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NCR map, in-game graphic.


The capital of New California Republic, this city is one of the major power players in the wasteland, trying to unite what remains of civilization in southern California. It was founded by survivors from Vaults 13 and Vault 15.

Shady Sands, also known as NCR, is ruled by a player-run faction called the New California Republic. Some areas of this town are open only to the members of this faction. Rangers are still recruiting so if you wish to become one of them you need to talk with them directly, or check this forum topic. At first glance, this city looks safe but the NPC guards are much weaker than in other protected cities. It's possible for a well armed player gang to breach the city's defense and siege the city! During that time, the entire city turns into a merciless battlezone, posing a great risk to any visitors.

Actualy it is old NCR map, that is new Shady Sands one.

NCR Raiding

Unlike any other protected town this one can be actually taken over by enemy gangs. Attacking gang will have to deal with plenty of guards armed in good weapons like Sniper Rifles or Laser Rifles. Some of them might use even stronger weapons - even though they spawn with basic ones the NCR Troopers can be equipped by players protecting the town.

After killing guardsman they won't respawn for at least 10 minutes. For that time the players invading the town will be able to shoot anybody they wish as there won't be naturally any guards to help poor ol' citizens!

As a drawback each killed guardsman will worsen the reputation of killer by 100 (Not karma, just Shady Sands Reputation) once you killed 10 or more guards (and thus making your reputation in Shady Sands go -1000 or worse) you are banned from entering the town (well you still can technically enter but most likely you'll get shot down by guards right after spawning).

Once your group start raiding the Shady Sands a server message will appear.

NCR Guards

As was stated before NCR got plenty of NPC guards. Starting from one of recent updates Guards are no longer lootable. Players menaging the town, NCR faction members can pay for boosting guards equipment for one week (real time). If they got enough moneys they can even equip guards in tier 4 weapons like Gauss Rifle, but that would cost 200k (and thus probably will be used only during NCR Bank Event).

Raiding Inner Town

Every killed guardsman will be moved to inner town. When respawn time occur they will all charge from the inner town in the direction of Raiders. To prevent that your team should conquer the inner town. To do so you should probably take with you few dynamites to blow up the forcefield protecting the inner gate (the forcefield can be turned on by any active NCR officer so if there is any online they will most likely do it)

It has been raported that the only way to successfuly use dynamite on the gate is following: A player has to have 5 dynamites in his inventory. They don't have to be armed. Player need to open context menu on right forcefield emitter and then select use item option, pick dynamite from the list. Then wait one minute. Gate shall fail after that.

Town maps

Shady Sands is one huge area.

Points of interest

  • 1 - A bartender. Just a minor trader who offers caps and drinks.
  • 2 - Diane Colress. An NPC selling Nuka Cola. For 40,000 caps, players can purchase the small house base map from her.
  • 3 - A trader. He sells standard stuff.
  • 4 - A brahmin herdsman. He has a very special task for wastelanders.
  • 5 - A waterpump. You can fill your water sacks here.
  • 6 - Ranger's building. Only faction members are allowed to go in there.
  • 7 - The FLC. Local bank. You can get access to Auction house from here.
  • 8 - A trader. Just another standard NPC merchant.
  • 9 - There is no access to this area. Nobody except devs knows what's inside. Some players strongly suspect that they're hiding a dinosaur inside, but we cannot know for sure... not yet, at least. But "soon"... soon we will know! Until then, a secret NPCs willing to take to their grave.
  • 10 - A waterpump. You can fill your water sacks here.
  • 11 - A doctor. He's also minor trader who sells Antitoxins and offers healing for a small amount of caps.
  • 12 - Katarina. She sells the Desert house base map for 40 000 caps.
  • 13 - A bartender. Another minor trader who spawns some caps and drinks.
  • 14 - Quartermaster. If you're a NCR faction member he can paint your combat armor (both regular and CA MKII) into Ranger's colors.
  • 15 - Ranger's technician. He sells Kevlar polymers for 750 caps.
  • 16 - The workbench location.
  • 17 - President's Residence. A Current president of NCR will reside here.
  • 18 - Ranger area. Only Rangers have access to this place.
  • 19 - The Caravan Master.
  • 20 - Caravan Packer, a local who can offer you the box lifting job.
  • 20a - Box Delivery Zone, drop boxes from Boxes lifting box quest here.
  • 21 - Mark, the local chef of "Gecko Express".
  • 22 - NCR Clerk, you can get NCR Citizens status here.
  • 23 - Forcefield, a strong barrier protecting inner city from being raided. Destroyable with a multiple dynamites.
  • 24 - General Bethlehem, a NPC that will upgrade level of NCR guard's weapons for a price.
  • 25 - Robin Wood, A Questgiver for a new session 3 quest named exactly as this NPC.
  • T - Player shops.
  • Moo - Brahmin pens.

Shady Sands - City of events

In the past Shady Sands was used as a host for many various players run events. Thanks to flexibility given by fact that town is menaged by players many actions normally impossible in other town, here is possible. As for season 3 not only players had runs events but game developer as well. Here is few examples of events that took place in this town.

  • First Bank Event
NCR Defense!
The NCR Bank went full. It's time to empty it! Of course other faction in games want this caps as badly as NCR - this can lead only to one thing!
  • Second Bank Event
NCR Defense 2!
Yet again NCR bank went full. And yet again NCR tried to protected their moneys while other factions Schemed and attempted the heist!
  • Election Event

Republic on New California needs a leader. Since its Republic it means only one thing - election time. Each citizen of New California Republic could vote for new leader. In the end player: Vaultloner won.

Election time!
Citizens voting.
Riots in the wastelands after revealing the new president name. It was sad day for Tandi.

Note: This only shows how bad democracy is as Vaultloner was one of the worse presidents of NCR for all times. Just go ask Tandi.

  • Marriage Event

Second president of New California Republic was as bad as first one. He was also ugly - nevertheless since he had the moneys he managed to get married.

  • Glumer's Abduction.

Second president of NCR was definitely not liked by the wasteland. He's ruling time was cut short by abduction.

Glumer's Kidnapping!
  • Glumer's Release

Unfortunately after kidnapping of Glumer, NCR forces performed an release operation which ended up with reclaiming the president from attacker's hands by NCR Task force.

Glumer's Release!
  • Shady Sands Carnival 2014

More information here


  • NCR about C88:
Top Secret Report posted on public Wiki!

Dear president, NCRIS collected information about C88 long time, first of all our agents thought its some kind of organization, but they were wrong. Decrypted holodisk recovered from one abandoned Enclave research facility located deep in the desert indicates C88 as an experimental biological project. This virus had been used on primitive tribes where caused terrible mutations. Exposed humanoids had suffered large neural damage which leaded to lost of almost all their intelligence, increased aggression and only lowest instincts remained. Although they can talk, republic scientist discovered on autopsy of captured samples they are not able understand or keep concept at all. There is no possibility to talk them in any way. This legacy of inhuman research can be treat by only way - by fire. Tracy

  • Wesan when asked about recent series of attacking players in NCR:
"PK sounds fun, I want to do it as well! Can I? Pretty please!"
Looks like he can.
5 second after Wesan Nuked the whole place scavengers appeared. Well they certainly had some nice radiated loot.


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