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Den map, in-game graphic.


A lawless town inhabited by gangsters, slavers and other shady types. Only few dare to enter unarmed or without an escort.

One could say that Den when will grow up wants to be like New Reno. Both in Den and in the Reno streets are filled with junkies, whores and bandits. The only difference is - you can still meet "normal" citizens in the Den, the corruption process isn't completed by the time we play FOnline 2.

Den both gamewise (just one map) and flavor wise is not a big town. There is not many NPC's with you can interact. As always there are few traders spawning caps and from time to time some nice gun or equipment. As always there are bars here where you can buy Nuka Cola and Cigs, as always there is one item collector (this time it's Glow keycard collector) but there isn't anything special here.

Den has active town control feature that forge this town into a battlefield when time is right. While visiting The Den keep in mind that this place is unprotected, and while player killers residing here are extremaly rare cases, they still might happen to find you at most inconvenient time.

In the past, in the different place called FOnline: 2238, Den was very often a centrer of small PvP fights close to Metzger. Why people were gathering there? Because of feature called: Slaving or Slave Catching. Back there, back then you could had catch an NPC like Bandit then sell him to Metzger as a slave for solid caps, pretty cool eh? Obviously since some players were lazy they would rather wait for someone else to catch npc's then ambush them on their way back with caps in the pocket. Easy money. It is possible that this feature will be available here on FOnline 2, because its one of the most wanted feature from old serwer.

Town maps

This town consists of only one medium-sized map.

Points of interest

  • 1 - Tubby, an NPC trader.
  • 2 - The workbench location.
  • 3 - Junkyard mechanic. He buys pre-war mechanical parts and sells super tool kits.
  • 4 - Joshua. An NPC that buys any number of red or yellow Glow keycards that you might have.
  • 5 - A trader. Hmm... could he be an NPC trader? Impossible!
  • 6 - Becky. She's a minor trader who sells drinks and other crap.
  • 7 - Joey. He sells Jets (through the dialog).
  • 8 - Frankie. Just like Becky he's just a minor trader.
  • 9 - Metzger. A big bald slaver bastard you'll have to talk to if your gang wants to start Town_Control.
  • 10 - Town Control box.
  • 11 - Mom. Another minor trader in this town.

Town Control Videos

First One

A Video from C88.
A Town Control feature done in Den.


A Video from Rogues.
A Town Control feature done in Den.


  • This town fight for title of: "Most boring FOnline 2 town" together with Klamath, Modoc and Redding. No one has ever done any player run event here. Or at least I never heard about any being run here.
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