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Tandi in front of her Shopkeeper.


A Shopkeeper is a NPC that will sell items which you give him to other players. Shopkeepers are present in The Hub, Junktown, Shady Sands and Vault City. First of, you need to find a free shopkeeper that isn't bound to any other player - this task isn't easy as they are considered premium merchandise and thus all of them are usually taken very fast when the server launches.

Any free shopkeeper will firstly gather players wishing to own one, each player with at least 21 level will be able to buy rolling ticket. One character can only buy one rolling ticket from the same shopkeeper. The price of this ticket is 10k bottle caps. After some time (About 24 hours probably) a shopkeeper will choose at random one person that will be his new boss. A shopkeeper will not return the caps payed by other people.

It also worth of note that from every item you sell by shopkeeper there will be 8% commission for the NPC. So every week you have to pay 10k for his services and he also takes commissions - greedy, greedy NPC.

Note: Except for the first few days of a new session, all shopkeepers are already employed by other players. If all shopkeepers are already employed, the only possible way to obtain one is to buy it from another player.

Note: DO NOT BARTER in caps to the free shopkeeper while trying to get your lottery ticket. You need to do it through dialog line. Also the ticket is not an inventory item - it's just a record in game database.

Note: If you are already bound by contract with one shopkeeper, you cannot buy the rolling ticket to start contract with another one (there's no dialogue option to do that).

Shopkeeper Management

"I want to give you some items."

By using this dialog option you can take or give items to your shopkeeper for sale.

"I want to change prices."

This options allows you to change prices of items that your shopkeeper is offering.

"How many days of our contract are remaining?"

This options allows you to check how many days this shopkeeper will sell stuff for you.

"I want to pay 10 000 caps for the next 7 days."

This option shows up only if there are 3 or less days left till end of contract.

"I want to break the contract."

Use this option if you want to break the contract with your shopkeeper. (He will no longer sell items for you.)

If you break the contract or your contract expires, all of the items that your shopkeeper had won't disappear and you'll be free to take them whenever you want.

Buying Shopkeeper

Since free shopkeepers are a very rare thing, most players are buying them from other players. Since session 3 the method of getting a shop has been changed - to buy shop you will also need to buy account that is connected to the shop (character bound by the contract). This is risky procedure, and you shouldn't really do that as the other person can easily scam you. Beware!

Shopkeeper Locations

The Hub

Shopkeepers in The Hub can be found in the Water Merchants part and in Downtown, at the bottom-left part of the map.


Shopkeepers in Junktown can be found in a small marketplace near the western gate. There are 12 of them in total. There is also one extra Shopkeeper located next to Junktown Scouts Office, selling stuff of Junktown Scouts Leader.

Shady Sands

Player driven shops in Shady Sands can be found at the Bazaar. Watch out as the guards aren't as strong as in other towns, so its not entirely safe to buy items here.

Vault City

The shopkeepers are located in front of the gates. There also some shopkeepers scattered around the Courtyard area. Shops in Vault City usually have the lowest amount of visitors, so if you can't find something in the southern towns (The Hub, Junktown) there's a chance that one of the Vault City shopkeepers will have what you need.

How to trade without Shopkeeper?

Shops are very nice feature but still it doesn't means you cannot trade without them, you can always try one of following:

  • You can sell stuff through Radio.
  • You can sell stuff through Forum.
  • Finally you can use Auction House service (visit Banks wiki page for more information).