Repelling the Raid (Event)

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The northern cities of FOnline2 worldmap are definitely not a safe place to be. Recent series of Raiders attack seems to only confirm the first statement. The "Raid Defense" is a new series of events that will be a part of Events Schedule Cycle and thus will be granting Event tokens.

So what's that exactly about? Once a week (according to Event Schedule) one of northern TC town, picked randomly, will get attacked by a huge raiders forces. The Mayor of attacked town will send a distress signal to every team, and every wastelander passing by to help in defending of the city. It is very important to note that this event is purely PvE one, and there's no option of shooting other players during it duration (and 10 minutes after event's end). Defending players will be backup by local forces of Militia. After coming to town players will notice 3 points marked by flares. Thats are the locations of Militia Leaders - important NPC's that players need to protect from Raiders. Once all 3 Militia Leaders dies, Event fails and players receive nothing. The amount of attackers is determined by how many players is in the attacked location. Sometimes game can spawn much stronger enemies: The Raider Bosses. It is unknown how many Raider Bosses will appear during one invasion.

This event is a perfect occasion for players that enjoy the game in it's non PvP aspect. Since there is no risk of getting killed by other people all you have to worry are just NPC's. Beware though! If you die during this event you will probably get looted by other players in very, very fast manner, and there will be no way to force those players to give your gear back.

Note:The Raiders attacking the towns are bit different than regular ones. They can deal massive damage, especially on 1-hex distance. And by massive i mean, they can 1-shoot you! Be careful!



  • For each killed Raiders you will receive an event point. It is possible you can receive events points for other achievements but so far no information about that is availaible. After event's ends write ~prize to check points gained by your character. If you got more than 30 events points, the points will get transformed into event token.