Onslaught at Metro

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Monsters from Metro 2033 Universe.


Metro team quest is a heavily inspired by "Metro 2033" book by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Desperately weak group of humans are trying to survive against never ending onslaught done by scary black monsters. This description could fit to both this quest and Metro book which ended up with...oops spoilers, go read the damn book!

This is a team quest where group of players is supposed to defend an inhabitants of Boneyard metro from incoming waves of bit modified, black variants of floaters and monstrosities called Nightmares and Deathbringers. The minimal level of players doing this quest is 15. You can group with any group you want, but not bigger one that 10. 4 players seems like a bare minimum for successful defense as there are 4 points that you absolutely need to defend.

As said earlier - there are 4 main spawn points and one minor that is only occasionally spawning enemies. You should therefore protect all 4 hot spots. The minor point can be checked out occasionally as Blades in that area are capable enough to handle that threat - with only minor help from you like healing from time to time etc.

NPCs are monsters main targets. They will automatically auto focus on them. In order to protect the Blades you should block the monster's moving paths. Monster's attacks are mixed with brief moments of peace. The unique thing about the team quests is the reward system. Unlike regular PvE there is no experience points per single enemy kill but combined reward per wave. There is several waves on end of each game will display message with you current reward. The more NPC's you manage to protect till very end the better reward you will obtain.

If you die during quest you won't get anything. No experience and no caps as well. Want to hear the funny thing? If your entire team will die, getting your gear will be impossible. The solution? Don't die, especially with your whole team.

There is 6 hours cooldown on this quest.


Nightmare Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 347 Experience 0
Armor Class 29 Bonus Meele Damage 13
Sequence 20 Critical Chance 7
Action Points 9 Healing Rate 3

Szablon9.png 8/40% Szablon11.png 8/40%
Szablon15.png 2/10% Szablon10.png 7/60% Szablon13.png 8/40% Szablon12.png 0/500%

They cause radiation upon bite!
Deathbringer Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 306 Experience 0
Armor Class 30 Bonus Meele Damage 13
Sequence 18 Critical Chance 8
Action Points 10 Healing Rate 2

Szablon9.png 5/40% Szablon11.png 4/30%
Szablon15.png 4/30% Szablon10.png 4/50% Szablon13.png 6/40% Szablon12.png 2/20%

They cause radiation upon bite!

Location Map

Points of Interest

  • 1 - One of main monsters spawn.
  • 2 - One of main monsters spawn.
  • 3 - One of main monsters spawn.
  • 4 - One of main monsters spawn.
  • 5 - Suprise monsters spawn point. Check it out sometimes but it's not necessary to guard it constantly.
  • 6 - Another hidden reference to Glukhovsky's book. If you click on this fridge you will cause a Ghost Train to ride through the Metro. Pretty cool!
  • 7 - Passage to surface.


Rewards are depending on how many Blades NPCs are protected and how many players is at the event. The rewards for perfect run (Without losing a single Blade!) are equal to 40k experience and Xk caps for each surviving player where x is the numbers of people that were on quest. This means if you gather 10 people and you do this quest perfectly your group will earn up 100k in like 20 minutes of work!

Screens Footage


  • Early in session 3 this quest was the most abused feature in whole FOnline2. First of all there was a trick to do this quest without cooldown. Second of all there were no advanced reward system, and no: "Defend the NPCs" requirement. The EXP system was working just the same as in any other location. This means that players were bringing level 1 alts, protect them with other experienced alts and were leveling up chars to 99 in matter of mere hours. This is no longer the case.
  • Due to abuse mentioned in first Trivia, when people find out that many players level'd their char this way, the hugest shitstorm in FOnline2 history was created. Many players considered themselves cheated that they were wasting many hours of playtime level'd characters when others had to spend just few hours to have the same effect. This was one of bases for Dequ shitstorm, an embarrassing, yet famous movement of FOnline2 history which was the reason for creating of this wiki. You might learn more about this if you look deep enough or ask some of the older players.
  • Another famous bug, the one that did not got abused as was reported right away was multiple reward bug. Just after fixing first version of this quest during beta test of second one it turned out that after finishing the quest players could kill Blades...and each killed Blade was causing the game to distribute the reward thus making it possible to gain rewards like 10 times for one quest run.
  • Did I mention I like the word Shitstorm?