My First Tent!

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Talk to any of the Junktown guards about finding some safe place to rest. They will tell you about the local Crash House hotel, but will also mention an alternative method - a tent! Ask them about details for building a tent and they will direct you to Melsak (you can find him north of Doc Zacharius' clinic).

Melsak will ask you to bring him 10 water bags from Frankie. Exit Junktown and go to the new location that opened next to it. However, when you talk to Frankie, he will only give you 4 water bags. Go back to Melsak. He will now tell you to get him a Shiv, so he can make more water bags on his own (try looking for one in the local shops). When you get it, bring it back to Melsak and your job is done.

Location map


  • 200 experience for delivering water bags.
  • 1000 experience.
  • 10x Tanned Brahmin Hides.