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A typical old gas station, situated on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Before you can get access to Navarro and join Enclave Faction, firstly you have to fulfill jobs for Enclave agent located here. To discover this place on your World Map you need to either Finish Kenny's quest by choosing Enclave, or talk to Trader Buck at San Francisco's tanker. You can also see this place after delivering enough Pre-War Data to a Suspicious Man in Redding, that is if you ask him about it.

If you are not in any factions you can buy here a Pre-War Bunker base map for 200k. Kinda expensive.

Note: You currently can't join Enclave faction as it is blocked for now. You also can't see Navarro so visit this place only if you want to buy the Bunker.

A gas station. Click to enlarge.
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