want it).


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