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Note: You need to be on level 10 to start this quest.

Adytum well is broken. Talk to Pestis about it, then get to work. First you need to get Rope and Tools. Use Tools on the well. You will fix it on the first try, since there is no repair skill check. Then talk to Pestis again. He will tell you that he can sometimes hear some weird sounds coming from down the well. Attach the rope to it by clicking on the well, and then press on it again to go down. You'll probably experience a flashback from good ol' Fallout 2 once you see a bunch of bottle caps scattered across the floor (there's not many of them, and you can take them without any fear of losing positive karma. That's just not how the devs roll). There is also a pump inside the cave. Click on it and find out that somebody is stealing the water supply. Talk to Pestis and he will disclose a location of a small farm just outside Adytum. Go there and tell the first farmer who you are and why you are there. Loot through some of the containers and then go talk to Jeremy (a guy near the metal barrel in right side of the building). Try to be nice (don't kill them!) and offer your help in negotiation. Go back to the pump. Now decide what you want to do. Each ending has a different reward.

Location maps

Points of interest

Adytum well

  • 1 - A pump location.

Jeremy's farm

  • 1 - Farmer Fil, who will basically tells you nothing but to go talk to Jeremy.
  • 2 - Jeremy, the farm owner.
  • c1 - Container with: 2x Metal Parts.
  • c2 - Container with: 4x Junks.
  • c3 - Container with: 6x Fruit, Iguana-on-a-stick(Shashlik), 2x Iguona-on-a-stick.
  • c4 - Empty container.
  • c5 - Container with: 14x Shotgun Ammunition.
  • c6 - Empty container.


For repairing the well:
  • 1000 experience.
  • 230 caps.
For attaching the rope:
  • 250 experience.
For figuring out that someone is pumping the water away:
  • 250 experience.
  • 1500 caps.

End choice #1

If you decide to direct all water to the farm you get:

  • 1500 experience

And then from Jeremy (you'll be able to pick one of the following):

  • 3000 caps.
  • 5000 experience.

End choice #2 (Preffered)

If you decide to share the water between Adytum and the farm you will receive:

  • 1500 experience

And then from Pestis:

  • 3000 caps.

And then from Jeremy:

  • 3000 Experience.

End choice #3

If you decide that Adytum will get all the water you will receive:

  • 1500 experience

And then from Pestis (you'll be able to pick one of the following):

  • 3000 caps.
  • 5000 experience.