Selling Gecko Hides

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Hunting geckos and selling their hides can be profitable. Just get yourself a perk Gecko Skinning and after that let the hunting begin!

Selling gecko skins in Hub

Trapper Gorn (located in the building with the "Crimson Caravan" sign; in the right-most room; a bald guy). He will give you caps for any silver or golden gecko pelt (40 caps for a silver one and 80 caps for a golden gecko pelt).

Even though Hub is a protected location, the price you'll get there for selling your gecko pelts is simply too low (considering the amount of time you put into hunting those cute little lizards, that is). You can get a lot more money if you visit the tannery up north in Modoc (just remember that it's an unprotected location, and many players often go there to do town control, or just to shoot each other in the balls whether or not town control timer has been initiated).

Selling gecko skins in Modoc

You can find Lee Balton in his tannery (east-central part of Modoc; just like in Fallout; remember that tanner whose son got lost). Anyway, Lee will offer you 100 caps for a silver gecko pelt, 200 for a golden one and 350 friggin' caps for a fire gecko pelt. You can see that the prices he is offering are really nice (and even more than double than if you were to sell your pelts south in Hub). Once again, keep in mind that this location is unprotected, so besides making a nice profit, there's also a good chance that you'll encounter some player killers.

Note: Starting from session 3, you can sell fire geckos only during global event called: Fire Gecko buyout.

Selling gecko skins in Klamath

Talk to Maida Buckner. She will ask you to bring her 4 gecko pelts. This is a repeatable quest that has a 5 hour cooldown. However, Maida only accepts golden gecko pelts.

Reward for bringing golden gecko pelts

  • 600 caps.
  • 900 experience point.