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Let say this first - this is actually not a quest. It is a PvP feature that is so compliacted to activate that only few people has ever done that so i consider activating it more like a quest than anything else really. So what exactly this is about?

You and up to four of your friends can become Salvatore's familly made mans. First go to Louis Salvatore and ask him for a job. You will need a 1000 caps to start. Make sure your team mates are tagging you. Depending on how many people is tagging you the quest will be set to either 3vs, 4vs4 or 5vs5. Choose combat mode: Real time or turn based. Now you and your entire team should see one of 3 random pvp locations (Ruined Hotel, Golgotha or Railway). A Global timer will appear informing everyone on the serwer that you just started PvP challenge and are looking for enemies.

Wait for enemy team to appear and fight them - they are allowed to bring only as much people as you have. When the timer reach 0, an enclave trooper's squad will appear and give special briefcase to the winning side. Assuming you were the winners take it then return it to Luis for 1750 caps...

Counterstrike Team

So you noticed that some wastelanders started a PvP challenge? And want to respond to it? Great. Make sure you have the same amount of people (you can bring less but obviously your chances will be decreased by doing so) as the challenge message is stating. Make sure your people are tagging you. Take 1000 caps with you and go talk to one of 3 Mafia familly's leaders in New Reno - It can be either Wright, Bishop or Mordino, whatever fits you works. In return for 1000 caps you will see a location where enemy team is waiting. Go there and battle them. If you win - wait for countdown to go to zero then receive briefcase from incoming Enclave Troopers. Then give the briefcase to your employer for 1750 caps.

Location of Familly Heads

  • Big Jesus Mordino: Desperado Casino level 1 in South Side of the town.
  • Christ Wright: Right Wing of Wright's Mansion at East side of the town.
  • Bishop: Center of the city, Level 2 of the Shark Club.

Quest Maps

Why this feature is not being used

  • As you can see it is complicated to launch.
  • The reward doesn't exist. The amount of caps used in the bet is just too low.
  • Players very rarely want to fight fairly.
  • Since not many people know exactly how this feature works as soon as one team starts pvp challenge the other one can't join since many random player killers, enemy gangs are heading to New Reno and are blocking the access to important NPC's.
  • There's Hinkley...ughm i mean Simulation feature in the game so this one is redundant.