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Town control is a PvP play mode for Factions to compete with others over controlling the unguarded towns. It's done for glory and loot and is exclusively for group PvP.

Time windows

If you want to control a town, be sure you are trying at the appropriate time. By pressing hotkey P 2 times you will get a list of all town-control-towns and in which time window an attempt to take it over can be made. The times displayed are all GMT+2. The time windows change randomly each day, 4 towns will always have a specific time window, while 2 other towns can be invaded any time.

How to control towns

To control towns you will need at least 3 persons, that are in the same faction. All players have to stay close together, while one of them triggers the town control event by talking to a specific NPC of the town. Then the invading players have to stay alive and present in the area for 15 minutes. A global message will appear on top of every player's screen saying "FactionABC is taking TownXYZ. 14:58 left until taken." From this point on the invaders might have to expect counter measures from rival factions, especially the one that currently holds the town.

Note: Only one Town Control can be active at a time. If somebody else is doing it in other town you have to wait till that one is complete to start your own.

List of TC-NPCs

These are the NPCs used to trigger the town control event:

Broken Hills: Marcus.
Marcus in front of his house

Gecko: Harold.
Harold in his office

Modoc: Sheriff, located in the building with maintenance sign.

The sheriff in Modoc

Redding: The sheriff in the building with a "sheriff"-sign.
The sheriff of Redding

The Den: The TC is started by talking to Metzger from the slaver's guild.

Metzger, inside the slaver's guild

Klamath: The TC is started by talking to this asshole, Smiley.

Smiley the trapper

Obtaining town control rewards

After you took control of the town, certain goods will spawn at the beginning of every hour in a box located near the NPCs, where you triggered the event. Check the pictures for the loot boxes, they are the small footlocker made of metal. The exceptions are Klamath – the loot box is in the next room, and Broken Hills – the loot box is in the building behind Marcus.

Only officers and Leaders can loot TC Boxes. But if you're regular member don't worry - you ain't missing much. Usually the spawn content is very, very minor. Remember that TC Box automatically empty itself after taking the town, and you have to wait few hours for it to spawn some stuff.