Hunger Games Caves (Event)

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Hunger Games Cave edition is event created by SmallGreg that somehow mimic the original Hunger Games event. Except this time instead of executing it on the huge surface map players have to fight in the caves.

This event is a part of even scheduler cycle and thus is granting event tokens as a reward for scoring high in it. Event starting point is placed in Vault City's Outskirts, just before the inne gate (Between the Doctor and Shop) To be able to get into event your character have to be completely naked, without any gear piece (if you're hot girl then beside having your character naked you yourself should be naked and send photos to for extra APA mk2 at event start)

After signing up the event you will get moved to waiting area. After signing up every participant is moved up to a specially designed copy of Sierra Caves Complex. Your goal at first is to collect as much gear as possible, at same time avoiding many traps (some placed on containers, other might be placed on the ground) and players that are hostile to you and already have some weapons. Unlike regular Sierra Caves there will be no hostile creeps though. If you encounter any friends while running through caves you can tag him and you can move through caves as a group (up to 3 players in group just like in regular Sierra Caves Complex)

At the start of the event only basic items will be spawning in the containers, but with each passing minute the gear obtainable will get stronger, ending up with unlocking the tier 4 gear. As the battle progress eventually only few players will be left alive. When all of those players will go to one cave map, this map will become sealed (that's it for option of running to another cave map when situation get too tough). If the players will still be not killing each other even on one map a bunch of deathclaw might appear to execute the sudden death mode.



  • The 15 people that survive the longest will receive 1 event token per player.
  • The winner will receive 5 event tokens instead.