Easy quests and ways to earn money

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Easy ways to make caps

After you set up your first tent you should concentrate on collecting caps and gear. Here are a couple of ways to obtain different types of items.

Doing quests

Many of the quests can be done very early in the game. If you experience any difficulties, be sure to visit the quests section for any additional details, since those quest pages can provide you with information about what you'll be facing, as well as the final reward. Concentrate mostly on the starting quests located in Junktown and Hub, since you can level up very fast and gain some nice gear and caps along the way.

Here you can see a very nice tutorial about repeatable quests, made by @hejmr:

Repeatable quests for rookies (with instructional video)

TIP: while we do encourage all new players to go to the wiki, and to read the wiki, and to live on the wiki, keep in mind that reading absolutely everything about every quest will probably have a diminishing effect on your (quest-related) gaming experience, since you will eliminate almost every surprise-factor that the devs have worked on so hard. On the other hand, by not reading it, you may lose some "bonuses" simply because you didn't know that a certain quest had a timer or a prerequisite condition for the before mentioned "bonuses". The choice is yours.

Doing caravans

For additional information about caravans visit its page. The journey from Hub to Shady Sands is the easiest one. The longer the journey, the more difficult the hostile NPCs along the way become.

Farming geckos

You need the gecko skinning perk perk first. It's an easy activity and can be very fun for new players.

Farming in general

Most of human-NPC encounters (raiders, khans, regulators etc.) will be too tough for you. For now just concentrate on doing other, less dangerous tasks until you're able to recognize different NPC threat levels. Don't engage with a groups of raiders as they will probably be too strong for you to handle.

Gathering useful forum information

While this method is not directly related to your personal gaming experience, it can quickly help you overcome all sorts of troubles that many of the new players often (and repeatedly) run into. Be sure to browse through the survival guides on the official FOnline2 forum. More experienced players will often make brief, but very useful straight-to-the-point tutorials about what your starting character should look like (stats-wise), how you should approach different aspects of the game, or simply how to rapidly level up once you gather some decent gear. For example, here are two guides belonging to @Dequ and @Pepik (to answer your question:"Yes, both of them are very good players; Créme de la Créme"):

First character for new players and starting tips - @Dequ's guide

How to create a bad character - some tips for new players - @Pepik's guide

Please keep in mind that certain parts of these tutorials may be a bit outdated (since the game itself constantly keeps changing - for the better), but the authors always make sure to update them with the most important additions/changes before each new session.