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Sierra Cave Complex also called for short "Sierra" (just so you can confuse people more, so they never know whether you want to to caves system or Sierra Army Depot) is a randomly generated network of caves, in other words its fully randomized dungeon. Travel through endless network of cave passages, kill countless monsters, loot priceless treasures, give battles to every enemy explorer you meet and in general have plenty of fun... Inside a hole.

Sierra Cave Complex can be accessed from 2 zones on worldmap: 11:7 and 11:8. They are located close to New Reno (two squares). Just go in one of those two zones, enter empty encounter then look for cave entrance with sign. The chances to find entrance is random so you might not find location with caves entrance in first try - keep doing it till you find one

Before you enter:

  • Make sure you have enough free time, exploring caves might take a lot of times depending on how soon you find exit and depending on mode you play.
  • Decide whether you want to play in Real Time or Turn Based. Set your game mode to desired value in the options.
  • Take up a lot of supplies. Ammunition, Drugs, maybe spare armor.
  • Install item highlighter so you can spot containers easily!

Level 1

First level is the one that you will find yourself on upon entering the sierra caves complex. It is a start of your journey here - while it doesn't contain the most dangerous NPC's it can still pose a threat for single wastelanders or for inexperienced groups. The loot here is rather average. The main object you're looking for in the level 1 is the entrance to...level 2

Level 2

Here is where the real fun (and challenge) begins. Huge groups of Wanamingos, Flamingos, Floaters, Centaurs, Deathclaws, Rogues and Khans are common occurrences here. To add injury to injury chance of meeting other players is way higher here than on level 1. Also unlike level 1 when you could expected the same amount of enemy players as your team were having, here on level 2 you can meet enemies outnumbering you.

Players Interaction

  • You can travel with at most 2 companions. Make sure you have tagged the player that's leading, or in case you're leading make sure they tagged you.
  • When going through different parts of Sierra Caves Complex make sure that everyone is close enough to the leader and that everyone has their battle combat at off.
  • On every map switch there is 5% chance that someone will get lost in the process of walking through the another map. Very, very annoying.
  • If there is enemy team or enemy players walking in the Sierra Caves Complex as long as you're on level 1 expect fair fights (1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3), but as soon as you go on level 2 there are chances that you will get into much less unfair fights (1vs2, 2vs3 and so on).


  • Locks, every container is protected by lock. You will need some lock picking skill to deal with those pesky blockades.
  • Traps! This dungeon is filled with traps. There are two kinds of on-ground traps: Bear Traps (less damage, but cause leg injuries) or Mines traps (more damage, can cause any injuries) Traps might also be installed in the containers, there are 3 kinds of container traps: frag grenade, plasma grenade and "regular" trap. You should always approach to every container with cautions. Also check containers with traps skills to be sure that there is no traps there. Traps can also appears as a terrain blockade, not related to containers. Especially narrow places are suspicious. Try to never run in Sierra Caves.
  • Critters. Sierra Caves are very crowded. Plenty of NPC's is living there. A small sum of 100% of them want to kill you if they spot you. Okay maybe not 100% as you can find critter's eggs which won't be attacking you. That's right, even eggs.
  • Assholes. *Cough* I mean players. In this caves. It's literally filled with them. Chances are, more than 100% of the players want to kill you. And those are not good chances.


  • NPC's patrols. Some NPC's will go through the zone, seeking for players.
  • NPC's lairs. Some NPC's will choose Sierra Caves as their favorite living place. On level 1 you can find following lairs: Ant's Lair, Radscorpion's Lair, Gecko's Lair. At level 2 you can also find Deathclaws lair. All lairs contains a large groups of critters, eggs (smashing the eggs is awarded by a lot of experience) and bodies of fallen wastelanders (loot)
  • Mini-lairs. Just as lairs they contain a lot of NPC's but there is no eggs in the lair.
  • Raider's Camp. Some bandits will pick Sierra Caves as a good shelter. If they meet you then the idea was very stupid. The raider's camps contains many NPCs. There are also there backpacks with caps.
  • Monsters - some very nasty critters will roam through the caves attacking everyone in sight including other critters. There are three variants of monsters: Alpha Mala Deathclaws, Monstrosity, Abomination


  • Containers. There is a lot of containers scattered through the caves. All of them contains some kind of loot. All of them are protected by locks. On level 2 you can find implants or tier 4 crafting components although the spawn rate is extremely small.
  • Storage. Storage are a small rooms with 6 containers in a row. An FOnline 2 equivalent of jackpot. Watch out the doors leading to storage rooms are protected by lock and a trap!
  • Double Storage. Two storage rooms set up close one to another. If Single one is equivalent of jackpot then double storage is hmm...double jackpot? No wait, its even more rare, no wait you still don't get me...its rare! Like really really rare!


Here are image of various objects that you might encounter in Sierra Caves system:

Item Highlisters

To be able to comfortable explore Sierra Caves you shoud had installed one of two availaible graphic modes which marks the containers.