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Awaiting for the start. BTW: Bringing that mutie char wasn't probably the wisest idea.


Hunger Games are one of the biggest FOnline2 events. They are being run automatically every Friday 19:00 and Saturday 20:00 (Server time, which correspond to (CET, UTC+1:00 in winter and UTC+2:00 in summer), Hunger Games Event can host up to 100 players (in the past it used to host much less people). There are 2 variants of the maps. The older one used during session 2 and an alternate version made somewhere in middle of session 3. Currently the map on which event will be played will be picked randomly from 2 possible choices.

How this event works? It's simple. After talking to event manager that spawns in Hub at event start time you get transported to an event map. There after a countdown reach 0 you are to scavenge whatever gear you can find and use that gear to kill other wastelanders. Every killed enemy unlike regular gameplay will give you experience upon killing (Frags matter, yo!) Depending on how long you can survival you will get to score events token (A item that serve's as yet another ingame currency, once you have enough of tokens you will be able to exchange them for premium items).

While in the beginning Hunger Games Event was planned as FFA battlezone for single players it quickly turned out that Hunger Games are in fact a much more team play focused arena on which various gang are having their battles. It is possible to get good results by playing solo although it would be very tough. ("Get in the Corn junior, get there and hex them all!").

This is how boxes in middle will behave in new Hungry Games map.

Lets write a bit more about how the event works from perspective of a wastelander like you. Firstly you get into event, wait for it start. Boxes located in middle while very numerous at the start of event will got significantly reduced after first loot respawn countdown is over. Rush to the boxes, meet up with people you know, people that you consider allied to you. Exchange gear with them, give them what they need and ask them for weapon you use. Then once you and your team are ready, go hunt for other groups. In the end only your team should survive. Even can have only one winner so when there is no longer any enemies to bind team together prepare for yet another battle, this time with people you used to think of as an allies. Equipment can be found in the boxes. The boxes will replenish items from time to time. Science and disassembling items is not working in this event.

Note: Be careful when opening boxes. Every one of them got 20% to be protected by a trap.


  • The 15 people that surive the longest will receive 1 event token per player.
  • The winner will receive 5 event tokens instead.

Event Maps

Session 3 Map

Click to enlarge. B - is for Boxes containing stuff. There might be more boxes on the map as its not sure whether all of them has been marked by our trained apes.

Session 2 Map

Click to enlarge. B - is for Boxes containing stuff.

Description (Archival)

This is how things were in session 2 folks. NOT LONGER THE CASE.

Once you win you can pick up one of 4 possible robes.

Hunger Games is a special events that happens every now and then, when Wesan is in good mood. Event Managers will spawn in Hub Downtown and every player wishing to go to event will have to talk with one of them(you have to have an empty inventory). There's only 40 slots. Event starts when enough people join in, after first round there is usually another one, so if you didn't manage to get in first one you can always hope to get into the second one.

Event start with everyone being imprisoned in cages. After a few seconds people gets released from them, all at once and the hunter game begins. On the map there's scattered network of boxes that contains stuff. Whoever is fastest will get to loot them - so yes picking a supermutant for this event is one of the greatest ideas you can come up with. The containers restock at specified times or after enough players has been killed.

Your task is to be the last survivor. It's advised to team up with some friends as the lonely wolves will be eliminated by others quickly. Remember that there's can be only one winner so your group eventually will be your enemies as well. Whenever you kill other player you will receive a reward: 2000 experience points, don't forget to loot that player as he might have something useful. If an player dies (and naturally if you have sound on) you will hear a huge explosion.

After some time has passed or if the Supreme watchers (Developers) decides its time, Wild Deathclaws spawns and starts rampaging onto map. They are extremely dangerous as they are dealing huge amount of damages and have around 2000 hp. If you manage to kill one you will receive 5k experience points, but those dangerous critters can be also used as a weapon - every time you shoot at them it can make them change their target(its random chance, sometimes you need more than one shoot to change mindset of attacking you beast)and they will be going straight into other players location, survivors mostly compare the Deathclaws to a homing missile.

Rewards in Session 2(Archival)

If you manage to win event (or just be last survivor AKA man that's quicker than Deathclaws) you will get an option of choosing one of 4 different colored robes called Combat Robe. Sometimes you will also get qualification for 1vs1 battle in which winner will get an implant.

It looks like in session 3 the winner of Hunger Games events will be receiving General's Clifton Holotape - an item necessary for clearing Sierra Army Depot dungeon.