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It seems that despite somehow surviving in the post nuclear wasteland, most of people living there is really helpless. They can't find food, tools, guns and so on for themselves. Instead of trying to get what they need, they stand all day in one place shouting for help. This kind of exciting new activity is what common wastelanders call Miniquests.

On more serious note: starting from session 3 of FOnline 2, NPCs living in towns stopped being mindless, useless shooting targets, standing around, being useless like garbage. Nowadays most of them will try to pass information to you in form of gossips, trash talk and so on. Some of them will have stuff to sell and some will need help. Meaning the towns of the wasteland is no longer purely for trading and PvP.

Gossip System

A NPC's gossiping..hmmm wait something wrong here...BUT WHAT?!

Everything that is going in the world of FOnline 2 is now being discussed by NPCs. Just get close to place where there is many NPCs in same area and wait for pieces of information starting to appear on your screen. Then decide what you want to do - NPC's will inform you about miniquests, town events, worldmap events and so on. How NPCs get this kind of information in the blink of an eye? How does news travel from one side of California to the other? These are mysteries that the NPCs will take to their graves.

Town Events

Those are the biggest automatic events that happens in world of FOnline 2, and are announced by green text displayed to all logged in users, which means that most of the time there will be players other than you taking part in them. Meaning your blood thirst for PvP will most likely be quenched.

Gangs War

This event is taking it's place in center of New Reno (Virgin Street). Bishop Family will organize a raid which will target Mordino's Casino (Rhymes :D). Bunch of thugs with 400+ hit points will take control over said Casino. Kill every NPC in the area and hold out until event is done or till somebody wipes them out. The fate of Desperado's casino is sealed...but Small Jesus Mordino decided to act. He will change that future. He called every passing wastelander to help. If you and your team manage to achieve the success, clear out the attackers then the first person who talks to Small Jesus will receive a pack of drugs, few thousands of caps and a custom made knife: "The little Jesus".

The actual gameplay of this event is quite simple: You spawn in the Virgin Street, part of New Reno make a firing line in front of casino with your friends then burst the Bishops Thug that will try to walk out from the Casino. If it's get too hot your group should just step a little bit back to regain action points and heal wounds since while certainly strong the NPC's can't run. As always in this kind of events the NPC's aren't that big of a deal. The problems lies in other teams that will surely try to stop you from completing the event. PK's lurks everywhere!

Drug Transaction

Hey there is separate page for this event. Click on me!

Wright's Family Event

This event is taking place in East side of New Reno. The site is protected by 4 NPC's guardsman that will attack any player that would try to attack others. Still since there is just 4 guardsman its easy to overpower them, so don't consider this place as protected. The correct term would be: "semi-medium-probably-not-really protected".

The event is about a Wright Family replenishing their stock of weapons and other vital items do to that each minute 4k of caps is being spawned in Chris Wright inventory, those 4k can be exchanged for stuff you bring there. In the ideal world you would just come there with hands full of farmed items then exchange them for caps. You got caps - you are happy. Chris got weapons - he is happy as well. Unfortunately, it is almost guaranteed that other players will attempt to kill you here, therefore come armed, and if possible with friends. Many friends. Unless you have none.

Fire Gecko Buyout

Modoc's Tannery needs more materials. Lee Balton will personally buy unlimited amount of Fire Gecko skins that wastelanders will bring to him paying 350 for each. Just tell him that you want to sell gecko's skin, pick fire gecko then sell as many as you want - you can sell up to 10 in one conversation so if you have more you have to keep talking to him.

Since it's global event while there is no hostile NPC's around its nearly guaranteed that other players will try to kill you to get your skins. Stay on watch!

Mass Sale Events

4 Great Shops in FOnline 2 from time to time offer sale's event. In that time there is plenty of merchandise in shopkeepers inventory. Since the event is advertised via global message except plenty of other players trying to get valuable items.

Big Drugs Sale in New Reno

This sale happens in Renesco's drug store (Commercial district). Each minute a lot of premium drugs is being spawned in Renesco's inventory (including Psycho). Usually this place is a warfare between player driven gangs trying to control source of easy drugs, do not come alone here.

Big Drugs Sale in San Francisco

Doctor Fung located on downtown is having a sale. Each minute in his inventory a pack of drugs including psycho will get spawned. Just like in case of New Reno's drug sale this event is usually a battlefield of PvP gangs.

Big Ammo Sale in New Reno

New Reno Arms is having an Ammo sale. Each minute plenty of AP Rocket, 10mm AP and 5mm AP is getting spawned. While this doesn't sounds too interesting on its own there is also one extra thing going on this event: In addition to regular ammunitions being spawned players can also find here Gauss ammo, Bozar ammo or Caseless ammo which is so rare that it will for sure attract attention of many players.

Big Book Sale in San Francisco

This event is taking its place in Tanker, San Francisco. Every minute a book shopkeeper is getting a lot of books spawned in his inventory. This event used to be a battlefield for some big, big fights at the beginning of season when everyone was needing books. Now its a little more calm but as this place is unprotected and taking in consideration the giant green message that everyone see you should totally be prepared for enemy players trying to rob you.

Note: Due to update this event also spawns Crafting Recipes for weapons like P90 or even Avenger Minigun and maybe, just maybe if you get lucky for armors like Combat Armor or Hubologist's Robes.

Enclave Supply

Hey there is separate page for this event. Click on me!

Meeting At Cathedral

Hey there is separate page for this event. Click on me!

Tax Collecting At NCR

Hey there is separate page for this event. Click on me!

BoS Transport to San Fracisco

Hey there is separate page for this event. Click on me!

Worldmap Events

Link To WM events


A miniquests are simple tasks that some NPCs will ask you to do. It could be for example bringing bottle of finest beer to local hobo, paying a couple caps for a good time with the ladies orfinding a new gun for a guardsman's fresh recruits. Each miniquest is active for 10 minutes or till maximum, random amount of people finish it. NPCs will accept sought item from several player characters, but each character can bring only one item (so you can't bring for example, 4 Needler Pistols to one guard using the same character - you would need to bring each one on four diffrent characters), try to be quick, the first player to finish miniquest will receive 100% of reward, second 50%, third and next, only 25% of initial reward.

Farmer's Quests

Note: Farmers are marked red on NPCs maps.

This quest starts in Modoc, Redding and Hub. the description varies. A Farmer needs one of following items: Primitive Tool, Hatchett, Pickaxe, Rope, Water Bag, Rubber Boots. Just deliver the requested item and enjoy your reward.

The first player to finish the miniquest will receive 3000 experience points and 100 caps.

Guardsman Quests

Note: Guards are marked green on NPCs maps. Do note that not all guards are marked on this maps, it would be impossible to do so -> many of them especially, where as the guards in Hub are patrolling the town, being constantly in move. Tough luck, deal with it, suck it up.

The guards are looking for one of following weapon: 10mm Pistol, Shotgun, .44 Magnum Revolver, Desert Eagle .44, 9mm Mauser, 10mm SMG, M3A1 "Grease Gun" SMG, Tommy Gun, Combat Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, 14mm Pistol, Needler Pistol, Assault Rifle or H&K CAWS.

This miniquest can appear in: Hub, Junktown, Boneyard, Shady Sands, Vault City, Redding, San Francisco and Klamath. Basically just about everywhere, but finding the right guard in Hub or Junktown is the real problem and if you notice it being started there, don't try too hard hard - there is so, so many guards in that locations that finding the right one will most likely take more than 10 minutes. In other words, chances are, time's up buddy.

Despite wipe changelog telling us that there are 2 kind of rewards, the one for low tier gun and different pricing for mid tier gun i was always receiving 6000 experience points and 1000 caps no matter which gun i brought.

Alcoholic's Quests

Note: Drunkers are marked blue on NPCs maps.

Local drunk is looking for one of possible drinks: Beer, Booze, Roentgen Rum, Gamma Gulp Beer or Rotgut. This quest can start in Cathedral, Den, Hub, Redding.

A Reward for first person delivering the drink is 3000 experience points... For beer.

Child's Quests

Note: Child's are marked pink on NPCs maps.

A Child needs some food! It could be one of following: Fruit, Iguana-on-a-stick (both variant if NPCs doesn't accept one of it try the second one), Cheezy Poofs, Box Of Noodles, Meat Jerky or Small Dusty Box Of Some Sort.

There are children in almost all location except for Gecko, San Francisco and Shady Sands. The first person who will bring food to hungry children will receive 3000 experience points.

Prostitute's Quests

Note: Prostitutes are marked violet on NPCs maps.

Some skillful professionals will offer you their quality service. If you deliver her 500 caps, no matter if you're man, woman, man in a hotdog suit, green alien. you shall receive fine training in very art we all know as prostitution. If you're the first person to use these professional services, you will receive 10,000 experience points. Good deal if I do say so myself.

Modoc Skins Miniquests

This event is only active in Modoc. Sometimes a Modoc Resident will want to buy a some number of fire gecko pelts. He's paying 350 per one. Unlike other events there is only one winner here - the first person to deliver the skins is ending miniquest. Aside from caps there is also a reward in form of 1000 experience points for completing the miniquest.

Burned House Events

As Game session progressed, the blueprints, once rare item, became more and more common. Since everyone need just one copy of blueprint for certain items (doesn't apply to recipes) many players had been left with multiple copies of blueprints for items. There were also an issue of blueprints which were doing "nothing" like Rad-X blueprint (reminder: when item was in blocked status only people with blueprint were able to craft it, when such item became unlocked due to global technology project, everyone could craft it but only people will who had read blueprints are able to craft such item with bonuses yet since drugs and certain items like throwing knives can't get any crafting bonuses blueprints for them become useless.) The Burned House event is a feature that is meant to find use for a not longer need blueprints.

Some citizens in various towns had their houses burned and now need new sets of blueprints. They are willing to pay caps for people bringing them. You will also get small amount of experience. This feature works exactly like miniquest and is considered as a part of living project miniquest series. However, why the need blueprints and their house burnt down... Is another mystery this game will take to it's grave.

Depending on the quality of blueprints you can receive:

-Level 1 blueprints: 1000 exp. 500 caps per blueprint
-Level 2 blueprints: 2000 exp. 1000 caps per blueprint
-Level 3 blueprints: 3000 exp. 1500 caps per blueprint
-Level 4 blueprints: 4000 exp. 2000 caps per blueprint

Basically the more advanced blueprints are worth more than the ones unlocking simpler items. This events last for 10 minutes or till 5 copies of needed blueprints are delivered.


Everyone loves trading. Sometimes a citizen want to sell his books, sometimes a miner has some extra steel etc. This kind of event last 10 minutes. Each 1-2 minutes more stuff is being spawned in minisaler inventory although numbers of offered items will never be too great, thus first part of name: "mini". You can notice that somebody want to sell you something by red exclamation mark being displayed over such NPC.

Note: Other than main item that is described below, various minisale will sometimes spawn some other interesting items like pre-war parts. Even if you're not interested in let say Uranium Ore, you should check such NPCs for other item he could be selling.

Citizen's Minisale

Note: Citizens are marked yellow on NPCs maps.

The regular citizens in most of towns are selling books. This variant of minsale can happen in towns like Junktown, Boneyard, The Hub, Redding etc. Nice and handy event.

Drug Dealer's Minisale

Note: Drug Dealers are marked orange on NPCs maps.

Drug Dealers will try to sell you some drugs like jets or buffouts. You can meet most of them in New Reno and The Den. This kind of minisale is rather not worth seeking since the amount of spawned drugs is very low.

San Francisco's Minisales

Citizens of San Francisco instead of selling books will have in their inventories Energy Transformers and Chemical Components.

Gecko's Minisales

Ghouls in Gecko instead of selling books will have Polymer Kevlar in their offer.

Miners's Minisales

Miner's in Redding will sell you some high grade steel.

Broken Hills's Minisales

Citizens in Broken Hills will offer Uranium Ore to potential buyers.

Opportunity Events

Most of wasteland's citizens are poor. Some of them are Gamblers. Sometimes, very rarely but sometimes such gambles wins a lot of caps. You would call them lucky, but while certainly lucky they are not too smart. Instead of running with their reward they choose to stay in one place. And thus a certain determined wastelander could call such situation an "opportunity".

Aside from flavor side of story this event works like this: Some amount of caps is being spawned in inventory of certain Gambler or Prostitute. Its probably anything from range of 500 to 2000 caps. Your task is to find such NPCs and acquire the caps in any way you can. Just keep killing NPCs called Gamblers or Prostitutes depending on the opportunity event variant till you find right one.

Caravans Events

Being a caravan guard is a risky job. Sometimes its very profitable one though. Especially when caraveeners need more people. From time to time Caravans Companies are increasing their reward stakes for people willing to go on specified route, in game its being reflected by increasing by 50% the cash and experience reward. To receive extra rewards you need to finish your caravan in duration of event so don't waste too much time.

You should also take into your consideration that increased reward will cause much more people to pick the same caravan route as you. The increased movement on roads will also for sure cause that some player will try to ambush caravanners. Stay on your guard and don't let other players take your caps!

  • Hub <-> NCR caravan event. Event lasts 10 minutes.
  • Hub <-> Vault City caravan event. Event lasts 20 minutes.
  • Hub <-> San Francisco caravan event. Event lasts 20 minutes.
  • Far Go caravan event. Event lasts 30 minutes.
  • NCR <-> VC caravan event. Event lasts 10 minutes.

Those are 5 possible variation of this event covering every caravan route. The Junktown Scouts Patrol is the only caravan feature that does not have for itself this variant of event.

NPC's Maps

Below are various NPC's maps for critters taking part in living world project. This maps can be imperfect though so if it seems that i missed a NPC report it in discussion section. It seems that only NPC that are talkable take part in Living World Project (For example Melee Guard located in San Francisco is not included in scripts, but San Francisco Guard is. For Example NPC named: "Shi" is included in the project but: "Leo Pan Peasant" is not. Kinda tricky, huh?

Also you can meet in game some NPC's named: "error", "200" etc. There is even Hubologist in Redding placed directly next to wall. All of them are probably bugged and won't ever take part in living world project. If you care you should report their existence on FOnline 2 forum - since I'm banned I can't do that, and I'd rather not care too much.

Note: This maps are having quite big resolution and even bigger file size so we linked here nerfed versions (bit smaller resolution and worse quality, thanks to this they should load a lot faster). If you want best availaible quality... Here's the link!