Chess Game.

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This is not really a quest but more like a little feature. ZaX - a super computer on level 4 is feeling very bored. He will ask you to play a friendly match of chess. If you win you will unlock one of 3 nice bonuses for your character. You will only have one chance per real time day, though.


Since some people reported problems with getting the reward here is dialog combination you need to select: 1,3,1,4,1


  • You need at least 21 level.
  • It looks like you need at least 8 Intelligence to win in a match against ZaX. Remember that you can use Mentats in order to temporarily raise your Intelligence.


If you win you'll permanently gain one of 3 possible bonuses(you will get to choose it):

  • 1) +3 Critical Chance.
  • 2) +1 to your Field of View, +5% to Small Guns, Big Guns and Energy Weapons skills. (The in-game description for this states something else - but it's wrong and wiki's right.)
  • 3) +10 Hit Points and +4 Healing Rate.