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When creating a character, you have the option to pick up to two traits. Traits come both with benefits and disadvantages, and are used to further shape your character. Choose wisely, because they can either help to further specialize your build, or utterly cripple it.

If you need any help, we recommend that you register on the official FOnline2 forum, where more experienced players will be able to offer you their advices.


Remember that traits are optional, and you don't have to pick any if you believe that your character is better off without them.

Traits List

Name Flavour


Bloody Mess
By some strange twist of fate, people around you die violently. When you fight, you fight to the death. Also any armor that your opponents are wearing is shredded to pieces upon their death by your hand.

Yay.png You always get extreme death animations.
Yay.png Lowering enemy's HP below 0 kills them instantly.
Nay.png Killed enemies have theirs armors badly damaged.

Your skull has received trauma that made it thick and strong as a stone. Unfortunately that didn't leave much room for some more important things. You receive a -1 point penalty to your Intelligence, but any trauma to your head is less likely to have severe consequences.

Yay.png Protection of -10 to critical hit roll on eye and head shots.
Nay.png -1 intelligence point.
Nay.png You can't have more than 9 Intelligence points.

A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but they will feel it when you do! Your total action points are lowered but you strength is increased.

Ignore in-game description it is outdated.

Yay.png +2 to strength.
Yay.png +8 to your melee damage.
Nay.png -30% to your critchance.
Nay.png You can have less than 3 Strength points.

Chem Reliant
You are more easily addicted to drugs. Your chance to become addicted by chem use is twice as normal, but their effects last twice as long.

Yay.png Duration of drugs is now 60 minutes.
Nay.png Your chance to become addicted is doubled.

Chem Resistant
Drugs affect you half as long as normal, but you chance to become addicted is also only half as normal.

Yay.png Your chance to become addicted are halved.
Nay.png Duration of drugs is now only 15 minutes.

Being quick on your feet was always your advantage; taking a beating was never an option. Your opponents suffer a -10% penalty to their maximum chance to hit, but you lose 2 points of endurance.

Yay.png Your enemies have 10% less chance to hit you.
Yay.png The max chance to hit you is now 85%.
Nay.png -2 to endurance.
Nay.png You can't have more than 8 points of endurance.
Do note that the hit calculation of other players targeting a player with the evader trait will still display a 95% chance to hit. This value is purposely incorrect and serves to hide the presence of the evader trait on the player using it.

Fast Metabolism
Your metabolic rate is twice as fast than that of a normal person. This means that you are much less resistant to radiation and poison, but your body heals faster.

Yay.png +10 healing rate.
Yay.png You heal HP every 10 seconds.
Nay.png Your base radiation and poison resistances are lowered to 0.

Fast Shot
You don't have time to aim for a targeted attack, because you attack faster than normal people. It costs you one less action point to use guns and you deal more damage.

Yay.png 5 bonus flat damage to every attack(Remember, it is added to attack, not to bullets shot).
Yay.png It costs you one less AP to attack with any aimable weapon in game.
Yay.png Each of your normal shoots has following chances to hit specific body part: 35% torso, 20% leg, 15% groin, 15 arm%, 10% head
Nay.png You can't perform aimed attacks.

Your attacks show a lot of finesse. You don't do as much damage, but you cause more critical hits.

Yay.png +10% to critical chance.
Nay.png +30% to your target's damage resistance
(if you score a critical hit that omits armor, the +30% penalty will not apply to that hit - in other words target's damage resistance is not taken into consideration when being critically hit with armor bypass.)

Good Natured
You studied less-combative skills as you were growing up. Your combat skills start at a lower level, but First Aid, Doctor, Speech and Barter are substantially improved.

Yay.png +15% to First Aid, Doctor, Speech and Barter skills.
Nay.png -10% to Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Close Combat and Throwing.

Heavy Handed
You swing harder, not better. You attacks are very brutal, but lack finesse. You rarely cause a good critical, but instead knock your opponents down quite often.

Yay.png +4 to your Melee Damage.
Yay.png HtH attacks now have a greater chance to knock your opponent down. The chance to knockdown your opponent depends on your strength, used weapon (the biggest chances are with the mega power fist and Louisville slugger) and whether your opponent has the Stonewall perk or not.
Nay.png -30 to your critical hit roll. It's a roll that affects the damage potential of your critical hits; not the chance to score a critical hit.

The good thing is that everyone around you has more critical failures in combat, the bad thing is so do you!

Yay.pngNay.png Every time someone targets you and misses, there is a 50% chance of that miss being upgraded to a critical miss. Unfortunately, the same thing applies to any of your own unsuccessful attacks.

By not paying attention to any threats, you can act a lot faster. This lowers your resistances to just what you are wearing, but you deal more damage.

Yay.png You deal +10% more damage.
Nay.png -10% to your damage resistances (all types).


(As for 04.03.2014 the picture displayed in-game is from old Skilled trait.)

You are a Super Mutant! Your body is exceptionally resilient, but the downside is that you're much more sluggish and therefore you can't run. Also your abnormally abnormal size makes you unable to wear high-tech armors made for regular human sizes.

Yay.png +100 to your hit points.
Yay.png +100% to your outdoorsman skill.
Yay.png You get +2/5% normal, +1/20% fire, + 5/15% explode and 2/20% electric resistances bonuses.
Yay.png You get +10 anticritical Bonus.
Nay.png You can wear only: Leather Jacket, Combat Leather Jacket, Leather Armor, Leather Armor mkII, Metal Armor, Metal Armor MKII and Tesla Armor.
Nay.png You are a slow mutie! (no running animation, no movement bonuses from close combat skill or the speed implant.
Nay.png You can only use certain weapons. (all Big Guns, all Energy Rifles, some melee weapons and grenades.)

One Hander
One of your hands is very dominant. You deal more damage with single-handed weapons but two-handed weapons cause a problem.

Yay.png +5 bonus flat damage to every attack.
Yay.png +10% chance to avoid being crippled when wielding a one-handed weapon.
Nay.png +20% to crippling chance when wielding a two-handed weapon.
(happens when you are critically hit in arms. Both rolls are cumulative with the strength check.)

Small Frame
You are not quite as big as an ordinary human but that never slowed you down. You are more agile, but your fragile skeleton structure leaves you prone to getting crippled when receiving trauma in combat.

Yay.png +1 to agility
Nay.png Your Carry Weight is lowered.
Nay.png Every time you get critically hit there's a +10% penalty to get crippled as an additional effect, alongside the damage coming from the hit.