Margaret's fridge

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Margaret wants you to ask Pete about fixing her fridge. When you return to her and pass Pete's standard answer ("soon") you will fulfill your epic quest! But don't leave yet! Ask Margaret if it's alright if you try to fix the fridge. It's your only chance to ask about that, since later on you won't have this option in dialogue (but you can still fix the fridge and receive your reward, though).

You either need to have at least 60% in repair skill or you need to try fixing it with tools in active hand slot.


For passing a message:

  • 650 experience points.
  • Room for the next 3 days in the Crash House hotel(Pointless feature. Don't use it. It often happens that players forget about the 3 days period and lose all of their items inside the rented room).

If you manage to fix the fridge:

  • 730 caps
  • 1 repair book.
  • 850 experience.
  • 60 positive karma.