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If changes have been already reflected on the wiki, there will be Done Done sign next to them in the changelog copy posted below.


July 2016

July 17, 2016

- Preset system implemented. You can choose one of four presets. (Sniper, Burster, CC, and grenadier.) They will give you weapon, armor and drugs avaible on current tier.
You can also choose no weapon preset and just get geared up with armor and drugs.
- Time implemented. Host can now choose if simulation match will happen at Simulation time (Blue tint, also default.) Or at normal ingame Day time color, or at night.

- Ncr Ban list reworked, rangers are now able to remove people from blacklist.
- English character build description updated thanks to Бразильскии.

- Sierra Security doors guard robot rooms, they doesn't allow players to get past them but let robots pass freely.
- Sierra Patrol sentries shut down on alarm, they respawn with alarm cooldown.
- Glow Robots Now respawn back in robot room, not the place they were killed in.
- Sierra and Glow robots are more aware of enemies now.
- Sierra turrets won't spot invisible players. ( No more spooky turrets saying insertGMname spotted. )
- Weapons of NPC's which are unlootable won't explode anymore on critical fail.
- Some of the yellow dry grass was blocking movement, blocking cars in result. Now grass can be walked upon.
- Fixed losing Karma on simulation.
- Ares Dog patrol reaches bottom right corner of the map too.

Previous Update:

Side note:
We're in progress of re-doing wiki from scratch. If someone was still using it, please use for this moment.
(Yet xsarqopedia might get messy because it's used as wiki code testing ground, main menu for example.)
The process is going to take few weeks.

July 05, 2016


  • - Implemented team balance option into simulation. Host can use it to make teams random but even in numbers. (Or as even as possible.)

Simulation was brought back into game:

  • - Inventory access was removed from lobby.
  • - Simulation expenses are now taken from bank account.
  • - To pay for matches you need to have bottlecaps in bank, bank terminal was added beside sim entrance door.
  • - Various safety changes.

  • - Sierra armory robots were moved away from wall to prevent rocket exploit.
  • - Mariposa Level 2 has additional forcefield for mutants to not allow players camp there before opening armory.
  • - Mariposa boss will scream while using up his last hypo.
  • - Mariposa surface will now also house dogs similiar to ares ones to prevent 24/7 camping.
  • - Drugs drawback effect will not hurt npcs anymore. (Example: superstims on shopkeepers.)
  • - Item deteroriation affects barter progressive skill calculation.


  • - Fixed Super Sledge stats.


  • - Fixed main door close timer.
  • - Fixed pulse field being passable thanks to resistances.
  • - Fixed players spawning outside of playable area when getting into mariposa with big group at once.
  • - Fixed boss sometimes switching off his main weapon.
July 02, 2016



Mariposa Dungeon is almost impossible to beat threat, with armory full of high tier equipment. A final challenge only for the strongest teams.
- To enter dungeon you need to blow up the door with special bomb that in current state is rare drop from humanoid encounters and drops only once a day.
- Players needs to get into the armory on second floor, the rest is mystery for players to uncover. Expect never seen before traps and hardest PvE fights.
- Inside you will meet two types of forcefield, yellow is sensor protected and will get rid of everyone except mutants. Red one is passable and turn off able, it does damage in active state.

- Dungeon is heavily guarded. Killing a mutant indoors will trigger alarm. All mutants from whole mariposa outskirts will run back to base to protect it.
- Waves of mutants will keep attacking groups of players and try to get rid of them.
- New graphics made by Ares Badsector (bs2crew).


Molerat Mambo was reworked code wise and added back into game.
You can bet by using ~bet 1 and ~bet 2 commands to place bottlecaps on one of molerats.
- Removed text message on stairs when combat happens.
- Molerats stop fighting when there is no one to watch. (Huge optimalization compared to fighting all the time.)
- Reworked map to have another way around the arena and not have 1 hex areas where player can be blocked
- Added stairs on both sides of arena that lead to opposite side.


To go try it out you need to head to Vault City Vault. Inside there is Door leading to simulation rooms.
- Ability to host or join friends lobby.
- Ability to kick players from lobby.
- Lobby browser.
- 14 Maps to choose from and way to select random map.
- 7 Tweaked Equipment Tiers to decide upon. Every weapon, Every drug, every armor in game. (Including Robo armor.)
- Toggleable visibility after death.
- Inventory access.
- Ability to disable down inventory access or joining lobby.

- The pvp lobby will not be able to start if lobby or players have something in their inventory in lobby phase.
- The match can be started only when everyone joined a team.


- Broken Car Events with Rogues, Khans and Regulators unlocked.
- Camp events with Raiders, Rogues and Khans unlocked.
- Added roll command for players, usage : ~roll numberoffaces (Example ~roll 10 will give you result from 1 to 10)
- GM tools to disable pvp in location. Except better events without friendly fire.
- GM tools to reward players for participating in event.
- Modoc Tanner can upgrade your leather armors and exchange armor for 10 brahmin hides. (Brought back quest)
- Mariposa entrance mutants now change equipment from time to time.

  • Ares:
  • - A couple of supermutants spawn on level 3 right outside elevator to prevent safe camping.
  • - Mutants are more aware of enemies inside rocket silo.
  • - Added some more patrol routes on surface where people afk camped.
  • - Dogs chance to trigger mines drastically lowered.
  • - Indoor Ares mutants chance to trigger mines drastically lowered.
  • - Some Doors were replaced with wide versions.
  • - Map Reworks and exploit fixes.
  • - Surface camp spots and tents fixed.

  • Sierra:
  • - Added patrolling robots on level 3 and 4. They will attack players even if the alarm is off, attacking them is not triggering the alarm.
  • - Reworked Sierra turrets script, they should be more aware of enemies.
  • - Hacking a turret will cease their fire on your faction and allies instantly.
  • - Turrets will now inform about spotting enemies on close range, being rehacked and forced to shut down.
  • - Guard Robot on level 3 will target person that tries to use console.


  • - Necropolis vault keycard now has different description after used to get watermerchants quest.
  • - Cord and Torn paper take no volume in containers now.
  • - Deathclaw encounter on worldmap (When doing San Francisco caravan for example.) amount nerfed.
  • - Removed Trainyard from team arena map rotation.
  • - Removed Spawning Machined High Grade Steel that wasn't used in any t4 crafting.
  • - Hungergames containers have chance of spawning motion sensors now.
  • - Person closed inside necropolis storage will slowly suffocate.
  • - Person closed inside glow storages will slowly suffocate.
  • - NPC's using drugs will not cover their health with action description.
  • - Shopkeepers will be unable to get hurt. Please report if you notice anything odd like shopkeepers fighting other npcs.


  • - Hungergames player counting fix.
  • - Fixed the need of killing eggs in Warehouse and Tanker
  • - Robed Person in cath unlootable again.
  • - Redding Bartender in last gasp saloon is now properly spawning trade stuff.
  • - Vault City Bartender in outskirts saloon is now properly spawning trade stuff.
  • - Fixed Living anatomy description (Was false, saying players gain +10% doctor skill when you gain 20%)
  • - Fixed Medical Implant perk and item description (Was false, saying players gain +100% doctor and first aid skill when you gain 50%)
  • - Fixed Empty jet carnister junk item description. It was saying it was found in richard's wright room. I guess every Khan and raider knew him.
  • - Fixed healer perk description.
  • - Fixed medic perk description.
  • - Fixed exploit allowing to get cathedral key by bartering with npc.
  • - Fixed spawning in vault city after hunger caves.
  • - Fixed new reno church doorway see trough.
  • - Fixed entering into scenery of hummer in sierra basement.
  • - Passable wall in blades district fixed.
  • - Passable wall in hub general store fixed.
  • - Renamed and translated bases in russian and english for maps to be more distinguishable.
  • - PTBR translation progress from Бразильскии.

Few words from me:
Good job everyone who cooperated with me so we could create this update. Everyone gets something to play with. Enjoy the game and see you on the wasteland!
Don't stop reporting bugs, fellas.

If anyone finds terrible exploit in mariposa, he is tasked to report it to us. Not reporting will result in severe punishment, reporting will reward player with million bottlecaps and level 99 hintbook. Don't try to be smart. You won't get it for some minor bug.

There is going to be one mariposa bomb I will place in one of dungeons, somewhere around it.

Most propably I will also tommorow test nonpvp event feature by organizing something in non protected town, we will see.

We also welcome new GM in our ranks. Balthasar.

Run Updater or download the files from below.

Client update files. Unpack and throw into data folder.

(4 months with no updates, Skycast plz.)

March 2016

March 21, 2016


* FoV lines must be more solid. Run Updater.
* Sierra Control: Boosted chance to T3 Weapons/Armors.
* Sierra Control: Now all types of T4 Parts/Reciepes.


* Probably fixed reloading changing to single bug.
March 19, 2016


* Char control system applyed to random events.
* Loot and pools rebalance.
* Additional spawn of T4 craft parts in some dungeons/events.


* Fixed faction base dissapearing after disconnect from faction.
* Fixed trying repair self armor when using repair on any scenery.
* Fixes for start tutorial, added ability to leave it at any time.
* Map fixes: cath quest and etc.
* Added missing T4 parts in token reward.
* Other changes.

Game server IP address changed to
Name still so in most cases you dont need to change confguration in FOconfig.

Please report any lag/connection issues.

Be sure to check out our new public Discord which was just established.

Join FOnline2 discord here:


March 01, 2016


* Added no pvp to safe towns except NCR. Also added to replications.
* Robots in Sierra will self repair.
* Using traps/explosives in Sierra will trigger alarm.
* Trying to stack active mines on ground will cause explosion.
* After 14 days(because auc was disabled for some time for old items will be 30) not bought items will be removed from auction, owner will be able take back such items from banker.
* Boosted dogs in ares. 


* Map fixes: sierra surface, sierra caves, cathedral quest and etc.
* Other changes.
* Fixed followers stuck in cathedral quest while turn-based combat.
* Event sheduler fixes.

January 2016

January 17, 2016


* Rocketball Matches can now be started by players. They require 500 caps and 5 players in team each. Shelduled weekend. Since next sunday three weeks sheldule begins:
* 1. - Bank event.
* 2. - Hungergames caves edition TB
* 3. - Hungergames caves edition RT


* Added ability to reset cathedral quest by using holodisk again.
* Added turn based combat mode to cathedral quest, combat mode must be set when entering cathedral.
* More t3 armors/weapons added to cathedral quests.
* Added ability to convert robo cleaner back to item.


* Fixes for cathedral quest maps.:
* - Guard on Entrance will not launch alarm when many players pass at once anymore.
* - Quest can be repeated. Player will get prompt upon using holodisk.
* - Turnbased version available.
* Fixed inability to build base/tent in some places.
* Dialog fixes and changes.
* SAD robots will immediately attack anyone when alarm triggered.


December 2015

December 21, 2015


* New instanced Cathedral dungeon/quest implemented. Player need to obtain special quest holodisk from human encounter npc.
* Added new furniture - Christmass Tree, can be bought with event tokens. By Feather.


* Fixed and readded sierra caves maps.
* Fixed map relief to prevent stucking in water. By CocainTalk.
* Town raid event fixes.
December 10, 2015


* Sneaker nick now visible to ally factions.
* Added town defence pve event.


* Robin Wood quest now require at least 10th level.
* Two exits locations were added to Sierra Caves dungeon and Sierra Caves Event. by SmallGreg
* You can use REPAIR skill on furniture to toggle on/off visibility trough it. Works only for single hex furniture.
* Ru translations.
* Sierra:
Removed laser wires on 1st level.
Robots on 1st level always aggressive and not trigger alarm.
Additional entrances and exits.


* Fixed wrong spawn on Cathedral.
* Car paint fixes, proper namings and credits. by Xsarq

November 2015

November 29, 2015


* Added chance to explode grenade when shoting target with grenade in hand, if crit rolled weapon drop will be additional 25% roll to grenade explosion.
* Added new quest created by Balthasar. You can begin it in inner NCR bar.


* Fixed debug messages in player chat.
* Fixed car paint dialog.
* Some fixes for event automation.
* Hungergames changes, container reballance and fixes.
November 23, 2015


* Added sheduler for big events, new events inc soon(R)Done Done 
* Added one more map for hunger games. Done Done
* Added Event tokens. Daily events will award tokens depending on event rules. You can use them for experience boost or spend them for prizes. (For now only cliffton holo for 25 tokens.) Use them to open store.Done Done


* Boosted chances for rare stuff in SAD2 level boxes behind laser (including General Clifton's Holodisk and implants).
* Further translation to russian and portuguese [big thx again for his work to Бразильскии].
* Removed ability to decraft items in dungeon locations.
* Removed ability to give weapons to NCR guards, NCR guards are nonlootable, NCR members can pay fixed caps ammount per each week to buy/sustain certain level of tech weaponry which guards will use [including possibilty to buy T4 weapons for guards for 200k caps per week], NCR bank defense event added in automated shedule - each second week.

October 2015

October 22, 2015


* Added more car paints. Done Done 
* Player name and faction icon always visbile when chatting or using consumables, except sneakers.


* Fixed car parts.
* Removed ability to use "drop all" in protected towns.
* Other small fixes.
October 06, 2015


* Car Paints and Parts were added to the game. Done Done  
* Car paints can be bought in hub oldtown tatoo store, on the left from offmap grid. Painted car is parked in front of it. Done Done
* To apply a paint you need to use it with keys (or be owner if elock set) on the car. Car gets repainted and you can enjoy your ride.
* Car parts work in the same manner, engine parts can be found in dungeons and they are broken down into four tiers. There is also fuel converter upgrade.
* If you already have tier 2 or higher engine, putting a better or weaker engine will make it replace and you get engine from the car back into your inventory.

September 2015

September 07, 2015


* Added cool combat tutorial to Kenny. by Noisy & Wesan (dont forget to run updater and rise music volume)


*Items crafted on workbenches in unprotected places will get better chance to get bonuses (few %)
*Clifton Holodisk now can be spawned on second floor of Sierra Base, behind lasers.
*Rised chance for top loot spawn on second floor of Sierra Base, behind lasers.
*Magic ball translation & some other translations.


*RocketBall finally fixed.
*Map fixes.
*Fixed message when trying to lockpick not lockpickable car.

August 2015

August 21, 2015

Small update:

Super Sledge crit chance bonus now working and displayed.
Added ability to mass decraft items from inventory and ground:
for inventory ~decraftinv and for hex under player ~decrafthex
or you can add hotkeys to hotkeys.ini decraftinv=hotkey and decrafthex=hotkey
working only in tent or base also you must be signed there.

July 2015

July 12, 2015

All existing characters can be rerolled once for free - because of changes in some perks/traits.


   Alpha Portuguese/Brasilian translation added thanks to huge work of user: Бразильскии (Use DOWNLOAD HERE -> FOConfigPT.exe to select language)
Portuguese/Brasilian forum section added.

   Skynet - a self-aware, artificial intelligence anti-daul&fastrelog system added.
- Enabled for dugeons and unprotected towns.
- Removed ability to enter location using fastrelog/duallog.
- Abusing this system will lead to permaban for all chars and deleting bases.
- For more details check ban rules changes here:
Randal - VaultCity vendor is selling now robocleaning bot for 10k caps.
Thanks to cooperation of Noisy, Mouse and Wesan, two new events are added: Rocketball, Zswarm.


   Doubled limit for Ca and CAmk2 spawning, for shopkeepers its x6.
Added NoLogOut param to SF tanker maps and all not guarded towns excluding NCR.
Added extremely low chance to obtain t4 craft parts and implants from Toxic Caves.
Ares: all guards now needs to be killed to be able to loot Commander's room lockers.
Ares: added extra mine spawn hexes on the edge of grid to prevent the abuses of running near grid to vertibird avoiding all mutants.
Elevators mechanics changed, now there is no thin places for abuses.
Added good/rare loot to upper laser boxes on 2nd floor of sierra, you need to kill robots (only those outside armory room) to open them.

Close Combat changes:

   Close Combat bonus speed working only if players BG,SG,EW skill is lesser than 100.
HTH Evade perk gives now 10% less chance to hit you while using melee/hth (in both slots). Requirements: BG,SG,EW skills not higher than 100, at least 200 Close Combat skill.
Bonus HtH Damage perk gives now +10dmg and has only 1 level instead of 3.
Bruiser trait gives now + 8dmg and +2st bonus (so combined its 10dmg) and - 30 crit chance penalty. (instead of -2ap)
Super Sledge AP cost reduced to 3, +10 crit chance added by default.


   Fixed ability to use elevator without waiting timeout.
Fixed damage for Pulse Granades.
Fixed problem with mutants in Mariposa entrance area, having no weapons.
Sierra Caves: fixed teleporting when exists dungeon location without DungeonLocation object.
Map fixes.
Random fixes.

Server needs some donations to keep on running, we are running low on caps now.
So if you would like to support the project feel free to chip in!

April 2015

(Great silence begins lasting for about 3 months.)

April 28, 2015

Small update:

Fixed bug with crafting top on VaultCity terminal.
Fixed random small bugs.
Fixed wrong ntrance names for some locattions in Rus translation.
Added ability to Sneak when seen by ally faction.

Mostly finished robo cleaner and will be given to few factions for testing.

April 22, 2015

Fixed item drop on ground when was killed by pulse/explosion in guarded town.

   Enabled event "Enclave supply arrived in San Francisco docks" with rare loot such as Enclave Armors and t4 parts.
Enabled event "Drug transaction between Khans and Bishop" with rare loot such as Hypo.
April 17, 2015


   EXP mod set to X 2, so you will get twice more EXP.

Event changes:

   Added t3 recipes to book sale events.
Added hypo to drug sale events.
Added chance to find t4 part or t4 recipe in car on convoy event.
Added rare ammo to Reno ammo sale event.


   Map fixes.
Random fixes.


   Reworked item spawn system. ( item which are not looted by players will stay in pool which mean more items can be found )
Ca/Camk2 armor pool doubled.
Super Stims volume(not weight) reduced to zero so you can put em unlimited to lockers.

March 2015

March 30, 2015

Added Toxic caves instanced dungeon:

   To find dungeon you must find toxic caves map which is randomly drop from encounter npc.
After reading toxic caves map, will be created personal dungeon, select combat mode before reading map.
Dungeon will dissapear after 4 days or if you will leave it or die in it.


   Auction fee changed to 10%.
Auction screen will reopen after buy item.
Added item colors for uniq item to auction.
Added ability to take back items from auction for owners.


   Restricted ability to put few movable lockers in one hex.
Some fixes for auction and other things.
March 18, 2015


   Implemented auction:
Player can access auction interface using dialog with FLC managers.
Player can put unlimited amount of items to auction.
Yet no ability to choose amount to sell/buy for stackable items.
To put item on auction player must pay fee, which is 20% from total cost.
To buy/sell item from auction player must have caps in inventory or on bank balance or mixed.
Auction interface created by GZA.

Meeting other players while travelling on wm disabled for loners without any stuff in inventory.

   Fixed lockpicking cars with electronic locks. Now message with passcode will be displayed properly.
Fixed healer perk. Now each perk level will always add 10hp at the end of healing calculation.
March 01, 2015

Ability to meet other players while travelling on wm:

   Only ability to meet player while moving, so staying on wm still safe.
For checking ability to meet other players applied same rules as for finding encounter (combat mode and low chance for low levels)
You can meet other players if they travelling near you in radius of half wm square and both of you not travelling by car.
If you success in meeting other players encounter will be always forced.

Electronic lock can be used to lock cars:

   To lock cars by elock you need to have key from that car and use elock on car.
Locking car by eloc also will automatically elock car trunk.
To remove elock from car you must be that guy who set elock or car must be on base/tent and you must be tent/base owner/manager.
Removing elock from car will remove elock from trunk also.
For lockpick of elock on car(if car not in base/tent) you need to have electronic lockpick.
Maximum needed skill is 150( 125 if you have electronic lockpick mk1 and 100 if mk2).
After lockpicking you will see message in chat with digits which you decrypt from elock password.

   New collecting quest added. It is located in Vault city outskirts bar.


   Fixed ability to gain/loose faction score on replication.

Enabled dog tag collector:

   You can give him dogtags like always for reward or bring him 100 dog tags, combat armor and 10k caps and your combat armor will be upgraded to ranger armor, all bonuses from ca will stay also.

February 2015

February 23, 2015


   If weapon in reload mode, pressing A button will change mode to attack.
Armor builtin anticrit will be shown in item description.

Implemented faction score system:

   Faction will gain score for killing enemy faction members(if his level bigger than 25), tc, sierra defence, doing dungeons.
Faction will loose score for killing teammate or ally and when their members being killed by enemy faction members.
Score and raiting listed in faction interface.

Implemented electronic lock:

   Lock interface created by GZA
Added electronic lock item. Can be found on traders.
Electronic lock yet can be set for containers in bases and tents(later for cars and etc).
Electronic locks on bases and tents can't be lockpicked, only removed by lockpick skill by lock owner or base/tent manager.
To open containers locked by such lock, player must enter password.
Person who set lock don't need to enter password.
To use this lock player must use it from inventory and set 4 digits as password, than he must use this lock on container.


   Most probably fixed tb issue in "i smell a rat" quest.
Fixed some client crashes.
Fixed inability to leave last perk till last level when using hint book.


   Rised chance to spawn implant and t4 recipes in Ares.
Sierra Caves Event: monsters will have 22 AP and will run faster.
Sierra Caves Event: monsters will spawn a bit later.
Temporary: Mutants in Ares see sneakers from max range.
February 10, 2015


   Added tent terminal(campfire) with ability to delete tent(for tent owners) and to unsee tent(for tent members).:
Added ability to turn off autoreload by options.:
Added faction icons. If faction have icon it will be shown near faction member nickname.(faction leaders must post their icons in special topic on forum):
Ability to turn on/off faction icons by options.(default is off):


   Fixed farm and metro defence quests.:
Furniture seller no more accepting stuff for caps.:
Map fixes.:
Other fixes and optimizations.:


   Farm defence: exp. reward buffed to 20000 + 500 * team size:
Metro defence: exp. reward buffed to 40000 + 1000 * team size:
Farm defence: buffed peasants damage resistance, peasants will spawn always inside farm:
February 01, 2015


   Added blueprint buyout miniquest. Town citizens needs blueprints. You can sell 5 blueprints in row. Rewards:
-Level 1 blueprints: 1000 exp. 500 caps per blueprint
-Level 2 blueprints: 2000 exp. 1000 caps per blueprint
-Level 3 blueprints: 3000 exp. 1500 caps per blueprint
-Level 4 blueprints: 4000 exp. 2000 caps per blueprint


   Fixed wrong message when using antidote on someone.
Other fixes.


   Operations with containers will also desneak sneakers.
Stepping on mine will stop char.
Reroll price changed and now depends from char exp, formula is EXP/10 caps, also char must be at least level 24 to do reroll.
Maximum reroll price is 485100 and minimum is 27600, you can check reroll price for your char by ~reroll command.
Metro defence quest: blades will have sg weapons only, removed ability to run from defenders npc, adjusted wave timeout.
Using hex shooting will force char to stop.

January 2015

January 25, 2015


   Sierra Caves Level 2: chance to enter location with players is now equal to level 1 (chance decreased)
Sierra Caves Level 2: chance of unfair PvP (1 vs 3, 2 vs 3, 1 vs 2) decreased (but still possible)

Farm defence and Metro defence quests reworked:

   Removed exp. for killing mobs
Maximum quest reward (per player !!!) set to 20000 exp. and 2000 caps for Farm defence and 40000 exp. and 4000 caps for Metro defence.
Player has to survive to receive reward.
Reward depends on number of alive defenders(blades/peasants) and is recalculated at the end of every wave.
So, if all defenders survive last wave player will receive maximum reward. If all defenders die before first wave finish player receive no reward.
Reward value will be shown to players at the end of every wave (map message).
Added randomized wave size.
Added defender autohealing.
Quest scaling adjusted.
Wave timeout & size adjusted, other minor adjustments.
January 18, 2015


   Added new inventory actions, must be opened inventory and cursor must be in pointer type.
Ctrl click on:
Item in armor,main hand or second hand slots will cause moving item in inventory.
Armor in inventory will cause wearing armor.
Weapon in inventory will cause moving weapon in main hand.
Not armor or weapon will cause moving item in second hand.


   Fixed miss sound for attack from 2nd hand.
Fixed wrong price in dialog while selling prewar items.
Fixed bug with inability to enter player encounters while doing caravan/patrol.
Map fixes.
Shopkeepers will never fight back.


   Masters Army appeared near Mariposa.
Removed weapon drop crit effect in guarded towns except Ncr.
Sierra Caves/Sierra Caves Event: go back timeout disabled when player entering existing location and TB combat is started.
NR Wright Event: number of guards reduced to 4.
StealthBoy deterioration speed now not depends from how much players see sneaker.
Caravan routes between towns now a bit randomised.
Super Sledge can be disassembled.
January 04, 2015

Added ability to repair armor on player by repair skill button, 8 + click on player.(working on self and on faction teammates)

   Fixed bug in hungergames with wrong places when 2 players die in the same time.
Fixed BP spawning in Sierra Caves and Top Loot Area.


   Removed ability to steal in guarded towns except Ncr.
Town guards will give back loot only for good players (not for offenders).

   Weapon changes:
FNFAL burst damage decreased from 25-33 to 22-30.
FNFAL burst range increased from 30 to 34.
FNFAL single target range increased from 36 to 41.
Assault Rifle(both types) burst damage decreased from 25-34 to 24-33.
10mm SMG both damage increased from 15-21 to 16-22.
M60 damage increased from 18-27 to 20-28.
M60 now have weapon perk long range.
H&K Caws changed to 17-31.


December 2014

December 28, 2014


   Sierra Caves event: exit grids will be blocked when all participants are in one location (to speed up final fight).
Sierra Caves event: performance fixes.
FN FAL dmg boosted to 25-33, range for burst decreased to 30, 30 ammo in clip instead of 20.
Tesla has now 25 instead of 20 normal dmg resistance.
MAmk1 has now 45 laser resistance.
MAmk2 has now 55 laser resistance.
December 25, 2014


   Added Fire Gecko miniquest event. Sometimes one of Modoc citizens wants to buy Fire Gecko Pelts (low quantity, ten pelts maximum). Event is terminated when first player finish quest.


   Fixed bug with bases when multiple connect/disconnect from/to faction can cause lost visibility of base.
Fix for tb 0 turn hex shoting.
Fix for no exp for killing npc on WM event maps.
Random fixes.


   Sierra Caves: increased spawn rate of implants and T4 parts.
Sierra Caves event: Added winners to event messages (10 first players).
Sierra Caves event: Adjustments.
Random dungeons: Fixed players spawning (teams will no longer spawn in already used exit)
New Reno Wright Event: guards will shot thieves.
~cuttheveis / ~suicide works with positive hp inside base or tent.
T4 blueprints renamed in recipes, icon changed to different from blueprints.
Metal Armor mk2 exp for craft changed to 360.
Rebalanced loot ofr Sierra Base Control: more different loot added, including high tech.
December 17, 2014


   Added ability to connect base to faction:
Only faction officers which are also base managers can connect base to faction.
Only faction officers will be able to manage base.
All non faction members will be resigned from base.
All faction members will see base. Even which will be added later to faction.
No ability to add non faction players to base.
Only faction officers can disconnect base from faction.
After disconnect only player which done this operation will see base.


   New Reno Wright Event: guards will shot thieves.
Sale events and fire gecko event: critter will be revived when event starts (if critter is dead).
Sale events and fire gecko event: critter respawn time will be set to 1 minute during event.
Guards now will watch watermerchants 2nd for thiefs.
HG cave event fixes, enhencaments and adjustments.
December 13, 2014


   Added two more binds for use superstim or regular stim on other players(to use add usestimon=hotkey and usesson=hotkey in hotkeys.ini file in Client folder)

HG cave event fixes.

December 12, 2014


   Added binds to use items from main hand and second hand (to use add lines use1hand=hotkey and use2hand=hotkey in hotkeys.ini file in Client folder)
Added messages in chat when motion sensor or stealth boy on/off.
Added General Cliftons holodisc(can be used for open sierra armory on 2nd level) to Sierra Caves (L2, rare)


   Map fixes.
Ncr forcefield fix.
Base terminals won't show errors instead of deleted players.
Skin changing npc fix.
Fix ai messages for mariposa mutants.
Fixed bug when dead critters can transform loot to lower tier.


   Shopkeeper hiring changes:
Player will need to pay 10k caps to get onto shopkeeper purchase list, caps are not refunded when player doesn't win shopkeeper.
In period of one day shopkeeper will choose one random person from the list and estabilish a contract for 7 days.
December 04, 2014


   Camping places nerf for Metro defence quest map.
Fixed wrong chance to hit displaying in client when aim set but char have trait fast shot.
Fixed ability to pickup active flares and traps by Ctrl+L.
Most probably fixed unlimited turns in TB.


   NCR forcefield state can be only changed by officers and cooldown removed.
Sierra Caves L2 loot boosted.
Elevators now can transport group up to 14 players.
Changed TB turn sequence, now no ability to have 2 turns in row.
Added/reajusted elevator spawns in ares and glow.

November 2014

November 30, 2014

Logoff rules in Sierra Caves was changed. Logged off players will be teleported back to dungeon after logging in.

   Hopefully fixed wrong combat type for encounters(enter tb encounters while set only rt and opposite).
Fixed displaying wrong TB timeouts.
Fixed grids in Sierra Caves maps.
Fix for ares elevator on lvl 3.
Random Fixes.


   Sierra Caves L2 loot slightly boosted.
No karma penalty for killing teammates or enemy faction members.
Caps reward for metro defence quest temporary nerfed.
Only golgotha will be used in 5vs5 TB.
Players limits has been changed. Second team who has less players than first team can take quest. So if 5 players team start quest 4 players team can join.
November 25, 2014


   Added second level to Sierra Caves Dungeon
Stronger npcs (geckos, wanamingos, centaurs, floaters, deathclaws, rogues, khans, ...)
More traps.
Higher chance to encounter players.
Medium chance to unfair pvp (encounter stronger or weaker team)
Enter to level 2 spawn randomly in level 1.
No WM exits in level 2.
Better loot (include implants (rare), T4 crafting parts (rare))


   Drug timeouts now showing correct while TB and after it.
Ru dialog translations. (by Jester)


   Added preview and second entrance to Ares.
Removed ability to loot boxes in Mariposa, Warehouse and SF tanker while guards alive.
November 22, 2014

Ability to put furnitures/craftable containers inside personal houses. (by Wipe)
Added button to fix boy interface for listing craftables with used blueprints. (ugly button is temporary)
"Doorgame" removed. Just opened door can be closed only after 3 seconds.
Ally/Enemy system added to NCR guards. Guards will attack enemies of NCR faction on sight and won't shoot NCR allies.
"5vs5 solution" unlocked!
Salvatore family leader is giving special quest, players must bring 1000caps to start it.
Depending from number of players who are tagging quest starting player, can be choosen from 3vs up to 5vs5 fight.
Players can choose TB or RT to play. Location on WM appearing (randomly 1 from 4 available maps).
Global timer appearing. After end of timer players goal is to get special briefcase and deliver it to Salvatore family leader.
Opposite team can hire themselves to counter the team already in location. They can do it by choosen opposite New Reno family leader. [Bishop, Wright, Mordino]. They must bring also 1000caps. Winner gets 1750 caps and enemy loot. (later will be asigned option to make higher bids)

   Fixed wrong melee dmg value on registration screen.
Fixed spawn when going down from 2nd floor watermerchants.
Fixed loosing car dot vision when died inside encounter cave.
Fixed group size check in quest dialogs also only counts online players.
Ru dialog translations. (by Brightside & Jester)
Greasy Truck blockers fixed.


   MAmk2 now need one more high grade steel for craft.
Hubologist Robe now need one more chemical component for craft.
Added more exits to Sierra caves.
Increased blueprint spawn rate in Sierra caves and Top loot area.
Faction relations now affect sierra turrets, wont shoot members of friendly faction.
Ares fixes and changes
Ares loot expanded T4 craft components and implants chance[mid]
Glow loot expanded T4 craft components and implants chance[low]
November 13, 2014


   Added ability to turn off displaying global messages on screen by Options
Added ability to make game interface transparent by Options (Experimental)


   Fixed range for Plated Gloves
Map fixes
Fixed wrong message about possibility of loosing perk on 26 lvl
Dialogs fixes
Sharing exp between faction members now work on sf Tanker
Ray clones are gone from New Reno Gas Station.
Door and containers auto close disabled in Sierra Caves.


   Windows added to Renesco in Commercial Row.
Ares loot adjusted (boosted).
Mariposa oustide camp loot adjusted (boosted).
SF tanker lair oustide loot adjusted (boosted).
Necro Vault loot adjusted (boosted).
Minimal ap to shoot changed from 2 to 1 in real-time, still 2 for turn-based
Assault Rifle both versions dmg boosted to 25-34
Explosive rockets base price now 120 instead 200
Shotgun shells base price now 2 instead 11

Fast Shot trait owners now have chance to hit other than torso bodyparts.

   Chance to hit bodypart:
35 torso
20 leg
15 groin
15 arm
10 head
November 09, 2014


   Server crash/rollback fix.
Map fixes.
Fixed wrong requirements for weapons from npc(two handed pistols and etc)
Exp for crafting .45 ammo


   Logging off in Sierra Cave kills players (player is killed when offline character is removed from map, so you have 3 minutes to login again)
Sierra Caves script is spawning more exits
November 06, 2014


   Added ability to add/remove/promote/demote base members by id. type ~myinfo to find it.
Added borders to faction chat font.


   Fixed buyable houses in hub watermerchants.
Map fixes.
Other fixes.
November 03, 2014


   Caps always first in barter window (by Wipe)
Cleaning dung added to smart cursor (by Wipe)


   Turn-based fix
Ares forcefields fix
Lowered lockpick complexity in basement event
Fixed bartender price for beer and rum, barter price of beer and rum now 5 caps
Zed's achievement fixed.
Metro repeatable quest exit fixed.


   Farm Defence requires everyone in group have atleast level 10
Metro Defence requires everyone in group have atleast level 15
Added lockpicks and expanded lockpicks to sierra caves loot and encounter containers loot
Players can drop containers near base/tent entires
Sierra Cave System and top loot area encounter containers loot have big chance to have bonus statistic.
Sierra Cave System and top loot area encounter containers has chance to spawn items not available in
technology. (next step in technology items - not APA xD)
Door and containers auto close disabled in Sierra Caves.
Exit grids in Sierra Caves work similar to encounter grids now. (exiting in TB mode, following in TB mode)
Decrease trap level of mines, bear traps and container traps.

   Item changes:
Tommy Gun dmg changed from 13-24 to 13-30
Hunting Rifle dmg changed from 12-20 to 14-21, +4 critroll added
Scoped Hunting Rifle dmg changed from 12-20 to 14-21, range changed from 40 to 42, +4 critroll added
Assualt Rifle (+ ept. version) dmg changed from 16-27 to 20-30, +4 critroll added
Combat Leather Jacket protection adjusted(lowered)

October 2014

October 28, 2014


   NPC AI problem fixed.
Sierra turrets problem fixed.
Anticrit description fixed.
Sierra Cave System map fixed.


   Bigger chances to find already "unblocked" items blueprint.
Bigger chances to find loot in dungeons containers.
Dungeon containers loot have big chance to have bonus statistic.
Dungeon containers has chance to spawn items not available in technology. (next step in technology items - not APA xD)
GLORIOUS Jet's supply storage. has level 5 requirement now and gives 7 jet instead of 10.
Lockpick timeout changed to 15 seconds from 30 seconds.
October 26, 2014


   Books reading problems fixed
Loot remaining after Players respawn bug fixed.
Blocked Brahmin Pen in Vault City fixed.
Adytum Farm npcs fixed, unnecesary blockers removed.
Encounter spawn fixes.
SF Caravan Depot map fix.
SF courier dialog fix.
SF dock missing blocker fix.
Missing blocker in deathclaws repeatable map fixed.
HUB hotelroom fix. Books reading problems fixed
Loot remaining after Players respawn bug fixed.
Blocked Brahmin Pen in Vault City fixed.
Adytum Farm npcs fixed, unnecesary blockers removed.
Encounter spawn fixes.
SF Caravan Depot map fix.
SF courier dialog fix.
SF dock missing blocker fix.
Missing blocker in deathclaws repeatable map fixed.
HUB hotelroom fix.


   Lowered lockers complexity in Sierra Cave System dungeon and Encounter's Lockers.
Bigger chances to find blueprints (especially for SG).

   Balance changes:

- 10mm Pistol damage increased from 12-16 to 16-21
- Mauser damage increased from 16-21 to 19-24
- Shotgun damage increased from 19-27 to 25-35
- Sawed Off Shotgun damage increased from 23-34 to 29-42
- .44 magnum/speedload damage increased from 16-24 to 19-28
- Deagle/extended damage increased from 12-30 to 15-34

(New Season - 3!)

October 25, 2014


Global Technology Progression System

One of the biggest FOnline problem was always ability to grind high tier stuff in short period of time. Lower tier level items were totaly useless. Session gameplayability was rapidly ending - togheter with full carpets of loot in players tents. There was only really short period of time after wipe, when players could actually fight with low tier weapons and feel like in original Fallouts.

We have implemented totally pioneer, orginal and revolutionising feature, which is called Global Technology Progression System. It's purpose is to give FOnline players, Fallout feeling while playing the game, prolonge session gameplayability and make game more interesting.

What is Global Technology Progression System?

Game world technology starts from tier0 (items available without having any profession).

More advanced items are discovered one by one (from the weakest to the strongest) by Players, by finding blueprints for them. Technology is slowly increasing depending from players actions.

After fixed numbers of Players dicovers specific numbers of blueprints for that single item - its getting unblocked for all other players to craft. (knowledge gots spread thru world).

But only those who has Blueprints can benefit from crafting that item with a chance for crafting statistic bonuses.

Blueprints for items can be obtained in:

- Dungeons
- Encounter Containers
- Caves Skeletons
- Random Global Events
- Special Encounters

Only items available currently in technology are appearing in game world (with small exception to Special Encounters).

Living World Project

It is concept to bring more life and create less artifical environment in game wrold.

There are currently two things taking part in that system (in future we have more in plans):

Automatic Random Global Events: Over 70 events having different roles and creating various of situations. (more in Global Events Section)

Traveller Script: It is a script which is creating autonomical NPCs who are acting accordinately to their AI. Those are autonomical units, who are roaming thru wasteland, dropping in Player's encounters, entering and crossing cities, locations and acting accordinately to thier AI, some of them are friendly some are aggressive, some having quest to give or items to sell.

Some example to be more easy to understand:

- easter eggs characters roaming thru world
- Enclave platoons heading deep into to East
- Raiders bands
- Quest givers
and many others.

Random Global Event System

  • Town events:

- Wright's family event. Wright's family is arming. Chriss Wright is offering to buy all quantities of
weapons. Event lasts 10 minutes, caps are refreshed every minute. The best place to sell your loot.

- Gang war in New Reno. Bishop family is attacking Desperado club. Kill all Mordino soldiers and Lil' Jesus
Mordino will pay you for help. You will get drugs, caps and something special. Event lasts 10 minutes.

- BoS transport to San Fracisco event. BoS transport arrived to SF bunker. Mutants are trying to take it
over. Scribe Matthew is calling for help. Kill all attackers and Scribe Matthew will pay you for help.
Every BoS solidier killed in action decrease your reward. Event lasts 20 minutes.

- Broken Hills invasion event. Broken Hills is being invaded. Help the deffenders and drive out the
invaders. Event lasts 30 minutes.

- Klamath invasion event. Klamath is being invaded. Help the deffenders and drive out the invaders. Event lasts 30 minutes.

- Global event appearing in Cathedral.Some suspicious meeting happening in Cathedral, better don't go there if you don't want to get to into troubles.

- Buyout events.Shopkeepers are spreading the word about materials needed in big quantities by thier shops. He is announcing buyout. Event lasts 15 minutes. There is one buyout event.

  • Fire Gecko Pelts buyout in Modoc's Tannery shop.

- Sale events. Big transport arrives to shopkeeper. He is announcing sale. Event lasts 10 minutes, loot is refreshed every minute. There are four sales events

  • Big drug sale in Renesco's drug store.
  • Big ammo sale in New Reno Arms.
  • Big book sale in San Francisco.
  • Big drug sale in Dr. Fung's drug store.

  • Caravan events : Caravan owner signs urgent delivery contract. He needs more manpower, so every caravan finished during event is paid 50% extra cash and experience. There are four caravan events:

- Hub <-> NCR caravan event. Event lasts 10 minutes.
- Hub <-> Vault City caravan event. Event lasts 20 minutes.
- Hub <-> San Francisco caravan event. Event lasts 20 minutes.
- Far Go caravan event. Event lasts 30 minutes.
- NCR <-> VC caravan event. Event lasts 10 minutes.

  • Worldmap events. Sometimes you will find event location during travenling (temporary event location on

worldmap). Enter it and have fun:

- Resource transport events. Convoy transporting resources is under attack. Kill guards, loot convoy cars and escape. Be careful, attackers want loot too. Event lasts 10 minutes. There are two event maps and three event versions:

-> Convoy transporting Kevlar Polymer to Gecko. -> Convoy transporting High Grade Steel to Redding. -> Convoy transporting Refined Uranium Ore to Broken Hills.

- Broken car events. Bandits car broken down. Kill bandits, loot car and escape. Event lasts 10 minutes. There are four event maps and seven event versions: bandits, robbers, highwaymens, raiders, rouges, khans and regulators.

- Minefield events. Bandits car explode in a center of minefield. Bandits are dead. Loot car and escape. Be careful mines are deadly. Event lasts 10 minutes. There are two event maps and four event versions: sierra minefield, glow minefield, ares minefield and desert minefield.

- Hunter's camp event. Bandits attacked hunter's camp. Hunters are dead. Kill hunters, loot everything and escape. Event lasts 10 minutes. There are four event maps and five event versions: bandits, robbers, highwaymens, raiders and gang.

- Raider's cave event. Two hunters died during exploring suspicious cave. You should check it out. Event lasts 10 minutes. There are three event maps and five event versions: bandits, robbers, highwaymens, raiders and gang.

- Strange locker event. Two scavengers died during exploring city ruins. People says about strange locker. Event lasts 10 minutes. There are three event maps.

- Suspicious basement event. Two scavengers died during exploring city ruins. You heard gossips about strange and hidden factory. Event lasts 15 minutes. There are three event versions: punk, gang, and raiders.

- Raiders camp event. Hostages tried to escape from raiders camp. They were killed, however they managed to fire a flare. Kill bandits, loot everything and escape. Event lasts 15 minutes. There are two event maps and five event versions: highwayman, gang, raiders, rogues, khans.

- Crashed Vertibird event. Enclave Vertibird has crashed in the wasteland. BoS and Enclave are already sending their forces to the crashsite.Event lasts 20 minutes.

- BoS broken Hummer event. BoS Hummer has broke down in the desert. BoS and Enclave are already sending their forces to the place. Event lasts 20 minutes.

- Battlefield event. BoS platoon fighting with heavy Enclave forces. BoS and Enclave reinforcements are incoming. Event lasts 20 minutes.

  • Miniquest events. Random critters starts giving bring item quests. Event critter has exclamation mark over its had. First player gets 100% extra reward, second 50%, third 25%. Event last 10 minutes or is finished when ~12(random value) players complete quest:

- Farmer needs showel / axe / water bag ... Reward 1500 exp, 50 caps. - Guard needs low-tech gun. Reward 2000 exp, 300 caps. - Guard needs mid-tech gun. Reward 3000 exp, 500 caps. - Alcoholic needs booze / beer ... Reward 1500 exp. - Child needs something to eat. Reward 1500 exp. - Prostitute will make you fell better. Bring her 500 caps. Reward 5000 exp.

  • Minisale events. Random critters starts selling items. Event critter has exclamation mark over its had. Event last 10 minutes, loot is spawned every minute (very low quantity):

- Citizens are selling books. - Drug dealers are selling drugs. - Citizens in San Francisco are selling energy transformers and chemical components. - Miners in Redding are selling high grade steel. - Ghouls in Gecko are selling high kevlar. - Citizens in Broken Hills are selling energy uranium ore.

  • Opportunity events. Big amount of caps is spawned in random critter inventory. Listen to gossips (eg. "One girl from New Reno meet a rich client."), find critter and steal treasure. There are two versions of opportunity event: gambler opportunity event and prostitute opportunity event.
  • Gossip system. All events are announced via gossip system. Critters start gossiping about events after event starts. When you hear guard/citizen saying "Girls from New Reno know how to make a good blow job" or "People say about suspicious cave near Den." you may be sure that something interesting is happening in the wasteland. Of course town events, caravan events and resource transport events are announced via server message too.

Enhanced Encounter Container System

  • Encounters containers. Enhanced container system:

-> Random container types. -> Chance to spawn multiple containers in one encounter. -> Enhanced ground traps spawning alghoritm. -> Two kinds of ground traps (mines and bear traps). -> Three kinds of container traps. -> Top loot area near San Francisco(6:14, 7:14). -> Graves in desert and mountains encounters. -> Primitive tool may be used to open grave.


  • Sierra Cave System. [RANDOMLY GENERATED DUNGEON added] Natural cave system adapted to military purposes. Sierra cave system was abandoned after establishing Sierra Army Depot. Now it's full of animals and treasure

hunters. Key features:

- Dynamic map randomization algorithm including: -> Static critters. -> Patroling critters. -> Critters groups (eg. mini raiders camp) -> Monsters. -> Ammo storages. -> Nests. -> Traps. -> Random containers. - Dynamic location quantity. - Ability to enter dungeon from encounter (zones 11:7 and 11:8 ). - Turn based and real time modes available. You can play only in your favourite combat mode, no "forced encounters". - Team size limited to three players. - Fair PvP (99% chance to meet teams having equal size). - Remember: this dungeon is deadly and you never know how long it take to find exit.

  • Ares dungeon added: Huge area combined with few levels down deep into dungeon. Mix of PvE and PvP.

- minefields added - dungeon expadned with additional - 3th level - dungeon expanded with another exit path to surface from the deepest - 3th level - Mutants are patroling Ares area, some of them weilding T4 weapons

  • Mariposa dungeon added:

-Extremely hard dungeon, which completion will be a huge achievment, only for those who want a real PvE challange. (PvP still possible) -Limited access to dungeon, granted via specific NPC (traveller script), which can be met randomly in the game world.

  • Cathedral dungeon added:

- Singleplayer dungeon which can be completed without even fireing a single bullet. - Limited access to dungeon, granted via specific NPC (traveller script), which can be met randomly in the game world.

  • Toxic caves dungeon addeed:

- Instanced dungeon, access granted via specific NPC (traveller script), which can be met randomly in the game world. - Containing new, exclusive monster. - Co-op enforcing concept which will require you to take buddy or two with you. - Pve and explore dungeon type - Unique minigames mechanics inside

Worldmap Into Wasteland
is combining 4 features:

1. Ability to meet other player and drop into encounter with him while both players are crossing eachother on Worldmap (Players who want to avoid danger should try to pick less crouded areas)

2. Special notifications about shots being fired in a zone which players is crossing - if there is a players encounter inside.

3. Reworked Turn Base System There was a big problem with having ability to have 2 turns in a row in turn-base. We manage to fix that. Que order is different now. If turn-base is already started - player who will enter encounter as a new person - will be forced in next que on the top of the players list. By this Player who spawn during already existing tb que - will have at least a chance to find some cover or try to escape in his first round in next tb que which will be before turn of players who were present in encounter before and took good position.

Also there is no option by this to have 2 turns in a row which was causing insta kills.

4. New Encounter Spawning System One of the biggest problem with encounters, traps, turn base fights was unability to spawn in others players encounters without sure death. Player who was inside had just huge advantage over a Player who was about to spawn. Not to mention specificly designed Turn-based Traps.

We totally redesigned spawning system. Now it depends from players Perception. There are "Circles" of spawn depending from Players perception. Mobs are spawning in the center of encounter. Around the center are spawning Players with perception from 1 to 4. More far away (and often in pretty good position or even hidden behind some obsticle) are spawning players with Perception from 5 to 7. The best spawning posistion have Players with Perception from 8 to 10. They are spawning on the edges of encounter, very often hidden behind obsticle.

What does it change ?

Now just single player who want some action, can just enter any other players encounter and have a really big chances that will spawn in a good place to start the fight. If the challenge turns out to be to big, he will be that close to the exit grid that there are big chances that he can try to escape.

System containing also params which are effecting in spawning Players always at the entire most far away from MOBS or other Players. By this chances are even bigger. Making traps will be a lot more challenging now, making "death circle" aroung mobs spawn wont be that effective anymore.

All those features above are changing the look of Worlmap and giving ability for real action for everyone.

Reworked Factions System

- Added ability to delete faction - Added faction chat -> send messages to faction /f message or /F message -> when received new faction chat message appears tab "Chat" -> Ctrl+C for open or close faction chat -> faction chat windows can be dragged over all interface - Added ability to mark other factions as Ally or Enemy - Added ability claim leadership of faction to other faction member


- Over 500 new scenery pieces, including custom-made ones exclusively for FOnline2.
- Consumables use sounds.
- Keyboard typing sounds for appropriate dialogs.
- Restored BoS elevator in Lost Hills from F1 with original gfx
- Animated containers.
- Gecko express repeatable quest.
- 15 new special encounters added.
- Missed shots now have original fallout sounds implemented.
- Drugs have now sounds when used.
- Elevators now create sounds when used.
- You will hear typing sounds in terminal/console dialog.
- F1 info expanded by ~ commands.
- Experience shares between faction members in dungeons.
- Tab info for poison, radiation, and overweight now shows values.
- All of the openable containers are now animated.
- Notification of who healed you or got you back up from being KOed.
- Added achievements for every in game boss.
- Pressing "?" will now also show your Coords and Zone.

Hub Expansion:
- Freshened out the map adding more places of interest and some hidden secrets.
- Furniture Store - You can buy furniture to outfit your tent or bases.
- Outfit Store - Ever dream of having a custom skin? Here you can choose one that suits you!
- Molerat Arena - Doesn't matter if you love blood or just want to gamble, this place is for you.
- Two new Highrise buildings to fill your need of living in this fine town!

Ability to own Base Cleaning Robot, wchich is cleaning stuff from gorund, putting it in coresponding lockers, can repair and science items

Fair and Square 5vs5 Solution. [4 maps]
There is specially designed feature, connected to New Reno which is giving finally opportunity for player to fight in battles than after they will take place - noone will be able to use exuse called "swarm!" :]
You bringing your wond loot, ammo, drugs - everything. In reward there is som sets of drugs. [Event not connected now - just after session start, to not make inbalance of loot because of global progression technology system]

Personal bases:
- You can now color your base dot.
- Base can now be deleted trough the terminal.

3 Wave defense quests:
- Few different and original repeatable missions.
- Prize and Enemy amount adjusts to the amount of people you take with you.

NCR rework & expansion:
- Town Profit System
- Collecting Tax event
- Main gate addition
- Election system

- Citizenship system
- President suite
- President features.
- Guards upgrade & rework

Junktown additions:
- Leader has faction shopkeeper standing near his office.
- Warden gives caps he earned to Junktown officers and leaders.


> Town guard system redesign:

-> Code refactoring, fixed memory leaks, better performace.
-> Every crime increase offence level by one. Killing critter increase offence level by two.
-> Offence level is decreased by one every three real days.
-> Dynamic jail timeout, depends on offence level: 1 - 5 minutes, 2 - 10 minutes, 3 - 30 minutes, 4 and more - 60 minutes.
-> Dynamic karma penalty, depends on offence level: 1 - 100 pts., 2 - 1000 pts., 3 and more - 3000 pts.
-> Town guards (except Junktown) will kill players having karma below -10000 pts.
-> Day karma limit removed for players having karma below -10000 pts.

> Shopkeeper changes:

-> 21st level is requred to hire shopkeeper.
-> Player can hire only one shopkeeper at a time.
-> Shopkeeper is inactive for a random time after ending contract (to prevent shopkeeper hamstering).
-> 8% tax.

Balance Changes

  • Character changes:

-> Pyromaniac achievment requires now reaching 26 level to obtain. Pyromaniac dmg bonus to NPC reduced from 50 to 25. Dmg bonus against Players remains the same - 50dmg.
-> Pack Rat perk changed into achievement. Related to Box Lifting Quest.
-> Pathfinder perk changed into achievement.
-> Anticritical perk has now only 1 level to take, it gives +18% anticritical instead of 10%.
-> Medic perk's cooldown deacrese parametr changed from 50% to 40% (with this perk minimal cooldown now wil be 18 seconds instead of 15)
-> Removed engeneer implant from spawn. Will be moved to achievments
-> When player is healing someone while is in combat timeout, max heal hp is 225 (250 with medic implant)
-> After softcap (26lvl) player get +1hp each second level (28,30,32...)
-> Medic implant gives +50 to doctor and +50 fa instead of +100

Small Guns

Zip gun damage increased from 6-13 to 8-16
Range increased from 15 to 20
Pipe rifle damage increased from 6-13 to 8-16
Range increased from 20 to 25
10mm pistol damage increased from 6-13 to 12-16
Mauser damage increased from 8-13 to 16-21
Ammo capacity increased from 7 to 10
Shotgun range increased from 11/8 to 14/11
Sawed off shotgun damage increased from 19-27 to 23-34
Range increased from 7/5 to 9/7
.44 Magnum/Speedload damage increased from 16-22 to 16-24
Range increased from 15/20 to 22 for both attack types
Deagle damage increased from 12-18 to 12-30
Range inreased from 25 to 27
Hunting rifle damage increased from 8-20 to 12-20
Grease Gun damage increased from 10-20 to 15-28
Range increased to 22
Tommy Gun damage increased to 13-24
Range increased from 20/15 to 22 for both attack types
Combat Shotgun damage increased to 23-33
Range increased from 12 to 14
Require 1 less AP to shoot, from 5/6 to 4/5
Shoot 1 more bullet in burst mode, 4 bullets instead of 3
14mm pistol damage increased from 18-28 to 22-30
10mm SMG damage increased from 8-15 to15-21
Burst range increased from 20 to 25
Assault Rifle/extended version damage increased from 14-23 to 20-29(burst mode), 16-27(single shot)
Range increased from 42 to 45 for single shot weapons, burst mode range decreased to 38.
FNFAL damage increased from 19-26 to 18-33
Range decreased from 40 to 36
H&K Caws damage increased from 15-25 to 17-31
Range increased from 14 to 16
Require 1 less AP to shoot, from 5/6 to 4/5
Pancor Jackhammer damage increased to 23-35
Range increased from 16 to 18
Require 1 less AP to shoot, from 5/6 to 4/5

Big Guns

Flamer damage decreased from 50-85 to 45-65
Require 1 less AP to shoot, 6 instead of 7
m60 damage decreased from 20-30 to 18-27
Minigun range increased from 30 to 32

Energy Weapons

Laser pistol damage decreased from 20-35 to 19-29
Range decreased from 35 to 28
Plasma pistol damage decreased from 25-40 to 20-30
Range increased from 20 to 24
Extended Cap. Plasma Pistol range increased from 20 to 27
Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.) range increased from 47 to 48
Plasma Rifle range increased from 30 to 35
Turbo Plasma Rifle range increased from 35 to 40

Spear throwing damage increased from 8-12 to 12-20
Range increased from 8 to 15
Sharpened throwing spear damage increased from 12-20 to 18-28
Range increased from 8 to 15
Molotov Cocktail damage increased from 16-24 to 34-52
Throwing Knife damage increased from 18-40 to 25-41

Close Combat

Rock damage increased from 1-4 to 5-9
Primitive Tool damage increased from 4-8 to 6-15
Wrench damage increased from 3-6 to 11-19
Require 1 more AP to use
Shiv damage increased from 1-4 to 5-15
Switchblade damage increased from 8-15 to 11-16
Pickaxe damage increased from 8-16 to 13-17
Crowbar damage increased from 10-18 to 16-24
Sledgehammer damage increased from 8-18 to 11-21
Brass Knuckle damage increased from 5-12 to 9-19
Knife damage increased from 7-12 to 7-19
Sharpened pole damage increased from 2-5 to 11-16
Spear damage increased from 8-12 to 12-20
Sharpened spear damage increased from 12-20 to 18-28
Spiked knuckles damage increased from 8-20 to 14-28
Combat Knife damage increased from 12-19 to 16-31
Club damage increased from 8-23 to 20-36
Require 1 more AP to use
Throwing Knife melee damage increased from 3-6 to 15-34
Power Fist damage increased from 22-40 to 23-41
Cattle Prod damage increased from 12-20 to 13-37
Ripper damage increased from 18-34 to 25-46
Mega Power Fist damage increased from 24-44 to 29-50
Super Sledge damage increased from 24-44 to 31-55


All leather armor types received +5% to normal, laser, fire, plasma resistances.
Metal Armor laser resistance decreased from 6DT/75DR to 4/65
MA explode resistance boosted from 4DT/25DR to 5/30
MA fire resistance increased from 4DT/10DR to 5/15
Metal Armor mark II laser resistance decreased from 7DT/80DR to 5/70
MA mark II explode resistance boosted from 4DT/30DR to 6/35
MA mark II fire resistance increased from 4DT/15DR to 5/20


12. Slug ammunition DR mod decreased from -50%DR to -35% ammunition DR mod increased from +10%DR to 0DR
Regular flamer fuel ammunition DR mod increased from +25%DR to 0DR
7.62 ammunition DR mod increased from -10%DR to -15%DR
9mm ball DR mod increased from 0% to -15%DR
9mm increased from +10% to 0DR


- Added chained mines explosions. Critter will trigger mine explosion when it is knockbacked to hex with active mine.
- Added dialogs to Broken Hills, San Francisco and New Reno critters.
- Rebalance rare ammo spawning rate in caves.
- Light and scenery fixes in Cathedral map
- Added 3 more entrances for Cathedral map
- Sierra entrance map changes
- Sierra level 2 map - added multihexdoors
- Sierra level 2 map - other antiabuse map fixes
- Sierra level 2 map - 2 robots moved from upper part of level into the armory
- Sierra level 3 small maps fixes
- Changed siren sound for alarm being activated in Sierra
- Sierra Robots have now NO_LOOSE_LIMBS param added
- Sierra Robots are slightly more resistant to fire
- Sierra armory at 2nd level accessable now only if player is in possesion of General Clifton's Holotape containing security codes
- General Clifton's Holotape can be found all over the Sierra dungeon
- Client ".exe" icons changed
- Corrected client menus added
- Alien Blaster available now only from special encounter
- Turbo Plasma Rifle available now only from special encounter
- Additional music from Fallout 1/2238/Nevada added.
- Major towns map rework.
- More guard/resident NPC dialogs.
- Replacing static scenery with animated pieces when available.
- Quest locations now share exp.
- Quests have turn based availability.
- Quest locations will have random loot spawned in containers.
- Quest Mob Ai rework, they should act alot better and create greater challenge.
- Mobs in quest location will not stand idle anymore.
- Withdrawal info in addiction descriptions.
- New&Proper Skill descriptions.
- Disassembling disabled in event Locations.
- Lockers closing with mouse swapped with steal to make mouse interaction always open the container.
- Door respawn time extended to avoid the door re-spawning mid combat.
- Cars are now always visible on the map (Not world map) except the motorbike.
- New on ground graphics for implants, weapons, and some other items.
- Fallout2 hintbook changed to FOnline2 Hintbook (Reroll book)
- Pre war tech weights a lot less but have also lesser value.
- Requesthelp info about no admins removed.
- Removed Shi entrance from wm.
- Greatly increased container sizes.
- Tanker gets locked down for the period of Enclave Boat event to prevent fast looting and hiding. While someone else is dealing with npc's.
- Regular Stimpak healing now from 30 to 40hp.

- Tier 4 removed.
- Tier 1 and 2 has a higher chance to spawn now.
- Deathclaws system fully reworked. They will not act dumb anymore and will patrol around points of interests, players can now also escape from them. Damage risen but crazy crits removed.

Worldmap Rework:
- Location sizes adjusted
- Location colors
- Worldmap image artifacts cleanup and color correction.


- All event which spawns critters are immune to server save/restart.
- NPCs in Cathedral map are no longer giving experiance for kill
- NPCs in Cathedral respawn time corrected
- NPCs in Cathedral are running away/ seeking for hideout when firefight starts
- NPC bags fixes
- Fixed problem with some NPCs constantly switching between weapons
- Map fixes.
- Dialog/description fixes.
- Existing scenery fixes.
- More realistic lighting rework.
- Skin change when having other hair and equipping bluesuit fixed.
- Male skins now have proper hair when wearing armors.
- Few skins missed armor wearing possibility.
- Dungeon terminals which use items to open doors will no longer use up items when the doors are already open.
- Car names fixed.
- All issues connected to NCR were fixed.
- Adobe wall windows don't block fov anymore.
- Kenny's cave exp fixed.
- Unused points from books now saved and will apply to next book reading, so nevermind when to read skill books.
- Fixed wrong timeout before door respawn after destroyed.
- Fixed ability to register char with bonehead trait and 0 INT.


NCR has been trough many changes to try and deliver a better rp experience, a reason for them to defend town and expand, and also drastically reduce gm influence from the town systems.

2 Weeks after wipe first in game election will begin. The president will be chosen by players with citizenship and President will be elected for 2 months.

Since there will be no leader at start of the game, I need to ask NCR and Rangers leaders to create the list of players and their in game names. Those players will be added to factions and after president is elected, he will choose Rangers leader and both of them will need to manage their faction officers themselves.

Town Profit.
Town profit is percentage of the caps (Depending on where it comes from and dynamic economy) from transactions and player actions on the world. This profit will be transferred to Shady Sands bank.

It comes from:
Caravans (One new route has been added)
Town purchases such as Kevlar and bases.
NCR courier quests.
Town control.

Town control changes.
The NCR will not get loot from town TC boxes, but the captured town will deliver tax per hour to the town's bank.

Collecting the tax.
Shady Sands bank event will randomly start if there are more than a few NCR players in the game. The global message will be announced. NCR people will have some time to gear up and gather up to defend the bank. After few minutes the vault will open and everyone will be able to take away town profit, even raiders. That's why NCR needs to organize and defend their town.

NCR Main Gate.
Ncr is now suited with a new interesting feature. The Town entrance force field. It can be used to cut off raiders from the inner city, however, if the force field is disabled by ncr people, it will be put on cool down for a while before it can be reactivated. Additionally, raiders can use Dynamite to blow up the force field. So NCR soldiers should defend it or they will lose their choke point.

President features.
President will now have access to president's suite. (The old purchasable house in NCR) The suite is outfitted with Escape route, Entrance for president from the world map, nice amount of containers and President console which can be used for three things.
Giving Citizenship.
Giving Pardon. (Karma reset for player)
Turning suite forcefields off and on.

Players will be able to get Citizenship. They will then have [Citizen] visible over their names for ncr army and rangers. NCR is advised to treat them as their people, and will be penaltized when they will assault such citizen in hometown, however, wasteland doesn't follow the rules and how they will interact with each other is purely players choice.

Player will lose citizenship forever (Unless president will Award it to him again) if he will perform offensive action such as attacking or stealing inside town of Shady Sands.

The only requirement to become citizen is to have a level higher than 10 and have no negative karma for NCR. Player will need to sign in and wait a few hours to get it.

Changes and fixes.
Guards act differently now. They spawn no caps and ammo upon death. Only the weapon they were weilding.
Guard will delete previous weapon after they are awarded with a new one by NCR player.
Guards will not respawn. They will be removed and new soldier will spawn from Rangers base to take his place, which also means that guard resets his weapon to basic weapon after death.
Guards don't have global vision anymore, but they will inform each other to storm aggressors in packs.
Town attack messages were changed. There is now only one global message when first guard gets killed.

New NCR also contains some changes which are too small to be mentioned and all of the annoying bugs (Weapon giving bug, accessing base bug for ncr army) were fixed. There are also some secrets. ;)

I hope you will love the freshened out RP experience i've tried to deliver and enjoy the Third FOnline2 Session!

August 2014

August 12, 2014


  • In order to boost some small scale PvP, 3 boxes spawning top loot at New Reno Commercial Row (only at the time when there is no Summer Madness Arena active) Done Done
  • Global notifications about NCR being under attack added. Done Done
  • For test added "Dynamic Economy", report if you will see bugs in dialogs like <lexem not found>. Done Done


  • Critical fails fix.
  • Equiping NCR Guards in chosen weaponry fix.
  • Fix for NCR base accesability for Ncr factions.


  • Summer Madness Arena now appearing from 21 to 24 GMT+1 Done Done

July 2014

July 13, 2014


   * Summertime Madness ArenaDone Done 

In order to bring more fun and concentrated action in the summer time, which is a natural time of lower gaming activity, we bringing a location which will appear automaticly from 19 to 24 GMT+1, containing T4 and other top loot to encourage players PvP activity, cosider it as an automated event. Map is big and diversited, its variation of hungergames map. Only characters with 27 level or higher can enter the arena. Spawning is randomised all around the edges of map. There is no preview available. Killing other player gives 2000 experience points. It will be also a good area for testing our new PvP utilites we adding with this update. Have fun!

   * Holotape seller added to adytum. 650 caps per tape.Done Done 
* Player who have active Motion Sensor in any hand can see any critter in 14 hex range.Done Done
* Also no direction penalty for detecting sneakers while wear acive motion sensor.Done Done

Hex Shooting:

   * Ability to throw nades from second hand like regular hex shooting, cursor must be in attack mode and ctrl pressed.Done Done 
* Added explosion radius for regular shots.Done Done
* Ability to throw active dynamite.Done Done


   Fov is now refreshing properly when closing, opening door.
Fixed bozar clip size. Done Done


   Caravan cannot be started while in combat mode.
Nicknames/Colors of players which are wearing robes now visible for their faction members. Done Done
Motion sensor and stealth boy will dissapear after fully broken. Done Done

June 2014

June 22, 2014


   * Sierra level2 suffocate feature in armory. (Players who will be trapped inside will die to suffocate) Done Done 
* Ability to scroll news history using buttons on news screen.


   * Some minor map fixes to Necropolis and Warehouse (ladder deck)
* Map fixes to outside of Sierra. Done Done
* Map fixes to level2 of Sierra. Done Done
* Fixed sound/flashing when found special encounter.
* Fixed mouseover showing names/factions for players wearing robes.


   * Added 2 new passages in Necropolis.Done Done 
* Robots in sierra using Robo Gatlings and Robo Rocket Launchers now. Done Done

May 2014

May 28, 2014


   Added "encounter size scaling", only for groups with more than 2 players with level 11+
   Added special encounters, for now only 2, can be found anywhere, chance to find not depends from anything. (mechanic must be tested)


   Sierra map fixes


   Reroll price reduced to 500k caps. Done Done 
   Sierra robots can use gatling lasers.
   Removed speed penalty from avenger minigun. Done Done 
   T4 Balance changes:

APA MKII now have stats like APA Done Done
APA now have stats like HPA Done Done
LSW damage slighlty boosted to 34-40 Done Done
Gauss Rifle damage decreased to 29-40 Done Done
Gauss Pistol damage decreased to 20-30 Done Done
Gatling damage decreased to 60-80, Gatling ingnores 30% instead of 40% of opponents armor Done Done
Bozar damage decreased to 27-35, Bozar shooting 8 bullets in burst now instead of 10 Done Done

T4 change not final. You can share your thoughts in "Suggestions" topic.

May 08, 2014


   Added player faction name to mouseover info.


   Small fixes.


   Added new base system which will work for bases created after this update:

Ability to add/kick from base offline players. Ability to promote/demote players to base manager status. Ability to see all base members/managers. Players logged off on base and not members of base will be teleported to wm.

Next update: Special Encounters

April 2014

April 22, 2014


   Added new base. Cost 200k caps, seller is npc in enclave gas station. By DiKobRaZzz.Done Done 
   Added ability to reroll character:Done Done 

Player must have 1mil caps in inventory on needed char and use ~deleteself. Character must be on some safe place like base or tent(tent must not belong to this char, because his tents will dissapear after ~deleteself). After char will dissapear from game on its place(hex) will appear fallout2 hintbook and implant(if it was installed on this char). On f2 hintbook stored all exp which was gained by char. This hintbook must be first used only on char level1 and this char become its owner, each hintbook use will give ammount of exp needed to gain "perk" level 3/6/9/12...21/24/27/30, F2 hintbook will dissapear when all exp stored there will be depleted. F2 hintbook won't work if char have unspent perk or more than 25 unspent skill points. Ammount of exp left on disk shown in item description.


   Dialog translations/fixes.
   Fixed resetting fast travel mode.
   Fixed hiding/showing nicks.
   Added park lots to hub carstore.
April 10, 2014


   Added option in game otions to auto skip encounters. Only which player can detect.


   Map fixes.
   Removed karma penalty when killing player in pvp event arena.


   Npc ai tweak on sierra base control.
   Minimum ap to shoot set to 2.
   Evader trait now decrease by 10 chance to hit at the end, so maximum tohit still 85. Done Done 
   "Chess game" quest can be repeated if failed and added 1 day cooldown if failed. Done Done 
   Level 21 required for "Chess game" quest. Done Done 

March 2014

March 29, 2014


   Healing rate cd changed to 20/10sec so 1/3 from default state, hp also adjusted to 1/3hp. Done Done 
   Added commands ~flip , ~toss , ~cointoss for rp purposes.


   Fixed container volume counter.
   Fixed Ctrl+click moving items to container when container have less space than needed for items.
   Most probably fixed shopkeeper stuck.
   Fixed Jt patrol won't attack players on encounters which shoot mobs.
March 25, 2014


   Added warning message when the player get level and have unspent perk.
   Added over head messages when player gain hp from fa or ss.
   Ncr reputation implemented, each guard kill decreasing reputation by 100.
   Guard will shoot players on sight with less than -1000 rep.
   Added ability to drop item from inventory to ground by shift click on item.


   Fixed encounter parking when tree blocking car.
   Fixed adding craftable lockers to new bases.
   Fixed item movement between containers by ctrl click.


   Accuracy implant: Done Done 
        +40% to BG,SG,EW
        +5 FOV
   Healing rate occurs twice as fast and heals half less the amount before. Done Done 
   Raised max available shopkeeper price from 99999 to 999999.
   Reverted chance to get top weapons from dungeons.

Note: The situation of T4 has been overlooked, a simple overall decrease of the chance to obtain T4 would do more harm than good to players who didn't have the opportunity to obtain it till now. The chance to obtain T4 was reverted back to all dungeons. This was done because it was considered a flawed course of action in the whole context for the upcoming changes that are planned in order to stabilize, balance T4 in the server.

March 19, 2014


   2238 bases maps are added as rare loot to dungeons. Done Done 
   Added new quests and achievements. Done Done 
   BoS map rework, members will see more entrances on town/world. Done Done 
   Undergroud parking added to bos. Done Done 
   Car in Hub carstore and bos underground parking is not lockpickable. Done Done 
   Player can now end shopkeeper contract. 
   Jt scouts faction patrol (same as caravan). Done Done 
   Added shopkeepers to Junktown. Done Done 


   Map fixes.
   Dialog fixes.


   Ncr guards won't attack if get hit by ncr member.
   Added one more entrance to Hub.
   More throwables added to hungergames boxes.
   Hungergames event now will spawn 3 managers in hub instead of 1. {Done}}
   Added small chance to find pulse nades on tanker and mariposa.
   NCR Army can now enter base inside ncr.
   Decreased chance to find top loot from any source.
   Increased chances to get pre-top(ba/eca/etc) loot in some places.
March 14, 2014


   Karma reseted for all chars. Karma gain limited to 200 karma per day. 
   Sneak robe now gives +30 armor class and + 40 sneak. Done Done 
   Implants rebalance: Done Done 
   Defense implant:
       +4% damage resistance  (all)
       +2% damage threshold (all)
   Marksman implant:
       +4 critical roll
       +4 critical chance
       +2 field of view
   Chem control implant:
        Chem reliant
        +30% SS
   Accuracy implant:
        +40% to BG,SG,EW
        +3 FOV
   Survivor implant:
        +100% Outdoorsman
        +30% xp rate
        +30 hp
   Scout implant:
        +50% Sneak
        +30 AC
        +20 past sneak level cap
        +100% Doctor
        +100% First aid
        Living anatomy perk
        In combat maximum self heal is 175hp
March 07, 2014


   Info about free space in lockers. Done Done 
   Added chance to heal ko while using doctor skill on knockedout players. Done Done 


   Lowered chance to find top tier items with bonuses.
   Removed lockpicking xp.


   Crtl+click item movement now working with boxes, trunks, etc.
   Map fixes.
   Other fixes.
March 03, 2014


   Implemented system to fast move loot between players and containers. Ctrl+Click on item will move to/from container/body.[experimental]


   Fixed xp for mobs in tanker dungeon.
   Map fixes.
   Fixed rejoining in BoS.

February 2014

February 25, 2014


   Location with lost cars will become visible for all after random long time. This encounters will be yellow colored.


   Dialog fixes.
   Map fixes.
   Player no longer get experience for killing town npc's.
February 21, 2014


   Player entering any not safe map will be invisible for 1 second, in this time he won't be able to do any actions.[Experimental]
   Player will see in chatbox who kill him, if killer is player.
   Elevator teleports also up to 3 players which tagged to player who using it. Players must be close to elevator and don't have combat timeout.


   In some cases player won't be able to gain heave ho.
   Box lifting quest fix.
   Guards no longer loot doors.


   Doctor skill enabled in turn-based, need doctor bag in any hand and full action points.
February 18, 2014


   All bos and enclave quest locations created after this update will be able to be retaken after dissapearing. 
   Brotherhood armor prize from kenny quest changed to caps. Done Done  
   After finishing enclave or bos recruitment quest you are awarded with corresponding combat armor. Done Done  
   Close combat speed bonus will work with all non-weapon items.
   Car owner will see location if he will die on encounter last.
   Turrets on sierra can be recaptured anytime by anyone. Done Done  
   Sierra alarm time lowered to 20 minutes. Done Done  
   Added Glow preview and second entrance from wm, also paths between different levels. Done Done 
   Added one more entrance to warehouse basement. Done Done  


   Dialog fixes.
   Map fixes.
   Disassembling NCR Armor mk1 and mk2.
   "Cave unlimited turns" turn-based exploit.
   Fix for showing hidden nick by preview.
   Fix for heave ho, now only calculated kills by throwing weapons(all weapons).
February 14, 2014


   * Power armors have built-in stonewall. Done Done 
   * Changed chance to kd for grenades, 50% for frag and 25% for plasma.Produces knockdown effect on target(50%).Done Done 
    [note that CC speed bonus works if having nades in hand]
   * Thrust mode on SuperSledge have knockback perk. Done Done 
   * StealthBoy turns off when owner died.
   * Changed adding ppl to caravan system: Now by default added all players who tag leader but before starting caravan leader can exclude players from caravan by choosing from list.
   * Reduced lockpick skill required to lockpick cars.
   * Heave ho moved to achievements, to get need to kill 100 critters by plasma nades. [characters which has Heave ho before this change - contact Skycast on PM on forum for perks retribution]
   * Added description to implants items.
   * Lockpicks can be used from any hand.


   *Fixed registration letters/numbers calculation.
   *Fixed calculation of kills to get pyromaniac acheivement.
   *Electronic lockpick mk1 gives +25 to skill calculation.
   *Map fixes.
February 11, 2014


   Quest locations are removed when their owner deletes a character.
   Players in locations garbaged due to character deleting (tents, quest locations) will receive a notification in messagebox. Dead characters will be replicated ignoring replication timeout.
   Sierra base control loot boosted (Nuka-cola, Cigs, implants, Power Armors chances increased).
   Hubologist Robe now gives protection slightly better than LAmk2.
   HK11 and HK11E slightly boosted, now shooting 12 bullets per burst, clip size changed to 48.
   Tanker Dungeon mobs adjusted.
   Tanker Dungeon loot boosted + added chance to obtain Turbo Plasma Rifle and Pulse Rifle there.
   Mariposa surface area loot boosted + added chance to obtain Gatling there.


   Fog of war now working with drugs properly.
   Den Metzger Guards aggro problem fixed.
   Other fixes.
February 07, 2014


   Ability to drop all from inventory on worldmap by Ctrl+Shift+D
   Added mouse over info about cripples/radiation/poison/addiction on chosen tabs.
   Added "fog of war" to fov by Ctrl+F


   Engineer implant give +10% to chance to craft bonus items.
   Scout implant gives +30 to skill at the end calculation.
   Black(sneak) robe can have craft bonuses and can be disassembled. 


   Fixed kill count statistic, random npc's won't be counted as man anymore.
   Map fixes.
   Fixed Pete supertool issue.
   Close combat speed calculation fix.
   Fixed leather jacket disassembling.
   Only caravan member can talk with Chuck Lee.
   Dialog fixes.
February 01, 2014


   On hunger games event nicknames of all players hidden.
   Sand and Sneak robes hiding player name.


   Map fixes.
   Traps triggers attack from npc which was affected by explosion.



Added two static robots on 3rd and 4th floor near pc's, they are aggressive but won't turn alarm if attacked removed floating eye bots from 2nd level, robots can't be crippled by explosives, robots on 2nd floor can turn on alarm if they attack someone

   Explosives can explode in Ncr.
   San Francisco Tanker dungeon added (alpha version - will be expanded with quest).
   Workbenches added in BoS and Enclave Bases.
Weapon changes:

Turbo Plasma damage boosted 45-75, Critroll added 16%.Done Done
Pulse Rifle Critroll 8% added.Done Done
Gauss Pistol Critroll 4% added.Done Done
Gauss Rifle Critroll 4% added.Done Done
Alien Blaster Range boosted to 26, Critroll added 8%.Done Done
Wakizashi blade damage boosted.Done Done
Lil Jesus Knife damage boosted, added critroll 8%.Done Done
Eli's Knife damage boosted, -1ap added.Done Done
Louisville Slugger damage boosted.Done Done
Combat Knife damage lowered.Done Done
Ripper damage slighlty boosted.Done Done
Throwing Knife stubb damage lowered.Done Done
Super Sledge can get craft bonuses now.
Cattle Prod and Super Cattle Prod damage boosted, added 2 hexes range for swing.Done Done
for Super cattle prod penetrate perk added.Done Done
Frag Granades needs 4 str now, damage boosted 80-100.Done Done

January 2014

January 29, 2014



forcefield removed on 2nd floor, alarm will be turned on if someone attack any robot, doors near elevator on 2nd floor will kill player if he will block their closing, forcefields can't be reenabled by using skill on them, small map changes.


frag grenade ap cost lowered to 4Done Done
plasma grenade dmg rised to 80-100Done Done
pulse grenade dmg rised to 200-400 affecting only robotsDone Done
throwing knife ap cost lowered to 3Done Done
combat knife dmg rised to 18-40Done Done
powerfist dmg rised to 22-40Done Done
mega powerfist dmg rised to 24-44Done Done
super sledge dmg rised to 24-44.Done Done

   Windows added to redding buildings.

January 27, 2014


   Added hotkey: loot all from ground - Ctrl+L.
   Global messages will appear also in chat.


   Maps and Quests fixes.


   Added tents limit, 20 per player. If player will ~deleteself, all tents created by him will disappear. Done Done 
   Better loot on Mariposa surface. Done Done 
January 23, 2014


   GM anti-dual log monitoring tools expanded
   Two New collectors NPCs added:

-Gecko Tragic player: He will play with you and if you succeed you will gain money and exp. -Redding Miners Quartermaster: He will trade Kokowef tickets for explosives.


   Fixes for BoS and Enclave quest lines, all should work properly now
   Glow holodisk quest related dialog fixed
   Small fixes for Sierra
   Some other fixes


   Added 10 more slots, more chests, some map changes in Hungergames event
   Sierra turrets AI is better after hacked
   Karma disabled in SF, New Reno and in Town Control cities - during TC window (1h period) or anytime status.
   Metal Armor MK2 and Tesla Armor now counts as vailable items to start TC timer
January 21, 2014


   Removed ability to use colors in chat to prevent all kind of trolling.
   Random fixes and optimizations.
   Fixed yk pulse pistol sound.
   Fixed glow doors.
January 19, 2014


   Sierra forcefields fixed
   Glow 5 level doors fixed
   CloseCombat speed bonus fixed
   Some optimisations


   Repeatable quests cooldown changed to 5 hours, +100 karma reward upon completion, quest location is autodeleted after 5 hours
   NCR Guards loot expanded - each of them have now also ammo and caps in inventory
   NCR player driven shoopkeepers respawning after 1 hour - each of them have now bigger HP (faction raiding NCR can ruin their trade)
January 18, 2014


   Mariposa surface unblocked - be aware of heavy resistance


   Sierra robots now has ability to open doors
   Sierra robots now will respawn in their original positions
   Sierra blockers fixes
   NCR faction room has unlocked lockers now


   Sierra containers on different floors now have loot inside
   Sierra turrets now wielding Heavy Dual Miniguns
   NCR Guards now are lootable (1st stage of reward for teams raiding NCR)
January 17, 2014


   Another sierra fix. Sierra on it is place again.
   Signal flare now working always 8 minutes.
   Signal flare can't be used after encounter will be closed(15 minutes).
   When someone stealing in Ncr, message *thief* will appear over head and he will be unprotected for 1 minute.
January 15, 2014


   Added news/changelog screen to game. Ctrl+N to show. If there is unreaded news for your char, will appear tab News in left up corner. After reading news it will dissapear.


   Fixed caravan box dropping by CTRL+D
   Sierra fixed and will appear on wm very soon
   Fixed TC towns Npc attack
   Fixed scrolling members in faction member list
   Fixed drop for nodrop items by crippling arm


   Caravan cooldown for box lifting bringed back (it was overlooked)
   Far Go caravan changed caps reward to 5000 caps
   Removed melsak slayer quest because of bugs
January 13, 2013


   Fixed encounters where npc attacked players without delay(patrols,enclave,bos,etc).


   Karma Quests rebalance. More karma as reward.
   Karma penalty for killing neutral players little lowered.
January 12, 2013


   Crafter name in crafted item description colored yellow.
   Dungeons,Non guarded towns and other danger places now colored dark yellow on worldmap.


   Fixed FOnlineD3D.exe crash problem. Run updater.
   Fixed lexem not found for some crafted items.
   Fixed lockers sounds.
   Fixed sierra npc respawn.
   Fixed dialog about prefession Armorer level 3
   Fixed Xp and Caps reward for deathclaw quest. Now it is 8000 exp and 750 caps.
   Fixed libs for linux native game client.


   Enclave faction members now counted as evil, so no karma penalty for kill them, only karma gain.
   For better language support from crafted items removed names Upgraded,Regular, etc. Now name of such items is colored.

(Second Open beta season starts.)

January 10, 2013



   Early playable Mutant class added: [not recommended to new players only for very experienced ones]

- Player can choose to play as a mutant from start by choosing Mutated perk - Mutants has natural resists - Mutants has bonus 100hp at start - Mutants has bonus 100% outdoorsman at start - Mutants can wear maximum Metal MkII armor

   Added ability to find already created by other player encounter in square radius by just clicking on map
   NewEncounters AI
   New encounters added
  • Far Go Traders (resources caravan)
  • Water Merchants (resources carvan)

[resources caravan carry valuable crafting materials in nice numbers, traders has good prices, u can either try to buy them or try to robb them]

  • Brotherhood Patrol
  • Blades
  • Vault City Patrol
  • Unity Patrol
  • NCR Army
  • Junktown Scouts
  • Hub Patrol
  • Gecko Patrol
  • Farmers
  • Peasants
  • Scavengers
  • Hobos
  • Trappers
  • Hunters
  • Homesteaders
  • Hubologists
  • Prospectors
   NPC Faction System:

- Main fabular quest lines added leading to joining BoS or Enclave - Joining BoS or Enclave granting access to private player room inside faction bases

   Role-Play project - NCR player driven city:

- its some new experimental concept of semi-defended city run by Players whos job is also to protect it.

   NCR Guards system:

- has no reinforcement script, - respawning after 10 minutes, - has no karma/penalty/offence/jail script, - has no bomb protection system, - has no stealing protection, - guards are protecting NCR and NCR Rangers players - guards are protecting non aggresive players

- Players can join NCR faction and use their own private rooms in old vortis - Seperate faction is role-play as NCR Rangers, player maszrum is the leader of this faction - City has now shopkeepers added - Lifting boxes and shoveling repetable quests - NCR and NCR Rangers players can switch their CA and CAmk2 with armors in NCR colors

   Karma System:

- Karma gain/penalty disabled in Qest,Base,Tent, Dungeons locations. - Added factions/towns patrols. Patrols can attack players with bad karma and protect good players.

   Light worldmap newbies protection system implemented

players on levels 1-5 are protected from meeting other players in encounters (based of person of highest level on map) players on levels: 6 lvl 20% chance 7 lvl 40% 8 lvl 60% 9 lvl 80% 10 lvl regular no restrictions

   Sierra Army Depot high tier dungeon added: Done Done 

- reprogramming turrets [connected to base control feature] - Innovative and difficult map mechanics, - Ultra difficult PvE level for full high level team of players, - It will take really many trail and errors to beat it and learn it but the reward players can receive top tier non craftable loot, including Power Armors and implants.

Things like:

real-time hacking security system, disabling forcefields, unblocking sealed doors, laser motion detection sensors and others.


   Action points regen time is now 5 seconds [last test server values].
   Anticrit perk now have 2 levels, 10% each.
   First aid enabled in turn-based, requires all(max) ap to use.
   First aid self in COMBAT limited to 150hp max.
   Speed bonus/penalty now calculates for both hands.
   Added 8% speed penalty when holding avenger in any hand. Done Done 
   Avenger damage lowered by 1 dmg  min/max. Done Done 
   Stealth robes now craftable . Done Done 
   Crafting exp reballance. Done Done 
   Anticrit balance for armors. Done Done 
   Reward nerf for group quests. Done Done 
   Karma gain/penalty disabled in Qest,Base,Tent, Dungeons locations.
   Removed INT skill limit.
   Changed WM enc generation system. Added npc vs npc encounters.
   Added factions/towns patrols. Patrols can attack players with bad karma and protect good players.
   Achievements system added.
   Pyromaniac now have only 1 level and adds +50 dmg and moved to achievements(need to burn people to get it)
   Awareness moved to achievements (need to get 26 level)
   Weapons rebalances:
  • p90 burst and single shots costs +1 AP now Done Done
  • sniper rifle has now +4 crit roll Done Done
  • 223 pistol has now + 4 crit roll, fov boosted to 35 hexes, damage slightly boosted Done Done
  • Avenger 8% speed penalty, -1 min and -1 max damage Done Done
  • HKG11 and HKG11E boosted Done Done
   Sierra Army Depot base control adjusted:

- boosted chance for loot including Power Armors - reprogramming turrets, (reprogrammed turrets are attacking all players who are entering map except faction of hacker) [connected to dungeon]

   Glow dungeon reworked:

- added new mechanics Done Done - added quest involved Done Done - readjusted loot to prevent abuses (1 level problem) - robots are more difficult now - added secret!... (its hard to find but its worth to look for it)

   Drugs changes:

Nuka +1AP Done Done Psyho 20 Normal DR,-7PE,-2INT Done Done Ciggs +3 fov Done Done


(Closing of test server for second seson.)

January 8, 2013

To join test server run FOconfig.exe and in Net tab set server and port. Server: Port: 8000

To get free loot/exp type in chat ~obt(not working on world map, not working while dead/ko)

Automatic Pre-Wipe madness script launched - we have still some stuff to do :)

Features/Changes to test:

   Added ability to play as a Mutant from start - trait Mutated
   First Aid self limited to 150hp in combat and not limited while not in combat
   Worldmap changes: adjusted some chances
   Encounters AI
   Added ability to find already created enc by just clicking on map
   Pyromaniac now have only 1 level and adds +50 dmg and moved to achievements
   Awareness moved to achievements
   223 pistol boosted - 35 range, higher dmg
   HKG11 and HKG11E  boosted
   +4 to critroll for Sniper Rifles added
   Removed To Hit penalty from low STR and from One hander trait


   Added additional roll to be crippled or weapon dropped while not enough STR to carry weapon
   Added additional roll to avoid cripple or weapon drop while more than enough STR to carry weapon

Every madness has its end - test server will be turned off in few hours - approximately at 08:00 GMT + 1 tomorrow morning.


December 2013

(Test server for new season changes starts)

December 21, 2013

Server: Port: 8000

To get loot/exp type in chat ~obt

Features/Changes to test:

   Anticrit perk now have 2 levels, 10% each.                                                         
   First aid enabled in turn-based, requires all(max) ap to use.                                       
   First aid self enabled but limited to 150hp max.                                                   
   Speed bonus/penalty now calculates for both hands.                                                 
   Added 8% speed penalty when holding avenger in any hand.                                           
   Added ability to remove implants.                                                                   
   Avenger damage lowered by 1 dmg  min/max.                                                           
   Craftable stealth robes.                                                                           
   Crafting exp reballance.                                                                           
   Anticrit change for armors.                                                                         
   Reward nerf for group quests.                                                                       
   Karma gain/penalty disabled in Qest,Base,Tent, Dungeons locations.                                 
   To hit STR penalty now 40 instead of 20.                                                           
   Removed INT skill limit.                                                                           
   Changed WM enc generation system. VS encounters.                                                   
   Added factions/towns patrols. Patrols can attack players with bad karma and protect good players.   
   Achievements system added.                                                                         
   Many other things.                                                                                 
   Drugs changes:

Nuka +1AP Psyho 20 Normal DR,-7PE,-2INT Ciggs +3 fov

November 2013

November 21, 2013


   Map fixes.


   Added more quest messages.
   Changed WM colors for some locations: non guarded towns,bases,dungeons.

Implants List:

1. Environmental Implant: + 10 Healing Rate + 40% Poison Resistance + 50% Radiation Resistance

2. Accuracy Implant: +40% to BG,SG,EW +2 FOV

3. Defence Implant: +8% dmg resistance (all) +5% dmg treshold (all)

4. Medic Implant: +100% FA +100% doc Living Anatomy perk

5. Engineer Implant: +100 Repair +100 Science +100 Energy weapons

6. Speed Implant 10% faster running animation +1 AP +6 sequence

7. Survivor Implant +100% Outdoorsman +30% xp rate +30hp

8. Marksman Implant +8 critroll +8 crit chance +2 FOV

9. Scout Implant +50% Sneak +40 AC

10. Enchacement Implant +1 Perk

11. ChemControl Implant doubles drugs duration time Super Stimpak heals +50% hp

Implants can be installed in sf bos bunker via medical terminal. Can be installed only one implant, yet can't be removed. If player have chem reliant trait and ChemControl implant will be installed, duration won't change but bad effect of trait will be removed.

November 12, 2013


   XP from killing mobs now splitting to all alive players on encounter.


   Quest fixes.
   Durable weapon bonus fixed.
   Disassembling fixed.


   Drug timer now separate for each drug.
   Rebalanced drugs from new reno event.
   Explosives added to game. Yet only as dungeon loot.
   Added xp for chopping wood and mining.
November 08, 2013


   Quest mob ai changed.
   Caravan box droping fix.
   Text fixes.
   Map fixes.
   Other fixes.


   No karma drop/gain on sierra or while town control.
   No karma drop if you kill player which shoot first.
   Quest rebalance.

Molerats require level 5 and give 3k caps and 2k exp Raiders require level 10 and give 6k caps and 3,5k exp Deathclaws require level 15 and still give 8k caps and 4k exp

   New crit table. By some accident new critical table wasn't uploaded.
November 06, 2013


   Anticrit perk fixed.
   Adytum well map fixed.
   Barter skill hopefuly fixed.
   Reno map fixed.


   Removed cooldown from box lifting.
   Adytum well quest now requires player to have level 10 to start
   Glow, added enemies to first floor.

(Short extra season starts)

November 3, 2013


   * Server running on latest sdk revision.
   * Game translated to Russian and Polish languages. 90% done.
   * Global Karma/Reputation/Npc driven Factions system.
   * Added dialogs to all "error" Npc's.
   * Added Box lifting repeatable quest to all protected towns.
   * Added brahmin shit shoveling to Hub, Junktown and Vault city.
   * Added ammo counter.( counts ammo in inventory for active weapon and showing on screen)
   * Added weapon auto-reload when trying to attack with 0 ammo.(experimental)
   * Added waterpipe to towns, to farm and estate base.
   * Quest generator.

Generates random quests for random npc's. Quest types: bring random item,kill random npc, explore location.

Npc which have special generated quest will have [Q] sign over head.(not finished).

   * Per bullet critical system.

Chance for critical calculates for each bullet also damage multiplier calculates for each bullet. Critical effect calculation not changed.

   * Huge rework of faction system/interface.

Members list with their ranks. Promotion/Demotion/Kick players by selecting from list. Added rank officer, officer can invite/kick players.

   * Banks now work with offline players.
   * Scavenging skill implementation.

Skill affecting scavenging and mining. Skill will raise automatic.

   * Stonewall perk gives 5*Endurance chance to avoid knockback from explosion.
   * Added quests and dialogs.
   * Added auto-detect fallout.dat or master.dat & critter.dat to client.(experimental)
   * Added new turrets graphics (Denergar).
   * Added animation when someone using first aid on himself.
   * New on-ground images for some items.


   * "Player already in game" problem.
   * Sierra changes and npc spawning outside map fix.
   * Coast encounters npc spawning on water fix.
   * Books can't rise skill over 300, drugs not affects reading books. Done Done  -- Xsarq (talk) 12:01, 4 November 2013 (CET) 
   * Many other fixes


   * Modified ambient sounds basing on 2238 ones.
   * Changed price of books in sf from 2/3 k caps to 3/4 k caps.
   * AP regeneration time lowered to 4 seconds.
   * First Aid can't be used on yourself in combat.
   * Drugs limited to one dose per drug.
   * Healing rate system.

Healing rate formula: healing_rate * max_hp / 100, healing rate cooldown 60 sec, 30sec with fast metabolism trait. Can heal critter in combat(not in TB).

When healing rate more or equal 20, medication cooldown reduced by 1.

   * Evader trait reducing endurance for 2.
   * Player with small frame trait gets additional 10% chance to be crippled.
   * Skill "lvlcap limit" for tagged skills removed.
   * Skills limit formula 200+INT*10. Example: with 6 Int skill limit is 260, with 10 Int skill limit is 300.
   * Vault city vault changes.
   * Reworked Kenny dialog and map. More quests added.
   * Hub small rework.
   * Npc's in non protected towns have now random low tier loot, also steal can be used on them.
   * Hype gives 150-300hp.
   * Critical table changed. Will be posted later.
   * Each cave now have bones with some random reward.
   * Increased weapon deterioration.(single 0,5% det, burst 1% det)
   * Durability changes.

Armors starting from Ca mkII have 200 or higher repair pool. Some top weapon have 200 or higher repair pool.

   * Added anti-critical feature to armors.
   * Armors/Weapons/Ammo changes:

223 Ammo DR mod changed from -20 to -30Done Done --
4.7 Ammo DR mod changed from -10 to -20Done Done --
G11 damage changed, single 10-20 to 18-28,burst 10-20 to 20-30Done Done
G11E damage changed, single 13-23 to 20-30,burst 13-23 to 23-33Done Done
LSW damage changed from 22-37 to 30-40Done Done
Gatling laser reduce target DR by 40%Done Done
M60 damage lowered to 20-30Done Done
Leather armor DR Electro 10Done Done
Power armor DR Electro 40, DT Electro 12, Anticrit 50Done Done
Combat armor DR Electro 20, DT Electro 6, Anticrit 5Done Done
Leather Jacket DR Electro 10Done Done
Hardened Power armor DR Electro 50, DT Electro 13, Anticrit 60Done Done
Brotherhood armor Anticrit 20Done Done
Tesla armor DR Laser reduced from 90 to 80 and DT Laser from 19 to 10Done Done
Combat Leather Jacket DR Electro 20Done Done
Advanced Power armor DR Electro 60, DT Electro 15, Anticrit 70Done Done
Advanced Power armor MkII DR Electro 75, DT Electro 15, Anticrit 80Done Done
Leather Armor DR Electro 20Done Done
Combat armor MkII DR Electro 25, DT Electro 2, Anticrit 10Done Done
Enclave Cobmat armor Anticrit 20Done Done
Navy Armor DR Electro 40, DT Electro 10, Anticrit 30Done Done

October 2013

(Last update before first season open beta ends.)

October 2, 2013

FEATURES: -Mutants walk speed boosted. for 20%. -Mutants can wear all armors except power and few rare typer combat armors, for armors used 3 different mutant types. (if you have rp mutant skin in jacket or in metal you must change it clean mutant skin by terminal) -Added ability to change skin in San Francisco China Shi using big med terminal: to mutant to ghoul to dog to bluesuit to default cost 10k caps.

FIX: -Crafted items will get same % of det/dur as mats. So you cant craft brand new ca mk2 from broken ca mk1.

September 2013

September 24, 2013

FEATURES: - Game fully translated to Russian language. (search for bugs, errors, some non-translated parts) - Added ability to wear armor by some humanoids skins.

CHANGES: - Small adjustments to some encounter npc's numbers.

September 10, 2013

FEATURES: -Added new random event to new reno: Drug transaction between Khans and Bishop Family -Glow dungeon added

CHANGES: -Lockers with loot on sf and reno event can be opened only after killing all defenders. -Reworked sf maps

September 03, 2013

FIXES: -Drug timer resets when using antitoxin or healing drugs from doctor.

FEATURES: -Adjusted weight/volume of misc items -Added rotation of TC towns assigned to time capture windows, two random towns at a time are excluded from time capture windows (can be checked in pip-boy) -Autokill critters standing on vault doors hex when door closing

CHANGES: -Bigger chance for spawning the Necropolis Vault Keycard. -Christopher (Necropolis Vault quest giver) will provide you more precise info about the task and additional reward on finishing it. -Better loot in locked part of Necropolis Vault.

September 01, 2013

FIXES: -Linux client fixes -Fixes to verbose actions showing -Drug timer won't reset after death FEATURES: -In Tc lockers now can also spawn items with bonuses. -Enabled town control Redding and Den

CHANGES: -Removed KNOCKBACK effects from close combat weapons -Added KNOCKBACK effect to shotguns -Implemented time windows for town control. TC timer can be started only in Gecko 11:00-12:00 Modoc 15:00-16:00 Redding 18:00-19:00 Klamath 19:00-20:00 Broken Hills 20:00-21:00 Den 22:00-23:00 Gmt+2 real time.

-Now % from town income will be added to TC lockers (buyin professions/resources/bases/tools)

August 2013

August 29, 2013

FIXES: -Fixed descriptions for bonus weapons -Weapon perks now shown in inventory description -When using stimpaks on others, medication timeout is applied for target -During turn based combat, medication timeout no longer set after using stimpaks -Other than stimpaks, following items can be used on others: healing powder, radaway, rad-x, antidote -No longer possible to use any drug on knockdowned critters -Colorising and awarness now working while using preview -Plasma/Turbo Plasma additional crit roll will be shown in item description as bonus -Fixed adrenaline rush -Changed perk for 14mm pistol from accurate to penetrate -Red and Blue robe must be fixed (must work animations/weapons)

FEATURES: -Added drugs time left to timeouts -Added message box about followers on wm(can be disabled in options) -Added visible notification after using consumables -Unarmed and Melee merged into Close Combat. -Removed tents limit per player -Melee damage now giving bonus to minimal damage also -Close combat skill rising run speed when no ranged weapons in main hand (start working after 103 skill) 0.5% per 4 skill -Black robe now gives +30 sneak skill and reduces cw penalty for 6kg -Added hotkeys for using healing powder/stimpak; "usepowder=", "usestim=" lines must be added in hotkeys.ini -Added random bonus generation for spawning items in warehouse,sierra,v15,sf,etc. So now you can find upgraded,improved.. items. -SF tanker Book store added (book buyable by dialog)

-Necropolis Vault Dungeon added

  • Its connected in a streight line with quest given by Christopher - Water Merchants leader.

...entering the vault won't be so must find the key...also be careful to evacute before vault door lockdown...

CHANGES: -For crafting tent now not need workbench -Added to F1 Help some button descriptions -Bottle cap added to inventory after using nuka-cola/beer -Small chance for empty hypo after using stimpaks -Each str add 1 melee dmg(not after 5 like it was) -Changed traps damage, added possibility to random cripple victim -Only one Tc timer can be at once -Added +10 crit roll to super sledge and mega power fist -Area surrounding Junktown and Hub is free of aggresive humanoids encounters now -The quantity of critters in low/middle level mob encounters decreased (excluding geckos) -Escaping from Khans, Regulators, Rogues encounters should be much easier now -Removed drug withdrawal effects

-Heavy handed affects more weapons: Chance to kd (with 10 str) Brass knuckles 40% Spiked knuckles 50% SledgeHammer 60% Power fist 80% Super Sledge 80% Mega power fist 90% Louisville slugger 90%

Stonewall giving 50% chance to avoid kd from hh

-New Random Global Events feature

  • Enclave SF Docks Supply as first test event

About Random Global Events: System of randomly/ or depending from players action on server, appearing events. There will be various types of events, happening in public locations, encounters visible from worldmap, some new locations appearing on worldmap, some of the events announced by timer like on Town Control some of them announced thru radio messages, some not announced at all so only the players lucky enough to cross some spot on WM or be inside some location will notice them. Such events are supposed to bring more life to game and world, motivate players to participate, interact, be something interesting to do.

As first event set for tests and feedback we put:

Enclave SF Docks Supply Enclave is on with its offensive to the East. San Francisco already obeyed under heavy boots of Enclave Troopers. SF Docs is a perfect place to reinforce nearby ongoing operations by highly needed to be restocked supplies. Every single man who is against brutal Enclave invasion threatning order and lifes of humble wastelanders should try to put on some resist. ...Ofcourse such situation is also a very tempting opportunity for some nearby scums, smelling high rewards and a fresh blood possible to spill.

August 17, 2013

FIXES: -Rendering critter name/contour colors more smooth now -Caravan leader now have green contour for players -Caravan leader not attack back when get hit by players which going in his caravan

FEATURES: -Added over head map messages about crit effects(ko/kd/crippled/blinded) also option to on/off added to ingame options -Added primitive workbench to bases and ability craft metal parts and gunpowder on this workbench.

CHANGES: -Ncr And San Francisco caravan arrival place is more secure. -Truck now have 12 slots for players -Motorbike is a little faster, has 2 slots, breaks slower and cost's 2000 caps less. -Critical table modified: Damage multipliers are more evenly distributed amongst the existing rolls. (less weak and powerful shots, result is more reliable damage output) Slightly increased chanche to KD in head. Medium increase of damage in legs. Slightly increased damage in groin. Slightly increased chance to KD in groin. Medium increase of damage in arms. The ability to receive a bypass in arms is now more dependant on luck.

August 14, 2013

FIXES: -Minor fixes. -Brahmins agro fixed.

FEATURES: -Added Klamath Town Control (Smiley).

CHANGES: -Now ammo loaded in weapon affects weapon price in barter.

Info about next updates: Primitive workbench for craft gunpowder and metal parts will appear on personal bases.

August 10, 2013

- 10mm AP ammunition damage multiplier/divider increased from 6/7 to 1/1. - 10mm AP ammunition damage modifier increased from -25% to -35%. - AP rocket damage modifier increased from -25% to -30%. - Flamethrower fuel mk2 damage modifier increased from 0 to -40%.

- Reduced laser resistance for combat armor/mk2 by 15%. - Reduced plasma resistance for combat armor/mk2 by 20%. - Reduced laser resistance for Brotherhood/Enclave armor by 5%. - Reduced plasma resistance for Brotherhood/Enclave armor by 10%. - Increased electrical resistance for Brotherhood/Enclave armor by 30% and damage threshold by 5.

- Rocket Launcher minimum damage increased from 49 to 80. - Plasma rifle range increased from 24 to 30. - Plasma/Turbo plasma rifle now has accurate weapon perk instead of long range. - Plasma rifle received a permanent bonus of +8 to critical roll. - Turbo plasma rifle range increased to 35 and maximum damage from 65 to 70. - p90 clip increased from 36 to 48. - p90 damage increased from 13/19 to 16/21. - p90 now bursts 16 bullets instead of 12. - Bozar burst distance increased from 35 to 40. - Bozar maximum damage increased from 45 to 55. - Bozar burst damage decreased from 35/45 to 25/35. - Removed burst spread from Bozar/Pancor Jackhammer, bullets are shot only in a straight line. - FNFAL range increased from 35 single/30 burst to 40. - XL70E3 clip size increased from 24 to 60. - XL70E3 damage increased from 20/40 to 36/42. - XL70E3 now burst 12 bullets instead of 8. - XL70E3 range increased to 40. - Flamer mk2 damage changed from 70/125 to 100/110. - Assault rifle/expanded version range increased from 35 to 40. - Laser rifle (ext.cap) range increased from 45 to 47. - Frag grenade damage increased from 30/50 to 50/60. - Plasma grenade minimum damage increased from 40 to 50.

- Fixed vault jumpsuit animations. - Fixed signal flare light distance and light intensity. - Sierra cycle time lowered from 6 to 4 minutes for first 4 cars. - Increased chance for rare/normal items in sierra. - ~deleteself hopefully fixed.

August 09, 2013

FEATURES: -Implemented SmartCursor.(dont need push "use on" while gathering wood or ore) -After reloading using bind, weapon changes mode to last used.

CHANGES: -Added antitoxin which removes drug addiction and effects to doctors and dungeons. -Reworked words changing when low INT.

Info about next updates: Update with weapon rebalance will come in 1 day.

August 07, 2013

FIXES: -Fixed wrong names and colors for crafted weapons/armors with bonuses. -Sierra map fixes. -Minor fixes to Modoc and Gecko maps -Bank doors fixed in Broken Hills, aded visiblity thru bank windows -Dialog/quest fixes.

FEATURES: -Added new item bonus - Durable which reduce item deterioration -New type of ammo for shotguns added: Shotguns slugs (Armor piercing properties, available in traders for now) -Low tier random loot added to containers in unguarded cities. -Stealth boy spawning in dungeons. -Permanent different color light flares added (can be found in dungeons) -Vault jumpsuit added -Added chat/pip-boy messages to existing quests and professions. -Added car arriving sound to sierra. -Added some new robes.

CHANGES: -Ground pickup screen(CTRL+G):

 display multiple items/stacks on given hex
 basic filtering of collected items
 works with single item

-Craft bonuses adjustment:

 all armors and weapons tier 1-2 can have bonuses like tier 3 items

-Antijet changed to antitoxin which removes all addictions and effects, not ingame yet. -Adjusted SF caravan route (less rats, more mutants and humanoids NPCs) -Little tweaks in V15 (lesser number of mobs, was to difficult for lower level players, V15 is low level dungeon) -Little balancing in scavenging (less cat's paw, more cords from scavenging, little bigger chance to obtain junk) -Onground Sniper Rifle graphic added by LittleBoy -Most experience from quests increased by 20-30% and in some cases even more than that. -Repeatable quest cooldown decreased from 244 minutes to 122. -Learning professions grants the player experience accordingly to the profession level reached:

  Armorer/Gunsmith by 500/1000/1500.
  Chemist/EW Gunsmith by 600/1200/2000.

-Rare material sellers in guarded towns now don't close dialog after purchasing resources. -Sierra cycle time reduced for lower cycles.


Info about next updates: In few days will be update about weapon balance and moving to linux server for fixing ~deleteself.

July 2013

July 29 (#2), 2013

FEATURES: -Added Gecko TC -Added scaling of encounter size depends from number of players entered, not affects small groups.

CHANGES: -Drugs bad effects reduced to 3 min -Necropolis sewers minor map fixes -Modoc tweaks (grids, blockers, PvP passages, cosmetics) -Geckot tweaks (multihexes doors, bigger spaces, changed building positions, small tweaks) -BH tweaks

July 29 (#1), 2013

FIXES: -Fixed sound when entering warehouse -Fixed ability to use steal as loot when target ko/-hp -Fixed libraries for native linux client -Maybe Fixed spawning players in rocks and not spawning npc's -Fixed Heavy handed, chance to kd depends from attacker str,attacker weapon, target stonewall perk.

CHANGES: -Removed ability to steal on wm -XP for first aid changed from 10 times per critter to one time in 30 mins per critter -Removed no knock mode from npc on sierra -Added more parking spots to some bases

July 27, 2013

FIXES: -Fixed some body types and runaway/stuck wolfs/coyotes -Fixed addiction removal in SF/HUB/VC. -Russian text fix. -Junktown waterbag quest fix. -Dialog/Description/Map fixes. -Reduced price for Yk pistol (exploit) -Fixed disassembling stackable items

FEATURES: -Stealth Boy when activated give +100 to sneak skill, can be ever 300, Stealth Boy deteriorates 0,1% each second if noone see you and 0,5% * number of players see you.

-Added ability to colorise any faction and yourself using namecolorising.txt For color yourself just add line @ mycolor R G B in Colors section For color faction add line @ faction(number) R G B in Colors section You can count faction number by counting in faction interface(K) Example You can use to pick needed color. Before editing NameColorizing.txt better backup it.

CHANGES: -Personal base terminal dialog with more style now. -Fire gecko price fix for tanner in Modoc, back to 350 caps per one hide. -Warehouse map reworked (Realism+Rascal mapping) -Cat's Paw magazine sciencable, you can obtain torn papers -Ropes sciencable, you can obtain cords -Perk ghost now adding +30 skill over 300 (working only at night) -When faction gain control of town all faction members on this map receive message.

July 24, 2013

FIXES: -Fixed car teleporting while setting tent/map -Fixed messages font border

FEATURES: - Suicide command implemented(only if negative hp). ~suicide or ~cuttheveins - Added modoc Town Control CHANGES: -Disabled preview when TC timer if on -Removed lock from sierra car trunk -Fixed ability to loot using steal on dead body in guarded towns

July 23, 2013

FIXES: - Sierra map fixes

FEATURES: - Vault 15 dungeon implemented, source of electronic parts and chance to find rare items available inside - Town Control implemented (enabled only Broken Hills for now)

CHANGES: - Sierra loot increased + higher chance to obtain rare items - Flamer range increased to 6, Improved Flamer range increased to 7 - Lockpick cooldown decreased to 30 seconds

July 21, 2013

FIXES: - Caravan leader can lead only 9 people - Small fixes to npc ai on encounters and in caves - Fixed repeatable tannery quest - Fixed bh barman - Fixed prices of mauser and other low tier weapons (exploit) - Dialog fixes - SF -> HUB caravan route ending point fixed

FEATURES: -Added ability to see item bonus stats while item in container or in trader -Encounter and player text info color changes -Vault City - added hireable shopkeepers

CHANGES: -Decreased chance to receive hq res from disassembling to 50% -Boosted + rebalanced craftable containers storage space -Increased rate of rocks resources appearing in caves -Increased chance for finding treasuers in caves + chance to obtain rare or valuable items -Added more rare weapons/items and boosted some loot values like ammo in warehouse dungeon -New Sierra map (by DiKobRaZzz) added with different waves spawn points -Sierra rewards increased, more chance to obtain rare items -Sierra attackers exp reward boosted 100xp each

July 19, 2013

FIXES: -Fixed dissapearing stuff from shopkeepers -Fixed Gambler description -Fixed Lexems glitch -Dialog fixes/wrong npc placement fixes in Modoc

FEATURES: -Faction system implemented(button K to show Faction Menu) -Disassembling sound -Hub<=>NCR caravan -Repeatable Quest to bring Lee Balton Brahmin Hides. -Lee Balton upgrades Leather armors to mk2 for 150 caps each when completing quest.

CHANGES: -Messages about gaining exp whitecolored -Reduced exp for craft some weapons because of abuse

July 17, 2013

FIXES: -Fixed perk harmless FEATURES: -Carryweight bonus +1kg per level

CHANGES: -Caravans adjustements speed +50%, 3k exp and 2k caps VC<->HUB, 4k exp and 3k caps HUB<->SF -3 players able to talk with npc at same time except traders and shopkeepers -Craft requirements for lockers decreased

July 15, 2013

FIXES: - fixed magazine size for scoped rifle - fixed 10mm AP ammo - firegecko firebreath fixed - fixed pelts from tough firegecko - cockroach description/wm fuel description fixed - maps/dialogs fixes - caravan drivers fixed, soon will appear in towns again

FEATURES: -Minning resources, mobs, treasures in caves

CHANGES: - Sierra rebalanced - Needler AP ammo removed from craft and from traders, but still can be found in some places - Adjusted car trucks volume size - Crafting table changes (added mats required for upgrading weapons + added plasma nades for craft) - Warehouse dungeon rebalance - Necropolis and Warehouse now NoLogout zones

July 12, 2013

FIXES: -Fixed timeouts for disabling forcefields -Fixed chem reliant trait -Map fixes -Fixed additional ammo while disassembling not loaded weapons -Dialogs fixes -Fixed npc attack on encounters -Doctors now have dialog to cure player addiction/withdraw effect FEATURES: -Added crafter achievement in pip-boy (most crafted items) -Tools (first aid kit,paramedic bagm, tools, supertoolkit,etc) can be placed in any hand to receive bonus to skill -Offline players skipping their turn in Turn-Based

CHANGES: -Necropolis exit grid ont first map removed -Small changes in craft requirements/exp -Fa/Doc disabled in TB