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Modoc map, in-game graphic.


A small agricultural community located in the remains of Modoc National Forest.

Modoc is a really small city. Not much is going on here. Modoc is inhabited mostly by farmers and people buying farmer's crops then transporting it to other towns where food is more scarce. To reflect that in game, this town is not only small but also there is only few NPC's living here. Oh there is also a lot of brahmins here. And even more brahmin end-type product...if you know what i mean.

The northern town of Modoc has an interesting history. There is a story that long time ago this town used to be a center of PvP. Groups of players used to stand here all day long, just waiting for any other team to walk in, and then the sky would cry blood and the most epic clusterfuck would commence, true story... but let's stop trading ancient stories of badassery stories and get back to harsh reality of the FOnline Universe, shall we?

Currently, today, right now, here in the town of Modoc plays an insignificant part in FOnline2 universe. There are only few useful NPCs in this place; one of them being Lee Balton, who runs a gecko hide business. Nowadays players come here mostly to battle each other during Town Control time and also during Fire Gecko Buy-Out.

For Snipers taking parts in town controls Modoc is their favorite place (alongside with Klamath and Gecko) as there is a lot of open space here on the map where you can safely shoot your enemies from nice (far) range.

Town maps

Modoc consists of only one small area. It's more of a village than a town really.

Points of interest


  • 1 - Jo. A local NPC trader.
  • 2 - Lee Balton. An NPC with many different purposes. Most importantly, he is a level 2 armorer teacher. Lee can also sell you some armors. Most players use his gecko hides trading services (he pays quite a lot of caps for silver, gold and fire gecko hides, and he will also ask wastelanders to bring him some brahmin hides in a form of a quest. Finally he can upgrade your Leather Armors to Leather Armors mark II for 150$ each (if the original armor was upgraded, the upgrades won't stay; on the other hand, if the original armor was damaged, after upgrade it will have 100% durability). He will only buy fire gecko skins at time of Buy-Out event.
  • 3 - The workbench location.
  • 4 - A trader. He sells all kind of stuff except for drugs.
  • 5 - Sheriff. Talk to him if you want to start the Town Control timer.
  • 6 - Town Control box.
  • 7 - The workbench location.
  • 8 - Ron. He sells the Farm (base map) for 100 000 caps.
  • 9 - Rose. A minor NPC trader.
  • 10 - Mook. He will upgrade your gear for free. Don't count on free Combat Armor MK IIs upgrades though, apparently he doesn't consider such lame armor as a gear. Desert Eagles? Shotguns? Hunting Rifles? Nope. The only thing he's willing to upgrade is Brass Knuckles. True wastelander doesn't need anything else.
  • 11 - Waterpipe. You can feel your water bags here.
  • 12 - Grisham. Talkable NPC. Relic from Fallout 2.
  • 13 - Farrel. Talkable NPC. Relic from Fallout 2.
  • 14 - Cornelius. Talkable NPC. Relic from Fallout 2.

Town Control Videos

First One

A Video from C88.
A Town Control feature done in Modoc.


A Video from Rogues.
A Town Control feature done in Modoc.


  • Due to nice church being placed there many "Marriage" type RP events are being run here.
Wedding (or rather should I call it "Shvadhbia"?)
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