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Main NPC Factions


Brotherhood Of Steel

(Description writen by Thieves Guild)

The Brotherhood of Steel is a paramilitary, quasi-religious organization with a rich, yet shrouded history. Founded shortly after the Great War by Captain Roger Maxson, it eventually rose to become one of the most formidable and best-equipped fighting forces in the wasteland. Maxson, a deserter from the United States army, would later commit numerous atrocities such as summary executions of unarmed scientists and perceived 'traitors'. Slowly becoming obsessed with hoarding technology, the group moved from one radiated military base to another, eventually setting up shop at the Lost Hills Bunker, an old government fallout shelter and command center. As the decades passed, the group became highly organized, and with its obsession over advanced technology, became the wasteland's most superior fighting force, until the arrival of the Enclave.

Their fear and disdain for, the outside world led to years of seclusion and inbreeding, further reinforcing the radiated seed of the Brotherhood's members. Strange, frightening health issues like horrific birth defects, stillbirths and serious mutations plagued the members, until it was forced to make some changes to the organization.

Today, the Brotherhood of Steel has changed in two key ways. First, once highly suspicious and even hostile to any outsiders, the Brotherhood has now opened its doors for recruitment from anyone in the wasteland who is willing and able. Secondly, an unlikely alliance with NCR suggests that BoS, who once sent wastelanders to their death at the glow as a joke, is becoming more of a "father figure", or steward, of the people of the wasteland.

BoS can be found helping defend NCR during town raids, something the NCR Army is in desperate need of. Prediction models indicate that If it wasn't for the Brotherhood, the raiders would likely have taken full control of the town of Shady Sands and wiped out the NCR Army long ago. The Brotherhood, despite some drastic changes, remains true to its origins and collects advanced technology for research and defense. Overall, it remains to be seen just what will become of this tight-knit, well-coordinated organization.

Note: You can't currently join Brotherhood of Steel. This faction is being reworked by the developers.


Recruitment is open. (Not really, no. At least not yet.

One of the few old world organizations, Enclave, survived the Great War, and has its roots in the Pre-War American government. They put all efforts for preparations to survival of the coming nuclear holocaust, developing very powerful technologies. Their main task was to destroy communism once and for all, and build New America. They created enormous amount of bases around the world ready for attack, and established headquarters in Enclave Oil Rig. When war smashed world and burned it into ashes, communications with other groups were disabled. It is worth of mentioning, that the Government was funding building of vaults before war started, for selected privileged US citizens to survive the Great War. Secretly, however, a large part of the Vault Project experiment had a far more sinister goal, known only by higher Enclave ranks.

Many years after the Great War Enclave remained on oil rig, waiting silently for its opportunity, gaining new technologies, consolidating its forces and eventually, when it looked to be safe, they scouted main land. They found out what was happening about the Master and his super-mutant army. An old BoS intelligence computers revealed Mariposa military base was in interested of Master, and found mentions of chemical virus FEV. They decided to innovate it as a new way to complete their goal - clear the land from all inhumanity. Large scale attack made to capture Mariposa military base ended up in a huge fiasco. Between heavy losses of army and resources Enclave lost also their main general Frank Horrigan. After that incident president Richardson put the plan for the FEV aside as the BoS and NCR started hunt weakened forces of Enclave and successfully neutralize them. President’s vision of full massive wasteland attack preparations from fresh recruitment of humanoid wasteland residents has ended only in speculations and led into inactivity of whole faction.

Although the Enclave, weakened and cut off from, hunted by joint force of BoS and NCR, has survived all attacks. BoS and NCR later paid attention to more crucial wars between other factions. The present Enclave operations became later unnoticed, until now. BoS visited one traveler with letter from one of their intelligence squad… And that letter became very fast known far trough the land.

„... were discovered, we have to leave the hideout. I had an opportunity to search in scientific floor, where I could find out more information about earlier raids. I have accessed into a computer and that moment when we were discovered! It sure was guarded with some trap that sounded alarm, but I had enough time to discover terrible things… My hand is shaking when I write it – raids are made by some army forces, not usual riders, and they have built some things named “cleaning camps”. As we noticed people are disappearing, it is connected with those camps. They are transported there, without ticket for return. Villages are burned and their residents slaughtered. Once I heard their new Captain talking into a radio about invention of some sort of serum, and words like „making pure blood recruits“, but what did they meant by that? I don’t think it had any connection with FEV. But more terrifying thing was when I discovered how huge operations are being made. Those raiders must be Enclave! Their inactivity have to be false, a big lie! There were bases in every corner of the world, plans of redirecting almost all their resources and armies to some base in waters of California, supplying the main base Navarro and American Dream project in progress! Any mentions of this project are in Top Secret code that I can’t break trough. We must deliver this message to our leadership at all cost! We are on our way back to our home, and meanwhile I write last words, I notice two vertibirds are landing in front of us, throwing out soldiers, some of them who I recognize as our past brothers! But why they...“

Blood covered letter cause like terrifying witness of what happened next… And what is coming. The evil force is in a true rise, and will become more powerful than ever before.

Note: You can't currently join Enclave. This faction is being reworked by the developers.

Minor NPC Factions


The New California Republic

The New California Republic army is one of the biggest forces in the wasteland. They have outnumbered other factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel many times. They are mostly focusing on battling raiders, expanding the Republic borders and keeping its towns safe. They have cool looking orange combat armors that while definitely not as awesome as Power Armors still offer some protection.

Note: The NCR is a player driven RP project. You can join them!

Junktown Scouts

War, war never changes, in wasteland it never stops. Centuries after the bombs fell vault dwellers wondered the harsh wasteland with only one purpose "survival" and they have became lone wanderers. The best of them with ideologies to make the wasteland a better place has settled in a remnant of old city. They fought the strong by shoulder to shoulder to help the weak. The more people they helped more people has joined their cause. Together they have built a bigger and better city and they grew. Due to their good will they have adopted defensible strategies, they have became specialized among mercenaries, caravaneers and guards. By working as one and with the guidance of the experienced, higher ranked officers they have became even better experts. Now they are known as the shield of hope, the defender of the innocent and the defeater of the cruel, they are the Junktown scouts.

Note: The Junktown Scouts are player driven faction. They are not that much of roleplaying guys. You can join them here: click!