Necropolis Water Thievery

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To activate this quest, you need to bring Necropolis Vault Keycard to Christopher in Hub, and choose a line where you show it to him (remember that you can only start this quest once for each brought keycard, so if there's no Necropolis-related dialogue option after you start talking to Christopher, it means that somebody else had already done that quest using the same keycard that you're currently holding). Agree to the job he's asking you to do and receive the Watermerchant Holodisk.

Once you reach Necropolis, you will have to break through its ruins until you get to the watershed. After that, continue your way down to Vault 12. Click on the entry computer and use your keycard. The great doors to Vault 12 are now open... unfortunately, they will stay like this only for the next 10 minutes, and if you don't get out by then, you're screwed. If that should happen, there are two ways to get out:

  • by the "powah of reincarnation" after the ghouls kill you.
  • another player opens the doors from the outside (however there's a great chance that this person will try to murder you).

Proceed to level 3, kill the ghoul leader Zed, click on the pc and then use the Watermerchant Holodisk Christopher gave you on the Necropolis Computer (to be specific: do it by choosing proper dialog line). After that, get the hell out of there, report back to Christopher and collect your reward. To get more detailed information about this location visit Vault 12 wiki page.


  • 50 positive karma
  • 15000 caps.
  • 5000 experience points.