Mini Zombie Outbreak (Event)

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FOnline2 is certainly not set in The Walkind Dead TV show universe. Zombies does not live in the streets waiting for last few people that's are alive to walk straight into their nests...right? Well usually they don't. There are two exceptions for that.

The most common case of ZOMBIFICATION the whole FOnline2 is when pre wipe madness happens. During that time all cities have no longer living people there. Instead there's Ghouls and more Ghouls. Funny enough those ghouls tends to drop upon death anything from APA mk2 to a Arroyo Temple Key. As interesting as this is, since it's happening only few days before wipe it's not really that much of importance. So lets move to the second case.

Sometimes when developers are in the playful enough mood (AkA Drunk) weird things can happen. Mini Zombie outbreak it's a small event that can be done in various places. Basically, right here, right now a Zombie legion appears out of the blue sky. Usually players have to deal with them. Sometimes run from them. And sometimes if developers are feeling really, really playful the only thing players can do when meeting Zombies is to die as they won't stop spawning till every non brain eater is in respawn zone.


Mini Zombie Outbreak in Lost Hill Bunker

Mini Zombie Outbreak in Shady Sands