Robin Wood - The Bad, The Ugly And The Good

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Note:The enemies you will encounter on this quest are on danger level of Punks (or other humanoid encounter like this), there is no Turn based mode in this quest available so it might be a good idea to bring good weapon and at least 12 level char even though 10 is minimal.

Note2:If you have any troubles with finding quest NPCs visit Hub and NCR town pages.

Note3:You need to be at least level 10 to start this quest.

Guy named Robin Wood asked me to help him to ambush a caravan. I shall meet with his men at the location, he marked on my map. I should go there before the caravan arrives and decide whether I take part in the ambush or try help the caravan fending off those thugs.

In the NCR you will find man named Robin Wood (location: Dusty's Cantina). Ask him for a job. You will find out that Crimson Caravan Company made a good deal with NCR lately. He will mark a brand new quest location for you. Go there. Inside you will find Robin's gang already waiting for the caravans. Talk to their leader and wait for caravan that will travel here soon.

  • You can help the caravaneers and kill the bandits. If you do so talk to Caravan leader and he will send you to Jim in Hub for your reward. Boring!
  • You can continue with original plan and help in killing the caravaneers. This will unlock another part of this quest.

Taunt Game

During reporting your progress after ambushing the caravan you can try to win a taunt game vs Robin. You need at least 8 intelligence for it!

Getting Trapped

If you come back to Robin after helping the Caravan instead of Rogues you will be caught and moved to a trap location. To exit just interact with skeleton, you should find rope (by choosing right dialog option).

Deceiving Jimmy

If you decided to help Wood further, he will ask you to sell robbed goods back to Jimmy. In order to success in that you will need to change your character appearance (which means changing your graphic skin by coming to Jess in Hub, Oldtown), even with changed skin you can fail so read dialog lines very carefully.

Location Maps


Both Guards and Caravaneers aren't lootable.

Helping the Caravan

  • 4000 experience.
  • 3000 caps from Jimmy.

Ambushing the Caravan

  • 800 experience for successfully ambushing the caravan.
  • 1500 experience for reporting to Robin.
  • 1500 experience points for deceiving Jimmy.
  • 1500 caps for reporting to Robin
  • 1500 caps for deceiving Jimmy
  • 2500 caps for delivering a raptor to Robin.
  • 2500 experience points for final report to robin.

Total profit: 5500 caps - 100 cost of getting a haircut, which is 5400 caps. Total experience: 6300 experience points.

Other Stuff

  • 500 experience points for getting out of the trap...and a rope!
  • 800 experience points for winning in taunt game with Robin.


  • Do i ever need to mention that this is reference to certain famous good willed bandit? No? Okay.
  • This quest has been done by Balthasar. The author of this quest has also released Character Planner for FOnline2 and a FixBoy 2000: The Crafter Helper. If you ever meet this guy in the wasteland might be good idea to say: "Thx 4 teh good shit" before shooting him in the face with whatever projectile weapon you wield.