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A portable, packed tight tent, used commonly as a shelter in harsh environment of wasteland.
Effect Allows to create a personal hideout.
Weight 10000 grams
Base Price 1000
Exp for Crafting 230
Requirments to craft 10xBrahmin skin.gif2xFirewood.gif
Notes One of the most important tool in the game. For complex information go on item page.

Tents are the smallest and cheapest shelter that you can have. Like bases, tents are safe places in wasteland where stuff, cars and money can be easily stored. It can be bought from traders in general stores (base price 1000), or crafted with 10 brahmin hides and 2 firewood (no professions required). Tents can be placed everywhere in the wasteland and each character can set up to 20 tents.

Sharing tents is possible with one or more additional players. Players who want to see the tent must tag its creator before tent's being made and be present in the process of creating. Unlike bases, there is no option to add or remove player's access to a tent.

Helpful Hint: Firewood is obtained from trees in some encounter maps. To get the wood, make sure you have a primitive tool or a hatchet in your inventory and hold your cursor over a tree. It should say "Gather Wood". Now click, and you will receive one piece of firewood. Be careful though, primitive tools are very fragile and will break. It is best to use hatchets.

When you release, the uninvited guest will be kicked.

Advice: There is a widespread phenomenon among PKs called "Baseraping". They often try to follow people on the worldmap to reach their tents and steal everything. When you are going to your tent, always check if someone is following you. If you do not know how to check, in the bottom left of the screen, there is the party list. If there's more than just you on that list, take immediate action to remove the offending person from your party. To kick the unwanted player from your party, hold left-click on his/her name until the options column appears. Then, while still holding left-click, scroll down to the option with the arrow pointing away from 3 characters. It will look like this.

Edit: While the above still applies in general, detecting a follower has become more easy since an update that added a follower warning.

Removing a Tent

To remove a tent click on the firecamp then select "delete" option. You can do it only if you're the tent maker, if you're seeing a tent on the worldmap and don't wish to continue doing so, but you aren't it creator you can do something very simillar: enter that place, then click on the firecamp -> in place of removing tent you will see option of making it dissapear from your worldmap.

Tent Trap

Some wastelanders are bored beyond any comprehensive level and are making trap tent's using furniture. As Furniture can only be moved by tent owner there is no way to leave such tent alive withouth consent of the trapper. If you ever get into such a trap and you can't convince the other player to let you go remember that you can always commit sudoku by typing ~cuttheveins.

An example of The Furniture Trap. This Russian Tent Follower was definitely not happy, especially considering that back then there was no way to get yourself killed on demand, unlike nowadays.

How to place

The process of creating

First step: Go to the worldmap and travel to the place where you want to set up your tent. When you reach the place, double click on the little green circle (your position) to enter a random encounter map.

Second step: If you have the tent in your inventory, open it and hold the click on the tent to open the action gump ( check the picture below ), or hold the tent in your hand and click it. To make a tent, the place must be empty map withouth caves.

Third step: If all went well, the tent appears. Here everything can be stored, in boxes or the floor. You will see the tent on the Worldmap as a small green circle called "Personal tent"

Tent Maps