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A Grand RocketBall Arena located few hundreds of meters from Shady Sands, Wasteland's favorite sports centre.

Rocketball Arena is a special event map, that is hosting the Rocketball events. The site also hosts several NPC's shops as well as a NCR most hidden government secret - the hidden, crashed flying saucer. It is unknown why NCR would built their arena so close to the saucer, but on the other hand the NCR presidents rarely are making wise calls. (Well at least in Fonline2. Heck even in Fallout 1 & 2 they weren't too smart as well. "Yes sure let's send totally random stranger to reclaim very important electronic parts, surely he will give us them back after he get them.)

You can enter the Arena at any point you want - it is open for every visitors even when there is no tournament being hold. The guards in front will not let you in if you're carrying any items except for caps. You will also have to drink antitoxin before entering. Of course the Arena is not really drugfree as you can buy Nuka Colas, Cigs and even Jet on site.

There is no PvP allowed on the site, to prevent trolling. There's also a character vision boost for every watcher/event attendee that is granting huge field of view so everyone can see the match which is being taken away from you as soon as you leave the place.

Rocketball Rules

The event is being organized without any kind of schedule. You can expect it at weekends (evenings) but there is no guarantee that it will happen every week etc.

  • The aim of the game lies in pushing a pigrat into opponents goal.
  • The game is played till X goals is made.
  • There is no time limits for a match.
  • There are 2 teams in the match. Each team is having 5 members. 4 regular members and a goal keeper.
  • Regular members use Rocket Launchers to move the pigrat over arena.
  • Goal Keeper is allowed to use Shotgun to knockback away the incoming (or rather inflying?) pigrat.
  • After each goal the pigrat is being moved to a middle of a site.

History of Construction

A following letters has been found in certain places about construction of this magnificent zone.

With the ongoing construction of Project "RA-2" the Republic is in need of large quantities of materials, mostly metal but all resources are of interest. Prices will be negotiated with each contractor and only large quantities are of interest. For now the project will be kept under covers, but I can disclose that it is entertainment oriented.

To discuss a transaction either post here, PM me, or talk to one of our officials in Shady Sands.

Sincerely Walter Crowell

We would like to thank Hannibal from Junktown Scouts for cooperating with NCR, and for trading a large amount of metal parts and Brahmin Skins with us. If any other faction is interested in trading with NCR send me a PM and we can work out a trade agreement.

Thanks to a large contribution of metal tubes donated to NCR from Scavengers the construction of project RA-2 is in its final stage and will soon be completed.

Enough resources has been gathered, and Arena is finally built.

As saw in this materials the Arena's construction time was short and process of building was very smooth.

Early RocketBall

Before building a official RocketBall Arena people used to play it at their bases. Here's a video from home made RocketBall area. As you can see several changes has been made compared to those test runs.

"Early Rocketball Video Footage"
Ding Dong.

Location Map

Points of interest

  • 1 - Entrance, a guard will make you drink antitoxin there, he won't let you in, if you're carrying anything else than caps.
  • 2 - Bartender, He offers Nuka Cola for 200 caps (so expensive!), Cigarettes for 100, And also Beer: 5, Booze: 10, Gamma Gulp Beer: 100, Roentgen Rum: 100.
  • 3 - Bartender, She offers Fruits for 10 caps, Meat for 15 and also Baked Iguanas for 20 caps. Food is quite cheap compared to drinks i guess.
  • 4 - Drug Dealer, He sells jet, 1k caps a dose.
  • 5 - Playing Arena.

Screens from Events


  • Shortly after releasing of this event it turned out that some people are keeping the uber field of vision even after exiting the tournament site. This of course wasn't meant to happen and also brought a lot of chaos in the server before it got fixed.
A Video from sad sneaker.
Due to this bug many sneakers were unable to play, as everyone was seeing them even when they used their most powerful sneaking techniques.
  • No Pigrat was harmed during writing of this article.
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