Summertime Madness Arena (Archival)

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During end of session 2 a special PvP Arena with giant rewards was being launched every evening. It was a fun place - homever in session 3 it is currently inactive. And due to level of loot this place was spawning it will be probably gone for long, long time.

Deves Message

In order to bring more fun and concentrated action in the summer time, which is a natural time of lower gaming activity, we bringing a location which will appear automaticly from 21 to 24 GMT+1, containing T4 and other top loot to encourage players PvP activity, cosider it as an automated event. Map is big and diversited, its variation of hungergames map. Only characters with 27 level or higher can enter the arena. Spawning is randomised all around the edges of map. There is no preview available. Killing other player gives 2000 experience points. It will be also a good area for testing our new PvP utilites we adding with this update. Have fun!.

Event Map

Click to enlarge (Watch out this map is huge - 3,5 MB). C(w) is for crates spawning tier 4 weaponry, C(i) is for crates spawning implant and rare ammo, W is a mark showing the workbench location while, E marks exit grids.


The crates on map are spawning tier 4 weaponry and implants, the spawn rate is very simillar to loot that is being spawned in Sierra dungeon, the only difrence is that here you don't have to fight the NPC guards. Instead you and your teammates will have to fight through many other players that are wishing to collect treasuries stored in crates.