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Cathedral image, in-game graphic.


This is the place where the Vault Dweller fought his final battle against the Master, killing him, but also dying in the process. Now the building is abandoned and the entrance is blocked. Still, followers of the Children of the Cathedral and other restless souls congregate around it, waiting for the salvation that is never going to come.

In FOnline2 history this place was empty for a long, long time. However in January 2016 after one of updates this location was changed into a private quest dungeon (Though the exterior remains public). Cathedral is a multi-level map with several locations. Grounds around Cathedral are public and unprotected. The whole exterior area is used for miniquests (like: "bring booze to homeless man" etc.) or for other events. While one could call outside boring ("nothing to loot, nothing to kill")the next locations in this place are far more interesting. Firstly to get inside the Cathedral player need to have the "In Disguise" quest active, thus he need to find an: "Mission Briefing" Holodisk item and then read it.


1. Super Mutants

Cathedral is populated by many strong Super Mutants. Some of them seems to have some device that is making them hardly visible (well only in description so far, as their ingame graphic is just the same). Those strong Super Mutants are even more dangerous than normal ones. While their ingame graphic is the same as normal ones you can realize it's presence if something is shooting you from the distance and you don't see quite what. Yeah those mutants are actually visible only when you're just few hexes away from them. Having Stealthboyed Gatling using Super Mutant around is not exactly the nicest thing in whole world...

Nightkin (Stealthboyed) Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 500 Experience 1000
Armor Class 30 Bonus Meele Damage 5
Sequence 20 Critical Chance 6
Action Points 13 Healing Rate 3

Szablon9.png 8/40% Szablon11.png 8/70%
Szablon15.png 7/50% Szablon10.png 7/60% Szablon13.png 8/40% Szablon12.png 6/60%

Beware of Gatling Users. They can spawn on level 2 & 3.
Super Mutant Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 500 Experience 1000
Armor Class ?? Bonus Meele Damage ??
Sequence ?? Critical Chance ??
Action Points ?? Healing Rate ??

Szablon9.png ?? Szablon11.png ??
Szablon15.png ?? Szablon10.png ?? Szablon13.png ?? Szablon12.png ??

Just regular tough walking tanks that carry around stuff like Miniguns, Plasma Rifles etc.

2. Master's Pets

Just few of regular annoying Floaters and Centaurs. Watch out - they can radiate and poison you upon hit.

Nasty Floater Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 347 Experience 1000
Armor Class 28 Bonus Meele Damage 13
Sequence 20 Critical Chance 7
Action Points 9 Healing Rate 3

Szablon9.png 8/40% Szablon11.png 8/40%
Szablon15.png 2/10% Szablon10.png 7/60% Szablon13.png 8/40% Szablon12.png 0/500%

Few of them lurks in the Vault level 1 entrance.
Mean Centaur Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 306 Experience 900
Armor Class 30 Bonus Meele Damage 13
Sequence 18 Critical Chance 8
Action Points 10 Healing Rate 2

Szablon9.png 5/40% Szablon11.png 4/30%
Szablon15.png 4/30% Szablon10.png 4/50% Szablon13.png 6/40% Szablon12.png 2/20%

Few of them lurks in the Vault level 1 entrance.

3. Dungeon's Boss

Tansien is a local star of this location. Sadly there is no achievement for slaying him yet.

Tansien Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 385 Experience 5000
Armor Class ?? Bonus Meele Damage ??
Sequence ?? Critical Chance ??
Action Points ?? Healing Rate ??

Szablon9.png ?? Szablon11.png ??
Szablon15.png ?? Szablon10.png ?? Szablon13.png ?? Szablon12.png ??

This is the leader of Children of Cathedral organization. Well not for long as you are probably getting close to him...btw one minor detail: he is armed with a (non lootable!) Gauss Pistol - you should never expose yourself to eye aimshoot when fighting him.



As usual with this kind of places you need to find item that allows you to start a quest. "Mission Briefing Holodisk" - in this case. There's many ways of doing that...well wait that was a lie. There's only way of obtaining it, but this "way" can be executed on very different targets. The FOnline way. What is it? Don't tell me you don't know... Of course I'm talking about killing and robbing people(well NPCs to be exact which kinda reduce the fun) for it. For example you can try to find this holodisk by killing Rogues around Broken Hills or Bandits around Den. Any humanoid will have a chance to drop it upon dying so it's time to do some proper grinding.

Ok now that we have a holodisk let's gather up a strike team. If you are planning to make the raid in real time you will be needing several people, if on the other hand you prefer turn based combat then something like 3 players should be enough. You ask: "What if I'm greedy greedy man and want all the loot for myself?" My answer would be: "Well you CAN try to solo this location in turn based although it is super hard to do and require fully leveled up character (implanted if possible, implants generally help a lot) and you're willing to risk good gear AND you don't mind trying several times in a row... " Let me be clear if you can do this place solo then you probably don't need to read this page at all since, while it definitely is possible it requite a LOT of experience and gear. So let's pretend you didn't ask this question and you should go ask your friends on Team Speak/Skype/Forum/IRC...anything really to help you with this fun and challenging place.

Now that you have recruited necessary amount of wastelanders on this voyage it's time to gather some equipment. Firstly for first part of this quest everyone in your team need to wear Robes, not Blue Robes, not Red Robes, not Green Robes, just the regular pink Robes. Yeah i know it makes people look gay as fuck. Everyone in your team need to have one. No exception. Besides robes you need a proper combat equipment in your pockets. Metal Armors, Guns, drugs, ammunition, Stimpaks all that gear. Once you are inside there will be no opportunity to bring extra gear so you really should check if you have enough 5mm for your Avenger before heading out.

Is your team secured and well equipped? Yes? Good! Go to your options first and select TB if you plan on playing TB or make sure it's RT if you are into real time fights then to start the adventure just select "use" option on Mission Briefing. From now on you will be allowed to enter the Cathedral by clicking on it's doors (Your team need to have you tagged!)

Act I Cathedral

For now make your team stay at starting place and tell them to listen to Papsh's awesome lectures or something, retell them twice not to shoot anything (for now that is) and go talk to NPC called Break. On your way in you might be checked by Guard. If "Rotunde" guy ask you to show him his gear let him. He's cool with you bringing in weapons, drugs, hidden armors and stuff like this. ("Minigun? Ok sure you need it.", "Spare Metal Armor Mark 2? Sure thing it's not like you are here to kill our leader, you can take this all in") As you can see Rotunde is pretty chill guard, so just let him check you and don't start the fight...yet. NPC called Break is located in the left wing of the starting floor. Go talk to him, apparently he wants you to go to computer placed two floors above and connect to HQ. Accept this job and head to the stairs. Another guard, this one called Serjo will actually ask about your identify, pretend that it's him that doesn't recognize people and tell him the password "FEVer". Let's go up. First floor is for now just a place with 3 locked rooms. Yeah this is where they keep emergency super mutants in case of troubles.

Second floor is where our target awaits us. The dialogue awaiting you will be quite complicated so try those lines or risk falling horrible - if you screw this up alarm will be on and all you will be able to do from this point is just to kill everything that moves:

Rawryy is not exactly a friendly guy. Don't try any lines about Nightkins - it won't work. Instead ask him what he does here, he will start raging and you have three options. First is to calm him down and quit conversation, second line is about borrowing the console for the moment and third one is a looong one. The third one will lead to combat. The second one is the one you want to use but i'm not exactly sure if using the first option to calm him down won't increase your chance, since after selecting second line there is some kind of skill check (or maybe it's random). In any case i usually go with the first option which cause conversation to go over then retry (he will welcome you with: "you again line..." and you need to respond with "i'm really interested in what you are doing here...") and this time i select the second option. It should works! (As i said it's probably random).

"A Visual Guide, how to get past the Ghtang."
Make sure to set: "always run" to off while doing this!

Then once you get that annoying dude out of the room contact with the Brotherhood of Steel HQ. Take back the holodisk to Break. During conversation with Break you will receive a key that allows you to open doors on the third floor. He will now casually ask you to slaughter all enemies lurking in the vault below (and especially their leader) so he can take his place. To gain access to the Vault below you firstly will need to go to the third floor and obtain entry key without raising an alarm. Go there. Before you enter the Gthang's (A Guy that's has the key) room prepare yourself for a ninja mode. (Well for starters activate sneak, even if you really bad at sneaking it should work and make sure you turn off running in game options), open doors and move carefully hex by hex as far away from the NPC as you can and open up the locker placed between beds.

Act II The L.A. Vault

Your team should be pretty bored by now, so I'm betting that they will be super happy when they heard out that you're done with all talking parts and that it's now time to clear the underground levels. No more talking, just some quite hardcore shooting. Go through first level, kill everything, go to level 2, kill everything then go to level 3 and kill everything. Done? Good! Loot time. This place offer a chance to loot implants and other premium items, there's also plenty of containers that have just regular stuff. So you should have plenty of fun here.

Once done return to Break. People in the Cathedral will be still not in aggressive mode as they are apparently deaf and didn't heard all this shooting. Now all that remain is to go to Bunker in the Shady Sands to receive 6k caps reward.

Dungeon Maps

Points of Interest


There's nothing much here.


  • 1 - "Rotunde", guard.
  • 2 - Papsh, the Children of Cathedral preacher.
  • 3 - Break, Brotherhood of Steel agent.
  • 4 - Serjo, another guard.
  • 5 - Stairs to upper levels.
  • 6 - Stairs to basement, require key from Ghtang's room.
  • SM - Super Mutants's chambers. They open up when you set off the alarm.
  • c - Container.

Upper Levels 1-3

  • 1 - Stairs to level 2 (And also stairs to level 0, just click on bottom part instead of upper.)
  • 2 - Stairs to level 3 (And also stairs to level 1, just click on bottom part instead of upper.)
  • 3 - SAT Computer console.
  • 4 - Chris, annoying old dude.
  • 5 - Stairs to level 2
  • 6 - Drunken Ghtang, try to stay away from him.
  • SM - Super Mutants's chambers. They open up when you set off the alarm.
  • c - Container.
  • c(!) - Container with quest item.

LA Vault Level 1

  • 1 - Stairs to level 0
  • c - Container (Ok the one container next to hidden doors is actually a door opener.)
  • 2 - Elevator.

LA Vault Level 2

  • c - Container
  • L - Locked Container

You can't loot anything on this level as long as there are any living NPCs. Slaughter them all.

LA Vault Level 3

  • 1 - Elevator.
  • 2 - Tansien's location.
  • c - Container

Video Footage

"Level 3 RT Group Clearing"
A Russian gang in action.


  • This is one of player's favorite place to burn NPCs to quickly gain Pyromaniac perk or "Heave Ho!" one.
  • A REAL Bear hug would kill someone.

Papsh's Quotes

  • "...and the Master said: "There should be some secret passage, leading to the vault beneath." And then a secret passage was build.
  • We are the seed, brothers. May our transition heal out souls!
  • ...and then a challenger appeared. The so called Choosen One. But out Master - may his soul assist us - showed him true perfection.
  • And the Master said: "There should be doors at the first level!" And there were doors.
  • And then the master said: "Fine." and awarded two Bozars.
  • One day the Master met some human. The human asked: "Why do you look so greenish?" and the Master said: *coughs" I forgot that part but it had something to do with herbals.
  • A human once asked the Master: "But what if we all are nothing more than dust in the wind?". Before he could end his sentence he was atomized and the wind carried his particles away.
  • Once the Master catched a fish, He ate it!
  • Humanity has reached the border of it's on evolution. We know where to go brothers!
  • ..and the Master said: "There is a test-range in Nevada. They hold..." Oh I'm sorry! Wrong script.
  • ...and with their pride they will fall! Thus spoke the Master.
  • ...and thats's why we need to clear this world from the imperfection of humanity!
  • ...Then the Master said: "You shall learn and see by yourself!".
  • And i tell you: There will be no stone unturned untill every human has reached his destiny!
  • You many think the Master isn't around anymore. You may think he is gone for good. I Tell you: you're right!
  • Amen!
  • *Coughs*

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