Dog Tags for Matthew.

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Matthew's usual drinking place.


Matthew is an old super mutie with tragic story that is now spending his last days in The Maltese Falcon, drinking and regreting his fatal mistake. Despite having his revenge multiple times he still craves for more, yet since he's too old for fighting, someone else will have to carry his will. Every time you find a dog tag, remember to bring it to him for some caps and experience points. Alternatively you can bring 100 dog tags at once, 10k caps and a Combat Armor in order to upgrade it into a powerful Ranger Armor.

It's worth of note that after upgrade armor will keep any crafting bonuses that it had and also it will receive +100% to durability. For example if armor was 0/24% after upgrade it will become 0/124%.

Reward for each brought Dogtag

  • 250 experience points.
  • 100 caps.
  • 5 karma.