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Crazy 88 gang members sharing the loot from session 2 Sierra Control.


Factions, band, bunch, party, clan, squad, teams, my-best-friend are organizations which unite lone wastelanders with similar interests into powerful groups. Some Factions are working completely independent from the developers (Crazy 88, Soldiers of Thunderstorm, Rogues and more) while others are supported by the Developers (NRC Army, Junktown Scouts, Brotherhood of Steel and if some players decide to work on this in the future: The Enclave)

Creating a Faction

To create a faction one must spend 500,000 caps. Once you have the caps, press "K" to open the Faction menu and choose the "Create" option.

Faction Management

Junktown Scouts, recruiting new member.

When a Faction is created, only the leader is able to invite other players into the Faction. He can also appoint officers (lower ranking commanders) and give certain rights to other members of the Faction. For example, the Faction Leader can select people that can recruit other players or select people who can loot TC (Town Control) boxes.


Being in a Faction means that a group of players can start doing Town Control. Also, the group is able to do Sierra Control or Sierra Dungeon while being protected by the Sierra turrets.

Other player nicknames who are in the same Faction will be displayed in the same color, so you will know who's your ally in this tough tough harsh wasteland.

Faction Bases

Faction officers can tie any base to the faction database making it visible for every faction mate. Nice and easy way to make private meeting points visible for everyone in your gang!

Faction Scores

Starting from session 3 each faction has it own rating. You and your faction team mates can get points for killing other faction members that you are in war with, or for killing dungeon bosses. You loss poins whenever you or your team mates are killed by faction members from other gangs that are in war with you.

Note: It is HIGHLY advised not to treat this score leaderboard too seriously.

Player Faction

Player Factions are led completely by normal players without any support from the Developers. Such gangs specialize in fighting other gangs, while others have entirely different sets of objectives such as completing dungeons, roleplaying, etc. If you want to join one of these player driven Factions you should visit this section of the forum.

Developer Supported Factions

For more information about them you should visit the Organisations Wikipedia page. These factions have unique benefits, for example private rooms like the NRC and the Junktown Scouts or Battle Flags for the officers of the Brotherhood of Steel.