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This wiki page is just a compilation of useful suggestions about different aspects of the game. These are meant for both novice and more experienced players.


  • 1. The quickest way to acquire items in this game is by "farming" various NPC encounters. The type of NPC you should be farming depends on your experience level, meaning that you shouldn't go hunting for supermutants with a primitive tool right after you leave Kenny's tent. At the very beginning go for Ghouls/Marauders in areas around Necropolis/Shady Sands, then switch to Raiders/Highwaymen around New Reno. Once you buff yourself up a bit and have some decent gear, you should start attacking Khans/Rogues around Broken Hills or Regulators around Boneyard. Finally, if your character can handle it, you should target the biggest prey - Supermutants around Mariposa.
  • 2. If you can't farm mentioned encounters alone, call your buddy and do it together - in fact some players can't hunt mutants alone even after months of playing, since those can be tough encounters.
  • 3. Create tents/bases around various hunting grounds. Use them to store spare sets of ammunition, drugs, armors, weapons; i.e. anything that you might need for farming. This way you won't have to waste your time on traveling across long distances (main base <> farming areas).
  • 4. The quickest way to acquire caps is to hunt fire geckos. You can find them on 11:11 world map coordinates. Just be sure to have the gecko skinning perk. If your character is not strong enough to farm fire geckos, you can go after their less dangerous relatives, golden geckos which can be found around Junktown and Klamath.
  • 5. Bored of playing a loner? Join a caravan. Not only is it an excellent source of caps, but you can also meet bigger, more challenging groups of NPCs (their amount is determined by the number of people in the caravan; more people = more enemies).
  • 6. If you're worried that the other players will enter your encounter and kill you, try choosing places away from any of the main traveling routes or just concentrate on doing quests for the time being - just remember that this is slower way to expand your character.
  • 7. While open dungeons such as Necropolis can be very risky and tough to beat, doing them solo can be extremely profitable. Keep in mind that NPCs in such places are not what you should be worried about - the real problem are all the other players that you might encounter there.
  • 9. Superstims can be easily farmed from Khans, Rogues and Regulators. If your character's level is too low to farm those groups, you should check some of the NPC and player driven stores, and purchase some instead.
  • 10. If you're looking for quick and easy experience try farming centaurs, floaters and deathclaws around Glow.


  • 1. If you want to fight others players, the smartest thing would be to find some allies first. Not just because there is power in the numbers, but because a lot of these players can give you very useful fighting tips when it comes to different builds. Browse through the gangs section of the forum and sign up with a gang or an organization you find interesting. Don't feel too bad if some of them turn you down, since different gangs have different conditions when it comes to new recruits.
  • 2. While some players believe that only fighting is important, others believe that preparations play an even greater role than the fight itself. Always make sure to have some spare gear close to all the major PvP locations.
  • 3. A decent build is extremely important. Every special point counts and every skill points should be spent in the most efficient way. To make a good build, first think about what kind of a character you would like to create (bg, sg, ew, burster, sniper, fast shooter etc.). Check the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats page, as well as traits and perks pages in order to learn how they affect your character. Use FOnline2 character planner - made by @Balthasar, or do your calculations in a notepad file. Discuss your build with other players whom you trust to remove any accidental flaws.
  • 4. If you want a big group PvP you should make a TC build (a build with a very good perception). If, on the other hand, you prefer a small scale PvP (like fighting in Glow or Necropolis) you can go for a blind build (i.e. a character with poor perception, but some other advantages).
  • 5. If you're playing in a group, set up a voice communication program like the one the group is using. Team Speak & Mumble seem to be the most common choices.
  • 6. If you win a good fight be sure to make a couple of screenshots, so you can later post them on the PvP movies and screens forum thread. Some players are even recording videos of their epic fights for the next generation of players to see.
  • 7. Turn off karma colorizing option in the game menu and instead use your own colorization (that way you will be the one who determines the color of your friends and foes based on your own experiences). You can also set different colors for different gangs (this will make things easier with gang alliances).
  • 8. Customize your hotkeys the way you see fit. Remember about option of setting hotkey for super stimpak usage on other player!
  • 9. Don't play in TB if your sequence and perception are low. You'll probably end up dead without even having a chance to do a single action.
  • 10. Don't play in RT if you're not used to quick paced actions or you're having big latency. Unless your nick is Acosta.


  • 1. Make a habit of always returning all of your characters and vehicles to your base before turning off the game. A car lost in a network of tents and bases can become a huge waste of time, since finding it can prove to be both troublesome and tiresome. To make matters worse, add to this all your scattered characters and you'll soon find yourself in a world of pain; turning what could have been an enjoyable and relaxing start of the game into an endless runaround.
  • 2. Make an alt specially designed for base management. It needs to have a good carry weight, close combat set on 200%, and learn all crafting professions. Be sure to use this character as the base manager for all your bases, and if possible always use him to create tents (dual log action is allowed; it requires a sandboxie software). Also get him a +20 carry weight +1 action point leather jacket; improve his repair and science to 160% (max cap for repairing and disassembling various gear). Having one character who has access to all your bases and tents makes keeping order a lot easier.
  • 3. Prepare a chain of bases. Your main base should be around the city where you do most of your business (crafting/trading etc.). For example, my main base is located near Boneyard and The Hub, so I can make quick trips to Warehouse and Glow and still have a quick access to heart of FOnline2, The Hub. Other outpost-type bases should be placed over the respawn points. Use these locations to store some combat gear so you can quickly rejoin the action if you get killed by NPCs or other players. Set a network of tents around cities and dungeons, and use those tents for storage purposes and safe parking.
  • 4. Buy a motorbike as soon as possible. It may be the slowest vehicle on the list, but it's way safer to escape from forced encounter by clicking on a vehicle than by running all the way to reach the exit grid (only in RT mode.) After you are rich enough you should expand your motor park by buying a fatman (the fastest vehicle in the game), and later on police car or a Highwayman GT (both cars are very fast and have a decent trunk size which is perfect for any operation).
  • 5. Keep all the items that you want to disassemble on one hex, then just press 7 and keep clicking on that hex until you science all the loot into much more needed resources.
  • 6. Containers are your friends, and having friends is a good thing.
  • 7. However, if you have too many containers, finding certain items in your base might become problematic. Make sure to organize your gear and mirror-image your locker position through different bases. That way you'll always know in which corner of any of your bases all the different types of items are being stored. For example, reserve different areas of your base for either weapons, armor or drugs.
  • 8. Never log off with your character on a place reserved for a car parking spot, because that character will be unable to spawn into the game if it's standing on a blocked hex (a parked car will be blocking the hex.)
  • 9. Remember the new FOnline2 keyboard shortcuts such as CTR+L (take everything from the hex you're standing on) or CTR+D (drop all the items from your inventory onto the hex you're standing on) or maybe CTR+G (browse through the items laying on the hex you're standing on).
  • 10 If you are sharing a base with more of your friends, talk with them about how you're planning to organize item placement to avoid confusion and misplaced gear.