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The skill of successful extraction of useful various bits and odds from various types of junk. This skill is progresive, skill points cannot be put into it and it increases as you scavenge in the wasteland.
Modifies Scavange increases your chances to obtain resources while collecting them.
Starting Formula 0%
Notes Can't be normally increased. Max skill level is 300%. In order to develop this skill you need to collect resources.


In a post-atomic world, nothing is better than going around the wasteland to pick up waste, junk and all that glitters. There are two ways for scavenging: in cities and in encounters around the map. Scavenging in cities while safe is very slow process. The much better options is to scavenge though city ruins encounters.

To do so enter empty urban encounters(in the same time checking whether you didn't hit on NPC encounter - if thats the case run to the exit grind as quick as possible) and search for possible objects.

While scavenging try to avoid routes between cities. Other players might hit your encounter and kill you, looting what have you collected so far.


How to scavenge

Just move the mouse over waste, junk piles, cars, trucks, paper machines, metal barrels, when an open hand appears click it and you'll have your resources.

City Scavenging

Other kinds of possesing resources