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This article will focus on describing the hotkeys, possible game commands and game settings. For quick in game help use F1. This will be basically expanded version of F1 help file.

Command List

To use command press enter then type in desired command:

  • ~suicide -> If you're on negative hp you will die after writing this one. You can also use this to get out of furniture trap.
  • ~cuttheveins -> Same as suicide.
  • ~requesthelp message - If there is any Admin online he will receive your message. If not you will get communicate: "No Admins online". Use sparingly. A real life speech check might be done If you roll a critical fail it may cause teleportation to Glow level 5, Necropolis Vault level 2 or Sierra Army Depot level 2, or in case of big stupidly straight to Alcatraz.
  • ~flip -> If you have a cap in your inventory you will flip an coin.
  • ~toss -> Same as a Flip.
  • ~cointoss -> Same as a Flip.
  • ~deleteself password -> Used to delete character, also servers as trigger mechanism for character reroll if you have enough caps in inventory while executing. Check Character Reroll for more informations.
  • ~changepass oldpass newpass -> Used for changing passwords.
  • ~myinfo -> You can check your id number by typing this command.
  • ~ingnore playernick -> If you tired and annoyed by some spammer around you can set this to not display any messages coming from that player.
  • ~reroll -> Allows to check how much caps you need to reroll a char.
  • ~resetsg -> This will lower your Small Guns skill to 110%. Works only if it's already higher than that. Why would you want to do that? It will make your char able to use combat skills speed bonus. (It works only if your cc skill is high - anything from 100% to 200% and if your combat skills are below or equal to 110% thus the option of lowering skills if necessary.)
  • ~names -> Refreshes the name colorization without needing to restart the game client.
  • ~decraftinv -> Mass disassemble all items in your inventory. Works only in tents or in bases that you are signed in.
  • ~decrafthex -> Mass disassemble all items on hex that is occupied by your character. Works only in tents or in bases that you are signed in.
  • ~prize -> After some event you have to type it to get points signed up for you taking part in it.

Note: the ~ sign might not work properly because of some windows glitch. If nothing shows up try combination for it again (shift + ` sign) one after another and it should show up.

Hot Keys

They are also available after pressing f1.

  • F1 - Toggle Help menu. (You'll be able to monitor your ping from there and some other factors.)
  • F2 - Save log file.
  • F3 - Save Screenshot.
  • F4 - Shows/Hides input panel
  • F5 - Increase/Decrease input panel
  • F6 - Shows/Hides player nicks.
  • F7 - Shows/Hides timeouts.
  • F8 - Blocks the mouse scrolling.
  • F9 - HP over heads displaying on/off.
  • F12 - minimizing client info.
  • Arrow keys - scrolling game window.
  • ESC - menu (does not cause the game to pause.)
  • <,> - Turn around your character a little.
  • Home - If you're on World Map this will cause your screen to focus on your character location.
  • A - Attack option.
  • C - Character sheet.
  • ctr + d - Drop All items to the ground from inventory. (doesn't work in towns.)
  • ctr + g - show items lying in pile and allow to pick specific item.
  • ctr + l - pick all items from the ground (up to double your max carry weight.)
  • g - pick item from the ground.
  • I - inventory
  • P - pipboy window
  • F - fixboy window
  • B - switch active hand slot option.
  • M - Switch mouse menu .
  • N - switch item mode (for example aiming, burst etc).
  • S - Skilldex window.
  • Z + mouse wheel - Zooming in/Zooming out.
  • 1-8 - Shortcut for skills (1 - sneak, 2 - lockpick, 3 - steal, 4 - traps, 5 - first aid, 6 - doctor, 7 - science 8, - repair.)
  • Ctr + and - Raising and lowering Sound value.
  • Shift + and - Raising and lowering Music Value.
  • / - Checking in game time.

Other Hotkeys:

(Can be redefined in file hotkeys.ini)

  • R - reload weapon.
  • ctr+click (inventory action) - will cause an item to go into hand slot, or in case of armors into armor slot. Quite handy, for fast gearing up!

Quick Medicines taking:

  • Alt + 1 - Use Healing Powder.
  • Alt + 2 - Use Regular Stimpak.
  • Alt + 3 - Use Super Stimpak.
  • Alt + 4 - Use Hypo
  • Alt + 5 - first aid yourself.
  • Alt + 6 - doctor yourself.

Quick Aiming:

  • Alt + q - aim eyes
  • Alt + w - aim head
  • Alt + a - aim left hand
  • Alt + s - aim torso
  • Alt + d - Aim right hand.
  • Alt + z - Aim left leg.
  • Alt + x - Aim Groin
  • Alt + c - Aim right leg.
  • Alt + e - turn off auto aim.

You can set a binds to use item from hand slots:

  • use1hand=hotkey
  • use2hand=hotkey

You can also set two hotkeys for using Stimpaks and Super Stimpaks on other people:

  • usestimon=hotkey
  • usesson=hotkey


Firstly . or / then:

  • S - for shouting (You can also shout by using ctr+enter)
  • W - for whispering (You can also shout by using alt+enter)
  • E - for emoting
  • R - for sending radio message (require radio.) (You can also shout by using shift+enter)
  • H - for sending radio distress signals (require radio in active hand slot.)

Game Options

You can access to them after pressing ESC and then choosing options.

Combat Mode

Real-time - you will always fight in real time combat. You won't be able to get into any turn based encounter.
Both Modes - you will fight in real time combat but also game will detect turn based encounters too.
Turn-based - you will start your encounters in turn based mode but game will also detect real time encounters.

Always Run

Setting this to on will makes your character always run which is good thing...except if you're a sneaker without silent running perk. In that case you will want to turn this off.


Default: Also known as classic. A game skin based on Fallout 2. While certainly nice its not advised. Except if you really like it you should switch.

Pure: Better interface - it's smaller, cleaner you can see more on the game even with certain windows like inventory opened.

Note: There's also 3rd game interface available on forums. Its player made but its looking really nice. Click here to get more information

Crit Effects

Setting this off will cause the game to not display information about critical effects (like Blinded) when inflicted such hit. If you don't want to notice them better turn them off (No really keep this options on, its helpful.)

Followers Info

Every time somebody follows you to world-map you will get a notification. If its annoying you, you can set it off buts is advised to have it on as it might protect you from unwanted visitors.

Karma Colors

With this options on you will see people's nick with positive karma in green and the one with negative's karma in red. It is advised to turn off this option as the karma is not real factor whether player should be trusted or not.

Fast Travel

If this option is set on the game client will automatically cancel any non forced encounters on your way. Very convenient option and you should turn it on unless you looking for certain encounters (For example during farming Fire Geckos.)

Auto Reload

Enables or Disable automatically reloading of your gun by clicking when clip is completely emptied.


A very experimental feature allowing you to make interface go halfway transparent. Doesn't work for everyone. Or rather for most of people it is only causing game to glitch out and freeze.

Global Messages

Enables or Disable messages that are displayed to everyone by green font on middle of screen (TC information, Event information and so on).

Faction Icons

Toggle off/on displaying faction icons.

Debug Mode

Debug mode is a simple toy that helps in doing some fancy stuff. This options don't give any kind of advantages for players so unless you're game tester or perhaps graphic modder creator you won't have any use of it. To start a game in Debug mode ad a -DebugInfo to your Fonline.exe (screen #1). While having the debug mode on following options are possible:

  • F1 - As a bonus to normal f1 help file game will display some extra stuff like exact coordinates etc. Do not press f1 while being on worldmap when having debug mode on or you will get a game crash.
  • F7 - This will show NPC's names.
  • CTR+F7 - This will show ID's of all players and mobs around you. (screen #2)
  • F9 - In FOnline 2238 it was showing some pathfinding stuff according to their old wiki. In FOnline2 though this option is disabled and instead it used as a toggle button for Awareness.
  • F10 - Will turn on game grid. (screen #3)
  • F11 - Never tried this one in FOnline2, but according to FOnline 2238's wiki it was used to save all graphics that were stored in game engine to HDD. Not sure what this does - Probably some tool for admins.