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Game Installation


As far as installation of video games go, FOnline2 isn't remotely difficult, assuming this isn't your first time installing a video game on a computer.

What you'll need:

  • 600MB Available HDD space. Note: If you've only got 600MB available, don't be surprised if your HDD sounds like a train. Space and whatnot.

  • 1st step : Go to the "client download link" topic and download the full version or light version from Mega or Mediafire. Choose Light if you have the Fallout2.dat files already and are able to copy them over. Otherwise, get the full version. ( )
  • 2nd step : Extract the contents of the archive to a folder of your choosing. Hint: Use 7-zip.
  • 3rd step : Your game is now installed. To play, launch "FOnline.exe". If you want to add FOnline2 to Steam, add "Fonlined3d.exe" as a non-steam game. To configure most settings that are not available in-game, launch "FOconfig.exe"