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Gecko in-game map graphic.


A town inhabited by ghouls. It operates a unique working Poseidon Nuclear Reactor. Due to the lack of qualified personnel and poor maintenance, the reactor suffers from a constant fuel leakage, consequently making the surrounding area highly radioactive.

Gecko is inhabited by passive Ghouls. The fact that they are not shooting people on sight was always a big wonder for entire wasteland population. One of scientist in the Enclave has interesting idea how Gecko was formed: in the past the only place where Ghouls were living was a town called Necropolis. Ghouls residing there had an serious ideology clash: some of them were stating that humans' meat is delicious. Other were more in mood for rats and brahmin meat and were claiming that humans are not to be shot as its just a waste of good bullets. They kept arguing till the wisest Ghoul - Hedron (Okay, okay, he was called: "Harold" but it's close enough am I right?) (No) said: Fuck it, lets go somewhere else so we can grow brahmins in peace. And so a great exile has begun. Nearly half of Necropolis Ghouls has journeyed far, far away to the north of wasteland. There they had found an old nuclear reactor which was looking for them as a fitting place for a bunch of ghouls. And so thus a city of Gecko has been formed. Meanwhile the human eating ghouls stayed at Necropolis. True story bro, 100% legit.

The small town of Gecko is mostly visited because of Skeeter, the Kevlar trader. A lot of poor crafters have been murdered by Player Killers (PKs) in the vicinity of his store, as it is one of their favorite camping places, where a couple of 1hex bursts can get you a nice amount of kevlar loot or caps (and a lot of rage from the deceased). This is almost an empty town with only a few NPCs. Remember that this location is unguarded and is a part of the Town Control system, which often turns it into blood drenched killing fields.

Town maps

The town of Gecko consists of two maps: the outside town area and the reactor area. The reactor is empty though.

Points of interest


  • 1 - A professional "Tragic" player. You can loot "Tragic" decks from different NPCs while farming and use them to play a game against this NPC. If you lose a game, you'll get 200 exp, but if you win you'll receive 1000 exp and 1000 caps!
  • 2 - Wooz. He sells drinks and is an excellent source of radiated beer and booze for crafting anti-radiation drugs.
  • 3 - Town Control box.
  • 4 - Percy, an NPC trader.
  • 5 - A mechanic. He can sell you a super tool kit for 2000 caps.
  • 6 - Skeeter, an NPC Trader. He also sells Kevlar polymers for 500 caps each.
  • 7 - The workbench location.
  • 8 - Harold. If you want to start Town Control, talk to this bonsai-headed ghoul.
  • 9 - Lumpy. Talkable NPC.
  • 10 - Waterpipe. You can fill empty water bags here.
  • 10a - Waterpipe. Oh look another one.
  • 11 - Lenny. Fallout 2 relict. He used to be one of NPC's that could tag along with you. In FOnline 2 he's quite useless.

The reactor

  • 1 - Festus. While you can talk to him he's not very useful.
  • 2 - Festus... again! They probably have a cloning unit hidden somewhere around here.

Town Control Videos

First One

A Video from C88.
A Town Control feature done in Gecko.


A Video from Rogues.
A Town Control feature done in Gecko.


  • As weird as it is there is no Gecko Express branch office in this town,
  • It's one of the most boring towns, visited extremaly rarely by the players.
  • Hedron is actually spelt "Herdon"
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