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This is not really a quest but more like basic in-game guide, of how things generally works in Fonline2. You won't get any rewards, nor experience points but instead you will get something far more valuable. Knowledge. Remember that when doing combat tutorial you should have your music (not just sound, but also music, if you want to hear voiceover) enabled. So far in Fonline2 world this is the only location with dubbed NPC.

To start this quest select proper dialog option while talking with Kenny in starting tent location. You will get moved to special training location. For the duration of the training you will receive special perk that is increasing your chance to hit. Remember about that when wondering why you can't hit anything in places other than training zones =) (You just need proper amount of skill points invested in desired combat skill to have good hit chance.)

Combat Tutorial is being split into 4 parts. The first part is about shooting. You will get a rifle and instructor will ask you to firstly single shoot turret, then do range burst then finally 1-hex it. Pretty easy huh? Just remember to load the gun before that and you should be good. The second part is about using Rocket Launcher. Your objective will be to deal damage to 2 targets with one rockets. Third part is connected with getting past various locks - since big part of Fonline2 is about loot, knowing how to lockpick crate is ultra necessary so be especially vigilant during that part. Finally last part is about various method of healing. Oh remember that when NPC ask you to heal using stimpaks it looks like he actually means super stimpaks.

Overall is very nice and very cool tutorial which every greenhorn like you should complete before doing anything else in this game.

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