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The Hub map, in-game graphic.


''This settlement was established in an old town relatively untouched by the Great War. Over the years, it grew in importance as a well as in wealth, and with almost all the major caravan routes passing through it, the Hub became the biggest trading center in southern California. Consequently, the town houses a large community of traders, barterers, gamblers, and other various types of scum.

Hub is the capital city of FOnline2. As the description says, it is the heart of caravans and in-game trading. The entire town is tightly secured, but even if someone manages to assassinate you, the guards will secure your belongings immediately and you will be able to get all of your stuff back.

Hub is also a home of various services. Some of them are the usual, independent NPC traders, while the others can offer their services to any wastelander who happens to have enough caps in his pocket, thus enabling players to run their own shops. That's not everything - there plenty of more features located in Hub. Aside from a lot of quest, you can also change your hair style here or even entire player skin (clothes shop) you can find some nice furniture for your base or tent,

If you're looking to talk to other players and for some weird reason you don't want to jump on IRC, Hub is perfect solution for you. Everyday many players are making brake from playing here in Hub just standing there and talking. Well to be honest most of talking is arguing and insulting everyone else, but hey consider its as an Hub variant of PvP.

Note: While Hub guard system is very strong you can still get robbed by entering sub location of Hub without any guards. The most popular of such places is the basement in Maltese Falcon. Remember there is no guard there, thus you can get killed and robbed there, beware!

Private Houses

Bored of regular bases? Too far away from your tent to workbench or whats worse, too far away from closest bar? Consider buying a house! Well to be honest now its too late, as every possible place is taken but let us tell you how it was working few month ago - for some (high) price in caps you could have bought and owned a house or room in one of two Hub's apartments. You had to pay only once and then till end of server's session you could had your own part of Hub's map. Feel special yet?

The houses works just like bases, they have terminal when you can add people who can enter the house. Right now they are totally safe and private. Since all houses are taken, if you really want one you need to talk to one of players having one and offer them at good buying price.


Tine is probably the most annoying NPC in whole game. You can meet her in the Hub downtown when she regularly chase after wastelanders then spawns a lot of random and very annoying messages. What's perhaps is the most annoying, there is absolutely no escape from her. If you're in the town, you will have to endure her company.

Yep, not even private houses are safe against her. Apparently her lock pick skills are equal to 569%.

Note: Currently due to certain powerful game developer Tina is dead. Don't hope it will last forever though. Tina is like natural phenomenon, there is no way of killing Tornado right? Here we have something similar. She will wake up one day and annoy people...again!

Note: As for 13 April 2015 Tina is back.

Town maps

The Hub consists of 4 main areas. There also 3 unprotected basement areas there, other than that there's also 2 Hub's Apartments which are multi leveled, oh and also there is an upper part to the Water Merchant area.

Points of interest

North entrance and Downtown

  • 1 - Iguana Bob. He'll ask you to deliver food to Charles. He will also ask you to bring him 10 pieces of fruit, in exchange for 250 bottle caps and 300 exp. Obviously he also sells iguanas... and sticks.
  • 2 - A trader. One of many shops in the capital of FOnline2.
  • 3 - Charles, the town Sheriff who can give you the "Strong Arm of the Law" quest.
  • 4 - The house merchant. If you want to buy one of many houses in the Hub, she's the right person to talk to.
  • 4a - Jonny. A Kid that will guide you thought the many houses of Hub downtown.
  • 5 - Jail. If you do something bad in the Hub, this place will be your home for some time.
  • 6 - A barber. If you are playing with a male character you can go there to change your hairstyle.
  • 7 - "Far Go" Trader. He sells Refined Uranium Ore for 300 caps each.
  • 8 - Willy. A poor victim of bored developers - unfinished NPC, with will be eventually offering some yet unknown quest.
  • 9 - The workbench location.
  • 10 - Ms Binderson. Sometimes she spawns book that you can buy for caps (via inventory). You can also give her "The Lavender Flower" books for 500 exp each.
  • 11 - An NPC trader. Just another shop.
  • 12 - The main FLC Bank office. You can access to auction house feature from here.
  • 13 - Trapper Gorn. An NPC that offers knowledge about gecko skinning for 600 caps (it's a permanent perk). You can also sell silver and golden gecko's hides here.
  • 14 - A trader. Just a minor trader selling drinks, who sometimes has some caps on him.
  • 15 - Fredric. Looks like an useless NPC, but you can still talk to him.
  • 16 - Matthew. He asks wastelanders to bring him dog tags (it's a repeatable quest without a cooldown).
  • 17 - Adria. She can sell you the the old shack base map for 30 000 caps.
  • 18 - Margaret. She rents rooms.
  • 19 - The workbench location.
  • 20 - Edward. He's a level 1 gunsmith teacher.
  • 21 - Doctor Hub. He offers healing for a small amount of caps. He can also sell you Antitoxins, and you can barter with him as well. Additionally he sells chemical components, for 300 caps a piece.
  • 22 - Annie. She will pay you 250 caps for "The Lavender Flower" book (a repeatable quest with no cooldown).
  • 23 - The workbench location.
  • 24 - Adam. The Vice Sheriff who'll ask you to bring him a beer (a miniquest i suppose).
  • 25 - A brahmin herdsman. He will offer you a job involving Brahmins and shit. You do the math.
  • 26 - An NPC that will offer you a job as a box lifter.
  • 27 - A caravan master.
  • 28 - A caravan master.
  • 29 - The workbench location.
  • 30 - A depressed man. Talk to him start if you want to start "The Glorious Jet Supply Storage" quest.
  • 31 - Thomas, an very unlucky farmer. You can start here an "Farm Defense" team quest.
  • 32 - Molerats' Mayhem(right entrance).
  • 33 - Molerats' Mayhem(left entrance).
  • 34 - Maltese's Basement(entrance to unprotected basement).
  • 35 - Apartment Entrance, to apartment located above the barber.
  • 36 - Apartment Entrance, to apartment placed in the northern part of town.
  • 37 - Jim, a Crimson Caravan Trader. He takes part in "Robin Wood" quest.
  • T - Player shops.
  • Moo! - Brahmins' Pens.
  • Skull - Wesan was here at 26 February 2015. Remember this day.

Old Town

  • 1 - A trader, who can give you the "I Won't Give You Squat!" quest.
  • 2 - A house merchant, who sells houses in the Oldtown area of the Hub.
  • 3 - Jess, she runs fashion shop. You can change your appearance there.
  • 4 - Vince, he's a ghoul that runs furniture store. You can buy furniture for your base here.
  • 5 - Basement Entrance, an entrance to basement where in Fallout 1 was located thieves guild. Right now it's just an empty basement. This is most likely an unprotected area!
  • 6 - Mia Townsed, a NPC's that sells Car Paints.

Water Merchants

  • 1 - Christopher. He works as a Water Merchants Bazaar Manager, and is connected to the "Get Heartpills for Christopher" quest and the "Necropolis Vault" quest.
  • 2 - A house merchant. If you want to buy one of the houses in the Water Merchant district, he's the right person to talk to.
  • 3 - Stairs, leading to upper part of building.
  • T - Player shops.

Water Merchants Building

  • 1 - Stairs, leading to the ground area.
  • T - Player shops.

Car Shop

  • 1 - Ray. He works at a car dealership and can sell you all kinds of vehicles.

Falcon's Basement

  • 1 - locked doors, leading to cave section.
  • 2 - Mysterious Passage, it is unknown how to get past it and what lies behind it.

This area is unprotected.

Molerats Mayhem

  • 1 - Right Entrance.
  • 2 - Left Entrance.
  • 3 - Lukas White, this is the owner of Molerat Mayhem.
  • 4 - 'Inaccessible room. This stairs while tempting are totally not accessible.

This area is unprotected.

Thieves Guild

This area is unprotected.


  • Somewhere at the start of Session 3, some random troll got access to admin account due to poor security on the server. No one was really expecting hacker attacking an fan made server. Before developers reacted by turning off server and fixing the holes that hacker used the himself proclaimed: "AntiWesan" managed to set up Junktown in TB mode and kill a bunch of people at the Hub.
Antiwesan's Attack!
Hub during hacker's attack.
No one was safe.
  • Since Hub is the most crowded place in whole game, players tends to shout to each other a lot. In this picture we can see famous player - Musashi doing critical success on his speech roll.
Don't mess with the champ!
  • Right now Hub is probably the safest town in whole Fonline 2. In the first session guards weren't this strong though and it was possible for coordinated group of players to hold down a Maltese Falcon. It ended up rather poorly for them as while guards were week, Wesan was as strong as he is today.
Maltese Falcon Seize!
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