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Entry #1

Bleh as always too tired to write here. Basically: we just catch up to any new content that was made during last few months. Yay!

Song for today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcGCmFJVng0

Entry #2

(proper one will be copied on the forum as well)

Been a long time. 4 new game updates has passed since my last wiki activity. Obviously some things has changed so we can't get behind, Xsarqopedia is no slackertown you know?

  • Changelog page has been updated.
  • Vehicle page has been expanded.
  • Vehicle parts has been described on wiki.
  • A Vehicle Skin gallery is done and available on [Car Paints] page.
  • Game Setting page has been expanded with information about special debug mode.
  • Hunger Games Even page has been expanded. A New Map image is available.
  • Minor Changes to Hub page due to new NPC being added there. (Car's Skin seller).
  • A "Meeting at Cathedral" event has been described.
  • Utility Software page has now FixBoy2000 described.
  • Tax Collecting At NCR? event described.
  • BoS Transport to San Francisco? event described.
  • Small changes to FAQ and Player Run Shops articles.
  • New Article - Events Schedule
  • Cleaning Bot Article.
  • Article about Mini Zombie Outbreak event (Okay mini-event).
  • Added Bunch of troll screens to multiple articles. Can you find them all?
  • Hunger Games Caves edition article.
  • Repelling the Raid Event Article
  • New quest has been described.
  • Herdon has worked hard on further De-ponglishing this wiki. Wiki is now written in Australian-Eng.

If you want to further correct wiki, send raptors and report bugs here or create an account. New accounts has to be activated first. Accounts can be activated by me or Feather. As always thanks for Wesan for enduring hours of silly questions, you silly goose.


Entry #1

"<22:48:04> "Wesan": Fuck you to all Russian idiots killing players"

I'm back after loooong break. Today I was taking part in beta-testing (hmph maybe even alpha) of new purely PvE event. The event started at somewhere around 21:00 of server time. The event we tested was about defending one of northern towns used for Town Control from incoming waves of raiders. It's seems that so far that this event can occur in: Broken Hills, Modoc, Redding, Klamath and The Den. Perhaps in the future more town will feature this event

First of all a global warning will be displayed that one of towns is going to be attacked by Raiders. A countdown will be displayed. It is time for players to head up into the attacked city and bolster the town defenses.

After coming to site first thing i noticed was fact that there were no option of PvP. The "No PvP" setting was on. This means that only thing you should be afraid of when being in the event are thieves, and Cactuses, everyone's afraid of Cactuses. Bloody green pricks...

After preparation countdown is finished the main events starts. The usually peaceful town is being changed into warzone. The town defenders are called Militia. They are being commanded by 3 officers. The player task is to protect those officers. The town aggressors are composed from Thugs, Bootleggers and Raiders. The attacking forces so far seems to be ultra easy - yet it is still alpha version of the event. We had been told that the number of attackers will be depending on number of players online. Both Militia and Attackers aren't lootable. It also seems that there is no experience or caps rewarded.

After event is done each player that took part in the event will be rewarded with points. (If he type in: "Prize" that is). Most likely you will get somewhere from 1 to 5 points per event. A Player that gets 30 points can exchange them for Tokens, which can be further exchanged for actual prizes (General Clifton Holodisk, if I am not wrong). Be careful the PvP protection will be disabled after 10 minutes from event end time!

So far the event is not yet finished, I'm expecting that before we get to see it on actual game server many weeks will pass. Yet it's very promising and I can't wait to see it fully balanced, challenging and most likely abused like hell itself by certain a certain band of Canadian brothers.

Server Messages displayed during tests:

  • Amount of waves and enemies depends on players online.
  • For test we have set it to simulate 100 players online.
  • Okay another balance jump, be back in 5 mins.
  • Expect stronger NPC's with better gear.
  • If any player is cautght attacking another it's a ban. Thanks.
  • This time enemies should actually obliberate us a bit.
  • Payday is shit leave me alone.
  • Please spread between 3 officers.
  • Event will end faster if we will be scrubs.
  • Sorry i don't have enough time to teleport and help a person manually. Regear spawn in U. (From Xsarq: U means Hub in secret Wesan's language)

Screens from Alpha tests:

That's all in today entry. There's a lot to be updated in the wiki itself and i will work on it. Eventually. Soon! Till that time see ya!

Song for today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8PMXyjkbfo


Entry #1

Just a quick note that xsarqopedia has been updated with few new articles about recent game patches and features. Decent blog entry will come in...soon.


Entry #4

Since my last update, I've gone... what do they call it? Ah right... incognito. As most of you already know, I've become a wanted criminal, and in the last few weeks, I've been kidnapped countless times by both sides of the law, the evil, evil NCR and the also-pretty-bad Brotherhood of Steel. Both their interrogation methods and questions were very similar, main questions they asked was my Age/Sex/name, how I managed to enter Sierra Depot unarmed and where the Cheezy Poof stash was within Vault City.

Of course I've only been in California for what? Couple months? I know naught of this hate for Cheezy Poofs and their damned politics! Of course they nabbed me as I was emptying the shit bucket as well. Sierra doesn't have functioning toilets! Threw a bag on my head and dragged me into their fancy vertibird. Of course I had to be afraid of heights! They used it as a weapon to keep me from resisting arrest, forcing me to lean over the side, looking at the horrible, horrible ground. Also a nice view, I'll get into detail later, I've got a date with Tandi. Arranged by the warden Xsarq himself!

Song of the day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=716X3ikwEK4

-Sent from Alcatraz-


Entry #3

What kind of Hijack was this? How could anyone let Hedron in here? OMG i need to stash my rubber boots in different hideout now this one is definitely not save any longer.

So basically hot summer continue to burn any willpower from me. The recent wiki changes are not too impressive due to that. So lets see what has been done through last days?

  • A Special Encounters table will be displayed on their pages to easy up browsing process.
  • A location list will be displayed on their pages working just the same as special encounters one.
  • The newest game update has been described and changes in game has been also implemented into wiki.
  • Some changes to "A Cave in the mountains" special encounter.
  • Some changes to my user page, as i collected more screens.
  • A Glow Chess game page has been expanded with more screens.
  • A Example of TC loot box screens has been added.
  • Action point article has been corrected.

List is long, but don't get fooled - it was only small updates. In the next few days i will add quest table working the same as one in special encounters and locations. I also need to take part in at least one rocketball tournament, one zombie defense and the event in Cathedral as i heard they are new but never saw them. We need to describe them all!

Song for today:

Lenka - Everything At Once


Entry #2

-Herdon Diary Excerpt-

Year, 2262, haven't seen a single sane being for years now. I've been wandering the empty ruins of USA for unspeakable amount of years, my food supply? Gone, water? None distilled, I've been wandering the West Coasts for a few days now, my reliable buggy has broken down, and I'm forced to move my legs. Mhm... Chicken legs. What I wouldn't do for one for one of those... It seems there are ruins of some sort of military base to the South East. Might as well check there for the rumors.

- Page 2 -

Guess what I ran into within those ruins? A pair of boots! With these, I can withstand MUD! Can you believe it? Found it sitting between 2 gatling turrets. Turns out these things won't shoot you if you smell bad enough, who designed these! Though boots wouldn't be of much use in these neck of the woods, place is filled to the brim with ketchup packets, what sick fuck would take these? Took a few anyways, seemed as if it'd be raining in the next few days, and my reliable iPhone 5 keeps telling me to take a left at the next intersection, SIRI helps retain my sanity as I mindlessly type commands into it. Seems Global Wifi is down, I'm not getting a signal. Oh! I found a satellite console connected to this building, however it can only go to one of it's book marked sites "Xsarqopedia". I mean, what kinda person would name it "Xsarqopedia"? It seems to have knowledge of the world though, San Fran is only a mile South, hopefully going to find a hotdog stand there, and knowledge of the boot stash.

- Page 3 -

Whoa! I found a whole stash of porn on this old computer, this will keep me busy for months, been binge watching them along with ketchup as substitute for popcorn, let me tell you, these things go well together. Should also mention I saw a boat the other day, carrying a buncha fish. If you know me, you know how much I enjoy fish. Therefore, I attempted to halt the ship, by firing a warning shot. Due to my amazing aim, hit a gas tank, whole thing went up like dynamite. No fish for me. The communications in this tower are amazing, I tried prank calling my brother the other day, he thought I was the Enclave. Besides that, nothing interesting happening, fired a nuke towards zone 24:29, whole place is irradiated now, (lol) whoops... Seriously though, can't stress enough about the security. A single laser trip wire on each floor, I literally ducked under the laser.

Oh, mentions of a "Song for the day"? Here's mine. Keep ya updated. Maybe...



Entry #1

Summer. Hot long days filled with boredom of everyday work. On the bright side there's FOnline2. My in game resources are vanished in flash manner as me and other Hello Kitties battles in endless dungeons skirmishes. Even with low playercount small team's PvP in dungeon is going strong. As for bigger skirmishes - TC is not really a FOnline2 thing currently, but global events such as Enclave Transaction is bringing a lot of attention from many gangs. It looks like there is several small gangs that has below 10 active people. Since there is no giant big dog every team even as nooby as mine has chance to act and sometimes (very rarely) win. It feels nice.

I've done several Ares runs post-update. Developers did a good job on eliminating solo runners, so far I have not found a single implant but on the bright side I also didn't find a single solo runner abuser. Dungeon is bit tougher thanks to changed weaponry on Super Mutants, but it's also still bugged. Super mutants are supposed to randomly change weapons each 30 minutes - for some reasons they don't.

Implants and Toxic Caves.

Not so long ago many people were mad at me for selling 40 Toxic Caves map for 6,5k each. Today i see buying offers for 10k caps. Why such sudden tense on getting entry tickets on this dungeon for newbies and apprentice players? Starting from newest update you can find implants and tier 4 there. Forum is full on people that describe which implant they found there and how easy they did it. Sounds good? Hell yeah. What you should remember though is that before every person that posted how he found an implant in the Caves there's like 10 unlucky ones that didn't. But since no one talks about failed searching, and only lucky winners are bragging you might think that Toxic Cave is spiting out implants like crazy. It doesn't. This dungeon still got a very average loot to time effort ratio with also very complicated puzzle/trap element. If you got the maps and someone is offering you caps for them - you should sell them and collect caps. With caps you can buy any implants. With Maps you MIGHT found one. But probably won't.

Song for today:

UUH-UUH-UUH Dancing Through the skies!

See you in next entry!


Entry #1

I'm slowly going back into playing this game instead of writing. It doesn't look too nicely though. Old Junktown Scouts are dead, most of member's gone. Remnants have formed new gang. I'm currently playing in it - it's called "Hello Kitty".

The overall server state seems not bad, there are some enemies and there is always something to do. One thing bothers me a bit - forum looks even more dead than it was when i was writing wiki. This is to be expected though - the normal adult players has been either banned or annoyed beyond any comprehensive levels, leaving only trolls there. Forum is a cancer, don't visit it this session guys.

Since in newest update there were changes in perks everyone got free rerolls, you can check if you can reroll freely on your alt by using ~reroll command. I had 5 alts to be rerolled - and I already did it. This means a lot of grinding, obtaining new skillbooks, obtaining again pathfinder and pack rats achievements, making new network of tents. All of this has eaten me many hours and will probably eat even more time. One of my friends called it: "Mini wipe". He's kinda right.

With low amount of people playing the game, economy has been hit the worst. While there is still shitload of PvP, awesome amount of PvE, the economy is dying. It is so late in the session that people aren't buying ammunition and Super Stimpaks, they aren't buying anything except implants. And even finding a buyer for implant is tough challenge now. Feels bad.

Song for today:


See you in next entry!


Entry #1

Guess what? It is a forum release time nao!


Entry #1

Ok, raw version of entire wiki is done. Before i publish it i still need to add some TC videos to town pages and better images for perks. Oh also i need to upload RAW .psd files. ETA till forum release - 48 hours TOP.


Entry #1

Things progressed nicely today. I menaged to fill out everything i wanted to. All that is missing currently is Character section and Bases section. I think the day of realising wiki is not that far away!


Entry #1

Crafting section took way less than anticapated. It was one of those sections that didn't got changed that much in session 3. Currently working on quest sections, and by working i means almost ending that section. The progress is real bitchez.

Song for today!

From other news: Requiem is getting translated to english. Might be worth to check it out altough im not sure how heavy is that serwer developed or is it only another TLA clone or something very different, prolly the second one though!


Entry #1

Item section is almost done, i will start doing Crafting section very soon.


Entry #1

3 month later...yep i'm still working on this. Yep i had like 2 and half month brake couse of leading Junktown Scouts. Yep im still too lazy to explain shit on this page. Anyway: World section completed, working on items section now.


Entry #1

Progress bitches! Im too tired to write so i will limit myself to short sentence: most likely all there is to do in world section is to export content from old one as the new bits are finished.


Entry #1

Fuck yeah. Special encounters finished. Living world project finished.


Entry #1

Time surely flowes up. My progress ain't that speedy though. Still working on global worldmap encounters and special encounters. Shoud be done with them at the end of next month i hope ;)


Entry #1

Added an description to one of special encounters. The Guardian of Forever.


Entry #1

Added an description to one of special encounters. The primitive village. Yep this is going slowly.


Entry #1

Big Guns section recreated.


Entry #1

I have updated small guns section. The small guns that still need the check up: HK P90c, XL70E3, Sniper Rifle, Pancor Jackhammer and all unique ones.


Entry #1

Welcome! After a direct clash with one of the Fonline deves i decided to split ways with Fonline 2 wiki. I raged, i made several dramas etc. It turned out though that i really like editing wiki. So here's my own Fonline 2 wiki. It will be nearly the same as official wiki - except updated. This section will also serve as blog i guess.

Entry #2

Day is about to end. I set up an sidebar, added logo. I have resolved the problem of menu randomiser. Now Theta is really rare one! I have also worked up an way to have much less problems during updating items. Tomorrow ill work more.